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10:58 UK time, Tuesday, 3 October 2006

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The murder of four Amish schoolchildren in Pennsylvania, US, presents an opportunity for the papers to unleash all they know about this insular religious community.

The fact the Amish believe photographs are "graven images that steal their souls" – as a former reporter from Lancaster County where the shootings took place, explains in the Times – seems not to make an iota of difference, with images of the grief-stricken locals splashed across several front pages.

And with a name like Paradise – the village where the shootings happened – the Times and Sun can't resist a pun… only, the Daily Telegraph and the Guardian locate the school where the drama unfolded as the more mundanely titled Nickel Mines.

It takes the Daily Mail to clarify matters, noting that Nickel Mines is a hamlet within the township of Paradise.

There's also apparent confusion on where the Amish originate from. The Mail calls them "descendants of Swiss religious groups" while the Times says "the roots of the Amish extend from Germany"

While most cite the influence of the 1985 film Witness in highlighting the Amish community to the wider world, the Daily Mirror is the only one to include a (small) picture of Kelly McGillis.

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