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17:06 UK time, Friday, 24 November 2006

Having appeared on the original Come Dancing (North Twenty Formation Team) and having also played a decent level of club cricket in my younger days, I can confirm that cricket and dancing skills – poise, balance, timing and athleticism – have a lot in common.
Gerry, Leighton Buzzard

In reference to your advert for the Ashes coverage "Catch every ball". I would like to point out that if we actually could, we would be over there playing and not here getting embarrassed.
Meghann Ashpool, Thurso, Scotland

To Martin in London re: the feature on tea houses not having any pictures of women. (Thursday’s letters) Presumably you didn't read the captions which said that tea houses were traditionally male clubs....
Naomi Perilli, Sussex

How can anyone judge the caption competition entries? After reading the first dozen or so I just want to scream out loud.
Herbert G, Leeds
MM Note: Them's the breaks. We can only work with what we're given.

Can any monitorers suggest a flexicon entry for the misuse of pictures which match the word but not the meaning? See the picture used for the Plastic paper to 'cut' emissions story for an example!
David Manley, Scotland

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