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12:07 UK time, Wednesday, 11 October 2006

A celebration of the riches of the daily press.

More pondering in today's papers on Korea, but there's still a slight element of journalists trying very hard to tell the story with flourish.

The Sun, which impressed us all yesterday with its "How do you solve a problem like Korea" headline, today jumps the shark by producing a complete set of lyrics for the song.

If Paper Monitor reveals that the best line is "A dog kebab to takeaway", then you'll get an idea how dire the rest of it is. The paper also trails a video of the song being sung, which only goes to show that the headline wasn't the Sun's joke in the first place. (Meanwhile all's well on Daily Mail Island where there is today no mention at all of Korea.)

The Daily Telegraph adds a few details to what we learned yesterday (ie that the "Dear Leader" believes people who are ignorant about music are among the "main fools of the 21st Century"). A New Zealander who had worked in Pyongyang reveals: "I have been asked what a club sandwich is, who is Robbie Williams and what a chart is and how you get to be top of it. I regret to say that pop music to them means Celine Dion, and a little bit of the Carpenters."

A little bit of the Carpenters for a Wednesday lunchtime? Can't be a bad thing.


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