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15:31 UK time, Wednesday, 27 September 2006

Mona Lisa may have been pregnant? Don't be silly, we all know she looks like a woman who has just eaten her husband.
Nicola Turton, Old Basing

At last, the scarlet and yucky brown BBC One idents are going. Any hope of the fondly remembered hot air balloon reappearing in one of the new series?
Maura, Cowbridge, Vale of Glamorgan

I have yet to see the new BBC One ident featuring a hippo, but I hope it's the same one that appeared every time Reggie Perrin's mother-in-law was mentioned.
Kieran Boyle, Oxford

I refuse to believe a Smurf is three apples tall. That would mean their toadstool houses would be about four apples tall - which is clearly ridiculous, toadstools aren't that big.
Jennifer, London

I would like to nominate the Evening Standard for this week's "Most Baffling Headline For Someone Who Doesn't Really Follow Sport" award. "Bond Faces Toon Sack Over BBC Bung Sting", seen across somebody's shoulder on the train yesterday, had me confused for a good 10 minutes.
Bob, Reading

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