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16:03 UK time, Thursday, 5 April 2007

I noticed the botox headline - surely I shouldn't have noticed it because botox is meant to hide headlines.
Judy Cabbages, Peebles, Scotland

I apologise for being rather behind on the use of "what evah". No one seems to have pointed out that those who speak Estuary English or one of its variants (a substantial proportion of those who use the expression) would employ a glottal stop to the letter 't' so that the term should more accurately be written as "wha' evah". [My keyboard cannot cope with the conventional notation for an allophone 't']. Regards Andrew
Andrew Cullum, London

I've looked at the picture for the annual Easter caption comp for nearly 40 minutes now, and I'm stumped. Apart from the woman with an ostrich egg stuffed down her leggings what is remotely Easter-ish about the picture?
Vicky, East London

Very acute James Hayward, but allow for Dr Paisley's age. He probably has arthritis
Ed, London

Regarding Dan Abrey's letter, "ATL" is not an acronym. An acronym is a pronounceable name made from the initials of words, such as NATO. Unless ATL is pronounced "attle", it cannot be described as an acronym.
Which Tyler, Pedant Central

Bob Peters wonders why the "home of the Chinese family who defied property developers" is called the "nail house". It may be an allusion to a proverbial saying about the danger of setting oneself apart: something along the lines of "the nail that stands up will be hammered down". "Nail house" captures the essence of the proverb -- the family are willing to "stand up". It also accurately foretells the outcome.
Anne Furlong, London

I have been looking in vain for the important information I need following to opening of the new Wembley Stadium. Is it the same size as the old one? Or do we need to apply a conversion factor when calculating how many of something fill Wembley stadium n times?
Vay, Dursley, Gloucestershire

For some reason, a href="">Lee Pike's letter of yesterday has just made me chuckle mid sip of tea, thereby causing that terrible side-effect of snorting tea out of my nose. The trials and tribulations of monitorphilia.
Sarah, Edinburgh

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