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11:02 UK time, Tuesday, 7 November 2006

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

The Sun is in forthright form on Tuesday, making no bones about its attitude to Saddam Hussein’s forthcoming date with destiny. The tabloid publishes its own cut-out-and-keep Saddam hangman set.

There is also a strong line in the leader column demanding tougher punishments for hit and run drivers – following the case of a hit and run in London where a child was killed and the driver received a seven-year sentence.

As with many of the day's papers, the Sun has gone into graphics mode for the coverage of the latest terror plot. Except there are different versions in different editions of the paper - with one showing the London underground line and the site below the river Thames where an explosion was planned and another with these details excised.

Meanwhile, in the battle of the mastheads, the Times leads on a Kings and Queens poster (not a wallchart), while the Daily Mail bats back with a Disney computer game give-away.

The Guardian goes for a scatter-gun approach, with an eclectic collection of Arsene Wenger, Ben Affleck and red-coated huntsmen, plus an Israeli flag. And unlike its heavyweight rivals, it publishes in full on the front page the racist poem that has prompted the suspension of a Tory councillor.

The Daily Telegraph’s masthead is middle England in six inches of newsprint – with the Archers, Marks and Spencer and the current James Bond all mustered around the banner.

And the Mail also offers one of the most understanding headlines of recent times. “Sex therapy, a bottle of whiskey a day and the menage a trois that saved Kingsley Amis from despair.”

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