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14:59 UK time, Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Re: The debate on racism in Big Brother. Racism = ignorance. The question is not whether certain comments were racist or ignorant. If they are racist, they are ignorant by definition. It is possible to be ignorant without being racist, but it is not possible to be racist and not to be ignorant at the same time.
PS: People taking part in Big Brother programmes are ignorant by definition too, but not necessarily racist.
Peter, Amsterdam

I am half Irish-half English - during my time at an all-English comprehensive I was taunted, bullied and battered - and I mean physically. I think Shilpa Shetty knows what she is doing - she has brains and beauty and grace - and she only serves to highlight the difference between our own culture - a culture of moral vacuity - and her own. All praise to Big Brother for highlighting what this nation has become.
John Kelly

In Punorama, the story of the bus driver throwing a tall passenger off his bus for obscuring his view doesn't really hold water. I used to be a coach operator, and the interior mirror was only used for watching the passengers. So he was clearly more interested in what the passengers at the rear of the bus were doing.
Rob Falconer, Llandough, Wales

What song is stuck in your brain right this minute - and how exactly does the brain decide which tune to endlessly loop? I woke up with a CBeebies ditty going around and around, one I'd heard two or three days beforehand. If any song, why not something more recent?
Patsy, Sheffield

In response to your pedantic engineers (Wednesday's letters) on bolts and screws, to us ordinary folk it's simpler than that. If you can't tighten it with a screwdriver, it ain't a screw!
PJ, West Yorks

Now I know it was very lax of me, but I didn't make a note of that handy short cut to correct yourself when you've inadvertently typed something in upper case, when you meant to type it in lower case... any of my fellow Monitorites able to help?
Sam, Waddesdon, Nr Aylesbury, UK

Re: what women have in their handbag. I have a penknife, compass, and piece of hollow bone I found on the banks of the Thames in my handbag (along with the usuals like makeup, purse, spare knickers and so on). Men may think they know what women carry, but in reality, they haven't a clue.
Chandra, London

Mind-boggling confessions of handbag contents but the pioneer and prize-winning innovator of contents-in-a-handbag has to go to Mary Poppins - who included various items, not least a full-size hat stand.
Tim McMahon, Pennar, Wales

Is there a flexicon for typing a message ready to post on the internet and then deleting it when you realise you sound like your parents?
Stoo, Lancashire, UK


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