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12:52 UK time, Thursday, 8 March 2007

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Shhh! Whisper it, but the Daily Telegraph is undergoing a redesign by stealth. Because making a big song and dance about how one's newspaper is going to look different is a bit, well, you know [cough!] Guardian. Or Times. And that just wouldn't do.

Instead, the paper has quietly been moving things around on its front page, a nip here, a tuck there. One doesn't like to call attention to the way one deals with the laughter lines that come with age...

The body font is still the same, of course, as is the gothic lettering of its masthead. For it would not be the Daily Telegraph if that were to change. It would be like going tabloid, or to a Berliner format. Shudder.

So the paper has had its colours done, for it now sports a most flattering and fresh leafy green that's perfect for spring (or Springs. You ladies know what I'm talking about).

And budge up, news, to make room for a fifth column flaunting the wares within. Cricket - eight pages on the lovely game! Boris Johnson on Diana's death! A blonde filly on Liz Hurley and the meaning of marriage! Iggy Pop's lust for life! (Well, he's the same age as many a Telegraph reader.) Matt's daily cartoon now heads this column, moved up from below the fold.

Also given more prominence are the fortunes of the FTSE 100 and the Dow Jones Index, now given their own ticker-like slot, and, in pride of place at the very top of the page, and picked out in that fetching green and a contrasting red, is a banner advertising the online version of the paper AND what's on Telegraph TV.

My dear, you look lovely.


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