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15:42 UK time, Thursday, 25 January 2007

Apparently the head of Channel 4 has said the race row stopped the programme from being boring. When was Gerald Ratner appointed to the job?
Rory, Sutton Coldfield UK

Regarding US Heatray Gun. The weapon is described as "a beam was fired from a large rectangular dish mounted on a Humvee vehicle". If the picture on the article bears any relation to the weapon, i'd suggest the writer looks back at some magazine school quizzes to remind him of the basic shapes.
Kieran, Derby

Re: Schools to teach britishness. Here's one thing to get the ball rolling - English students must saddle themselves with debt if they want to go to University whilst Scottish students don't. Discuss.
John Thompson, Southport, UK

Really, how is "Snow falls lighter than expected" a story? In Scotland it snows and people get on with their lives. In England (south of particularly) it snows 2cm and it becomes headline news for the rest of the country. Also, I'm maybe just being stupid, but I' struggling see how snow can cause delays on the underground. Is the clue not in the title? Or should the moles be looking out too?
K, Edinburgh

Re: Daily mini quiz. The average teenager leaves the house in an outfit worth £729. One assumes that the relevant survey was carried out in Beverley Hills?

So disappointing that Paper Monitor's coverage of the snow in London didn't seem to include any of the splendid excuses from the train companies. Mind you, they'd have a tough job to beat one I heard when it got cold last year. We were told that they were aware of the trouble that could be caused if the points froze, so they got their heaters out. But it turned out that the heaters didn't work in cold weather.
Adam, London, UK

Pedants corner alert! The Express cannot have a picture of Big Ben covered in snow unless the roof is open to the elements. Now the clock tower of Big Ben is entirely different!
I'll get me coat.
Owen, Stevenage, Herts

Roy (from Salzburg) - many pirates would disagree. What about 'Arrrr'?
Robert, Frimley

Male, female, who cares. We now know that Paper Monitor is most definitely not a born Londoner. From the humour, I'm guessing Yorkshire.

Aha! The mystery surrounding the identities of the various members of the letters and Paper Monitor teams deepens. Judging by the sarcastic tone used when slating the press for going to town about the snow, I can deduce that some of the team clearly ain't what many of us "oop north" like to call... Southerners!
And I have to say, biased as I am, that I suddenly find myself liking them all the more!
Phil, Angus, Scotland


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