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16:00 UK time, Friday, 20 October 2006

David Cameron has complained about politicians "piling in with their 10 pence-worth" in the headscarves debate. Is this a sign of inflation? I’ve heard the phrase penny's worth, tuppence worth and the American two cents in such a context, but this is the first mention of 10p I've seen. Are any MM readers able to clarify what should be a reasonable amount for usage these days?
Lester Mak, London

In an age of hyperbole and journalistic license, I'd like to nominate Professor John Pendry of Imperial College for quote of the day, for his comment in Experts create invisibility cloak story:
"Despite the hype around Harry Potter, this isn't anything that flaps around in the breeze. It's more like a shed."
Gus, London

Is there really any point in putting pictures to this cloaking device story?
Bas, London

Nicola Judd asks why the c in Pc isn’t capitalised (Thursday letters). This is a BBC thing, the "c" should be capitalised as it is short for Police Constable. However, the BBC is too "PC" to express "PC" properly. I have raised this point to the BBC before about capitalising acronyms or abbreviations. The reply was that this is "general usage".
Ian, Horsham, UK
MM note: It is to avoid confusion between cops and computers.

I know we're behind the times "oop North", but according to your daily mini-quiz a cup of coffee is £2! Here the average cafe price is about £1.10; but I resent paying more than about 70p, given that there is no excise duty on it, and I can buy half a pint of "heavily taxed" beer for £1.
PJ, West Yorks,

Can we assume that ALL the other captions were just too filthy to publish?
Simon Rooke, Nottingham
MM note: Not a bit of it. The rubber band that runs the publishing system snapped under the weight of all the rejected entries. Anyone got a spare?

I'm meeting Michael, Gerry, Martin and Kevin at six-ish in Franco's bar. Do any of the Monitor readers want to join us for a beer?
Ian, Cosenza, Italy


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