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16:28 UK time, Tuesday, 20 February 2007

I'd like to thank whoever saw fit to ring the burka-wearing escapee in the photo accompanying Jury sees 21 July 'burka escape' - I would probably have missed him otherwise. Thanks again.
Sue, Twickenham

The story on personal account pensions tells us "Employees will be compelled to join the scheme, unless they... choose to opt out" - so not exactly compulsion then.
Basil Long, Newark Notts

Reading the piece on whether hair maketh the woman, I suddenly remembered that Billy Bragg song, Walk Away Renee, a tale of tortured love that ends with the lines: “And then one day it happened/She cut 'er hair and I stopped lovin' 'er”. It was that song, heard in my formative years, which left me in fear of going for the chop in case I got dumped. Ah, foolish days.
Isabella, Glasgow

The talk of the nationality of a baby born on a long-haul flight (Monday letters) reminds me of the old dilemma - if a plane crashes on the border of, say, the US and Canada, where do you bury the survivors?
Andy, Leeds, UK

Thanks for the responses to my question about a baby's possible nationality. I'd always assumed that a ship or plane was governed by the laws of the country where it was registered. I also assumed that a plane was subject to the laws of the country whose airspace it was in. When it comes to a question of nationality, all the factors collide, and I suppose it's a case of deciding which takes precedence. The parent's choice would seem to me to be paramount, but you never know. Can't see how where the plane lands should make any difference though. Perhaps they wouldn't want to feel left out.
Rob, London, UK

Re the DMQ results - the spelling is “Meat Loaf” not “Meatloaf”. You really wouldn't want to meet the gentleman concerned if you spell his name wrong.

Re the picture of 10 scooters. The blue 'scooter' third from the right is a 1150cc 95 horsepower BMW R1150RT motorcycle. So that is a picture of 9 scooters and one motorcycle.
Andy Long, Leicester, UK

Your Punorama comments button is not working. Get it sorted or we will have to resort to sending them in via this box. Which you will duly ignore, thus finding yourselves with no entries this week.
Rebecca, London
MM note: Apologies again, the rubber bands that drive the system snapped. Again. We've retied them.

Can't we just call it Puncake day and be over with?
Kirk Northrop, Manchester, England

The chef who's invented a champagne and berry pancake in today's Punorama story shares their name with the presenter of the student-favourite daytime quiz BrainTeaser. So I suggest that instead of trying to flog it at £95 a time, which will clearly never work, she (he?) instead invites people to ring a premium-rate phone line and picks one of them to win the pancake if they can decipher the challenging anagram: CANPAKE.
Paul Taylor, Manchester, UK


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