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Legendary heroes

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Olga Olga | 09:46 UK time, Tuesday, 13 March 2012

First, I would like to thank you all for such a warm welcome! It is fantastic to see so many comments which you have left about the subject which is near and dear to my heart :-). Now let's get started...ready, steady...let's go!

Have you ever heard something about the legendary Zorro? (In Spanish- fox). The typical image of him is a dashing in the black-clad masked with a silver sharp sword in a hand. He was an outlaw defending poor people. I came across of this half-legendary character many years ago and to my disbelief the story was based on California's outlaw - Joaquina Muriety. I remember as small child in the primary school every boy wanted to be famous Zorro in the fancy dress ball, so in the end we had about 20th Zorros and one king Arthur :-) what a lovely memories!

I bet you heard about English legendary hero, considered as one of the most famous. A highly skilled archer, who lived in a Sherwood Forest with a group of his companions. He is well known for his extremely tight green tights :-) and for the famous catchphrase "robbing from the rich and giving to the poor". I am talking about Robin Hood the superhero in English folklore. Personally, I think he surpassed Zorro and became a Don Corleone of sorts.

Legendary heroes

One of top interesting Spanish characters is Don Juan. Actually, he wasn't a heroic outlaw but a person who took a great pleasure in seducing women and fighting with their man. What is worth to remember that among Spaniards and in their culture the name Don Juan is well known and associated with a "womanizer":-). It is quite strange but Polish people and Slovakians share the same character of many legends and poems. Jerzy Janosik / Juraj Jánošík is pretty similar to the character of Robin Hood. Fortunately, according to the legends he wore white chunky wool trousers and instead of a bow he had a mountain axe in his hand :-)

This is it! Feel free to add your comments to anything I have written. I would like you to share with me your opinions and ideas :-) maybe you know some blood freezing legend or outlaw from your country!?

See you very soon!

Spanish castle


  • Comment number 1.

    Dear Olga,
    fifty years ago my mother was out every and the whole day for working, so she bought me a telly (a B&W telly) and... I remember in the afternoon I looked forward to wacht the Diego de la Vega's adventures! Anyone remembers the fat and big sergeant?
    About "womanizers", Italy is the Casanova's country. Despite that, really few Italians are "casanova", but the rest only says to be that kind of man!
    Robin Hood? I think good times were when a character like that could amuse our mind...

  • Comment number 2.

    In my childhood I used to watch many programs and one of them is “The Mask Of Zorro”. He was a nobleman, well educated, a superb athlete and well known combatant. On the other hand he was the master of stealth and he had extensive scientific knowledge of advanced gadgets would use to help others. My favorite hero is Robinhood who is well known for his attitude and kindness and robbing the rich wealthy people and giving to the poors.

  • Comment number 3.

    Dear olga i feel guite comfortable to shre you in your blogger as any one here at this time i watch exciting movies roughly as i read but it'is a litle bite differnt , actuly i love a move do story about poor situation ihad been cried all a time when i follwed .

  • Comment number 4.

    Hi Olga,

    Your blog is quite interesting for all the person full of imiganation. However every real life things originally base on our dreams such as we dream of flying and now we can fly even we don't have any wings. Who knows remarkably Zorro or Robin Hood can have a time to rehappen again when the time come. We support to all the good doer things that 's why legendary Zorro or even Super Man has been retold time by time, oh I come too far I think :) In my country there have heroic story of people engage in country wars very very long long time ago, there have stories of people or even a dog have been praised for their brave. Nowadays people always think of themselves, there won't be someone who care to share the help to the other. So we must keep our heroic things to ourselves and do as much as we could.

    Thanks for your blog,

    Jow from Thailand

  • Comment number 5.

    Hello Olga and thanks for dailing with this issue.
    Characters you talk about are considered "myths", because they have a personality with some fixed features with the capacity to inspire lots of works of art and to live through the time. These characters ussually are inspired in people from real-life and in legends; some of them are excepcional creations from excepcional writers, as Don Quijote and Sancho Panza (on your first photo) by Cervantes, or many characters by his contemporary Shackespeare. These myths become olso symbols, as Othelo symbolizes jelousy, Hamlet symbolize doubt, and so on.
    I think "Zorro" symbolize social justice: he protects poor, weak people and for this he challenges always unfair authorities, because of that he is pursue by the law. I think Zorro shares these features with Robin Hood and with the "bandoleros". In Spain, in the 18th siecle came up legends about "bandoleros". They were outlows too, and they operate on the mountains in Andalucía. They fought against French invasors or helped the opressed. When I was a child, there was serial in TV whose main character was a bandolero like these called Curro Jiménez. He seems us girls superb. "Bandoleros" exist in real-life, but they were merely vicious criminals who lived on tobacco smuggling.
    "Don Juan" is spanish by birth. He appeared for first time in the 17th siecle, in a play writen by Tirso de Molina titled El burlador de Sevilla o convidado de piedra. It seems Don Juan was created from some popular legends and from Casanova too. This creation was so succesful that Don Juan became unyversal myth. So There are Don Giovanni by Mozart or Don Juan by Byron, and so on. He is a lady-killer, of course, but rebelliousness is essential for him too.
    Though Tirso de Molina created Don Juan, it was José Zorrilla in the 19th siecle who made Don Juan popular with a play too, which was perfomed for decades and decaded on first november. But now, this Spanish tradition is nearly lost. However, Spanish children celebrate Halloween. Two years ago, a Don Juan version is performed in my hometown, but I can't attend because I ought to take care my children, who dress up and ask for sweets.
    I'm sorry I'd writen so much, but I love this issue.
    See you soon.

  • Comment number 6.

    Hi again i had studyed the topic tow time so i want to comment please forgive me , i had never heard about spanich legendary because it is not avaliabe in area i lived in i think it isexisted in each cultures a round a world we had a lot of stories about legendary hero such as ESLM he had fought agains for women right as althought he is man and said no longer this time for justic ,and her mother name's Sara she was teacher at an university he didn't intersted about women rights but that didn't make him give up if only he keep going untill he gain women vote rights and equall right as men . it touch my heart and i became belife women rights becaus all of them dearst for us as mum,sister . i would be gratfull if you help me to improve my write.

  • Comment number 7.

    Hello, dear Olga!
    I am glad I read your post about heroes. Now, I am writing diploma about statues transformed in real people in French literature. One of my chapter is about the Commandant's statue in a play "Don Juan" by Moliere. The legend about Don Juan is quiet interesting. As it was mentioned by narrosgirl, the origin play about Don Juan was made by Tirso de Molina, but he was a real man. He was one of the best friend of the king Pedro (Castilia). He could meet with different woman, married and unmarried. Noone can do anything with him. Until the monks cached him and kill him. They tried to avoid any punishment, so they thought of this legend about the statue of Commandant who revived and killed Don Juan. Now, it's really popular, and plenty of authors write books and plays about this heroes.

    Thank you!

  • Comment number 8.

    Hi, olga
    I feel interests in your post. So, I decide to comment to your post. I am high school student in South Korea. So, I don't know Zorro, Don Juan, etc. however, after reading your post, I am intererested in Heroes!!!!!!! If you discover my comment, please give advise about grammer fault. Thank you.



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