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17:23 UK time, Thursday, 29 March 2007

Regarding your news article “Golden age of dino finds forecast”. You've stated that the first fossil find was Megalosaur in 1824. The first fossilised dinosaur finds were, in fact of the Icthyosaur in 1811 and the Plesiosaur in 1819 by Mary Anning. The first land-based dinosaur fossil find was the Iguanodon by Lewes based geologist Gideon Mantell in 1822. Prior to this many smaller fossilised plants and other organisms were regularly discovered. Another character worthy of note is William Smith (another local geologist, from Hastings) who came up with “the principle of faunal succession” in 1815, a law used to determine the relative age of rocks. ps - I'm a qualified geologist not some pedantic loser with nothing better to do than pick through news articles!
Jamie, East Sussex

Oh dear - I think I am about to disclose the most anally retentive I have ever been but here goes: Re today's DMQ - Bao Xishun is 7ft 9in - which is (7x12)+9=93 ins. If his fiancee is 2/3 his height that makes her 93/3 x 2= 62ins - which in my book is 5ft 2ins - not 5ft 6ins as stated. If she IS 5ft 6in then this makes her 66/93 x 100= 71% (rounded up) of his height - not 2/3 (which is, rounded up 67%). Either this displays an appalling grasp of Maths on my part (quite likely) or else indicates I am a bad loser as I picked 5ft 2 ins. Or maybe it all got lost in the metrification.
Christina, Bath

Now go on! That first picture of Doctor Who's Companions surely shows a young Cherie Blair, no?
JennyT, NY Brit

Two adjacent headlines this afternoon: "Fewer teens using drink and drugs" and "School truancy worse than thought". There must be a missing story here - possibly "Truants less delinquent than previously assumed"?
Ian Rutt, Bristol, UK

Dear Thursday Paper Monitor, "Back to square one" is a phrase which originated from the early days of football commentary, when the pitch was divided into imaginary numbered squares to help the listener follow what was going on. Nothing to do with Roulette.
Rob, Cambridge

PM asks if the FT's 'back to square one' has anything to do with Roulette - no, but it has everything to do with Snakes and Ladders which is much more exciting (and not to be played on a first date as I once found out)
basil Long, Newark Notts

Thanks a bunch Paper Monitor! I taped last night's Apprentice and you've ruined it for me.
I'm just glad you don't watch Desperate Housewives too.
Ewan, Doncaster

Re Keith from Loughborough's query about how Casino Royale could be the best film, but not best British film, the Baftas did exactly the same. The Queen won best film, while Last King of Scotland won best British Film (they were both nominated for both awards).
Robin, Edinburgh

Re Keith from Loughborough, it could be because a film can't be entered in more than one category, or only win one award. Many motorsports events work this way.
Rhydian Edwards, Wrexham

In response to John Airey's comment about the escalators at Angel and the Tyne Pedestrian Tunnel, those on the Tyne Tunnel have a rise of 85 feet, against 90 feet for those at Angel.
Barry Salter, London, UK

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