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13:05 UK time, Tuesday, 5 December 2006

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The craze for pixellating faces goes a step further in the Guardian, with the polonium-hunting police team travelling to Moscow having their faces disguised in a photo of the detectives at the airport. Is this going to be a new feature of crime reporting?

Being the Guardian, it’s not a standard blur, it’s a rather artistic mosaic-style form of disguise. But if you have the necessary technical equipment - such as eyes that can be screwed - you can still see their faces quite clearly.

But it still manages to make it look as though the police have stumbled into a crime scene painted by Impressionists.

In a celeb-fuelled world where everything is on show and for sale, what room is there for privacy? Such matters have been exercising the judges, with the strange case of the celebrity known as CC - not his real initials - who has gone to court to keep his affair a private matter.

It’s a curiously old-fashioned tale of dalliances in English hotels and threatened reputations. And The Times illustrates the story with a moody, 1940s black and white photograph.

Meanwhile the Independent highlights a story that we’re going to hear more about, Disney’s planned adaptation of Enid Blyton’s Famous Five. This tweedy classic is going to get a 21st Century makeover.

Forget Anne, Dick, Julian and George (yes, Timmy the dog made it five, duh) - now we’ve got Cole, Dylan, Jo and Allie. No word so far of Aunt Fanny or Uncle Quentin, but Paper Monitor fears the worst.


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