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15:15 UK time, Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Regarding the story of the boy who was hit by a car while wearing “wheelie shoes”. The boy involved might have been wearing jeans, but you didn't run a news item about that.
Jake Perks, Shropshire, UK

So graduate employers are having trouble finding applicants who display team work skills. I smell garbage. How can you possibly tell whether or not a raw graduate with little or not actual work experience will be a team player in the office? I have an employment history which makes clear my teamwork skills. What can young graduates do? They can point to experiences such as playing team sports, but that is so far removed from working in an office as to be totally irrelevant. I once worked for a boss who had once played cricket. He was not a team player. I once worked for a boss who played rugby. He was a poor team player. I have long suspected that companies which recruit graduates are on the whole run by pretty revolting people. This story just confirms my point of view.
Quentin Hawkins, Morpeth, UK

I achieved a lovely 0 in your midweek coffee quiz. Long may I remain a tea drinker!
Steven, Inverness

Your midweek quiz about coffee is strange as it talks about the bean, when growers in Africa and the programme QI told me that it is a seed. I'd thought the quiz would at least test people on this common misconception.
Mark, England
MM: A bean is a type of seed. No misconception. Have a coffee.

There was a product being offered so laughably cheaply on the web that it was clearly a mistake. Being wishful, some orders were placed but these orders were cancelled by the company offering the goods. Now there is heated debate in the office over what are the laws regarding advertised price in a shop, and on the web. Can anyone clarify this for us so that we can get back to working, reading the BBC news site and eating teacakes? Thanks.
Judy Cabbages, Peebles, Scotland

Re: Helping JD from Liverpool in his Ultimate Frisbee quest: Try asking the right people - namely the IOC. NB: You'll have to make sure that Ultimate Frisbee satisfies the criteria for inclusion.
Dave Taylor, Leeds, UK

JD, Ultimate will never make the Olympics, because it's self-regulated. You need some form of an official - umpire/referee/adjudicator - to make it.
David, London, England

Probably not the wittiest flexicon ever, but following a typo I made earlier today I'd like to add scheduel - the existence of two conflicting appointments in your outlook calendar. I was quite proud of this and needed to let everyone know.
Kev Guthrie, Sheffield

The quantity of letters appears to have dropped off thus far this week. Or is MM being overly censorious?
Olive Verady, Norwich, UK
MM note: Fewer of you put finger to keyboard at the start of the week, but feel free to get in touch...

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