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Have you ever seen predictors?

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BBC LE Student Blogger | 14:52 UK time, Thursday, 20 January 2011

From Taru, Finland


My name is Taru and I live in Northern part of Finland near Polar Arctic Circle. I was a blogger on June 2009. I was then and am still an adult student. I have graduated Hospitality and Tourism Management and continued studies Landscape planning for a master degree. But it was not the point to speak about education, I have been thinking recently about predictions so called before-hand signs of becoming happenings and things.

I have three very strange prodigies in my past that I can see them have come true. All of them are considered the things where the people who I know will live and have their house. The first was our neighbor's son that I saw building a house high up on the hill. The hill was on their farm and it had very beautiful scenery around the landscape. I said him that you should have a house there. The hill was middle of the forest and it was then a pit silly idea to have a house there in the middle of the forest, but it was some years ago I was there and he has harvested the forest that it was able to see very beautiful scenery and there was standing a house, the home for his family.
The second predictor was nearly similar. I said to one of my friends that he should build the house at his home village to a certain place on his people land. It went some years he did it but sold the house because he had to move to another town for a job.
The third vision was at my home and in the village where I lived my childhood. We had a farm and the farm was surrounded by forest and fields. There used to be a red small house another side of the fields beside the narrow river. There were no animals and no one lived there. The owner of the house demolished it and the place was empty. I saw a vision that there was still a red house, family and children. And believe or not, there is a house, farm, animals, children and a couple that takes care of the place. I met the owner of the farm just some months ago and told this story to her and she said that it is amazing how the history will repeat itself. When they came there my parents were the old couple there and they were the young couple and now they are the old couple and the family who lives in our old house is the young couple.

For my current location where I have lived last twenty years I have a predictor too. I am not sure should I be happy of it or very worried about it. It happened some years ago that I got a feeling that at the place where we live will be a mine one day. Just some months ago I found a map in the internet that the place and the village, where we live, is under the intension of miner industry to establish a mine. You can see the blue area at the map. It is located just over our village.

The legitimating of mining the ground doesn't give a lot of hope for the owners of the ground but there is coming a new proposal for the governmental decision making which improves the rights of the owners. At least it will mean that if all of the ground will be digged up we have to move away from here.

The blue area is over our village. The red areas are other mining areas. Minerals are gold, platinum and nickel.

My neighbourhood

My livinghood.

What do you think Does the predictions come true?
Bye, see you!


  • Comment number 1.

    Hello Taru,

    It's so good to see your post and I send my best wishes for the new year to you and your family.

    I am truly amazed to read your predictions and I absolutely believe in every word of yours. This is something is gifted that you have. About 10 years ago, I had seen my maternal grandmother's death in dream and saw that my aunt came to tell this to my mum and just after a week it so happened.

    You look so lovely on the picture and hope to read some more from you.

    Best wishes

  • Comment number 2.

    We meet again! Good on you Taru :)

  • Comment number 3.

    Hi Taru, your blog is quite interesting. I agree with Naheed. You have a special gift. Not only do I believe in predictions but I have some of them from time to time too.
    Something very similar to Naheed's story happened to me.
    Twenty five years ago, while I was working in a Company preparing the pay roll I had the feeling that one day, when I would be doing that, someone would tell me that my grandmother (from my mum's side) died.
    Some months afterwards, I got a phone call (while I was preparing the pay roll) telling me exactly what I saw in my mind. INCREDIBLE!!!

    I had others predictions too.

    Nice to hearing from you.
    See you,

  • Comment number 4.

    Hi Taru..Nice to read your entry..First of all I must admit that I belive in predictors too.I my short live I had few strange vision which I can't explain.

    It like trying fo explain someone who is blind and never seen colors. How look green grass. These things we should feel ourselves to understand predictions.

    Bye ,Bye

    p.s sorry for my poor English

  • Comment number 5.

    Hi Taru & everyone, Nice to hear from you all,

    Yea, I believe some people could see the future of his/her own or others. There are many historic evidence also as well... Once president Abraham Lincoln dreamed at night that all the people of the White House were crying.In his dream, he got up and wandered through the house, He finally came upon a room where a funeral scene was taking place surrounded by armed guards. When he demanded to know what was going on, one of the guards told him that the president had been assassinated.

    (But any way, I think, although prediction may come true, we should not firmly believe on any prediction because there is a good chance of it not to be happened. There are no anyone whose all prediction come true so don't be worried about it, don't take it as it has no other ways except happening but u can just take some precaution.)

    In this chance I am telling you a story of my life - its about "telepathy" (Telepathy is the transfer of information on thoughts or feelings between individuals by means other than the "five classic senses). My mother is a school teacher & the story is like that once she was taking her class in the class room but suddenly she feel very unusual feeling and it was so prominent that she could continue the class no longer. Her unconscious mind told her that may be something bad happening in the home so she returned to the teacher's room and dialed phone to home but no one was receiving on the other side.. She hurriedly returned home and found my younger sister was seriously injured from an accident!!!

    Sorry for poor English, Thanks for reading.
    Arnob Sharif

  • Comment number 6.

    Hello Taru and everyone,

    It is always interesting to find out something new about my friends. For example I just did not know that all my friends can foretell events that would happen. Ooh!!!

    I do believe in telepathy though. I quite often call someone who is also calling me at the same time. It has happened to me on more than one occasion that I am thinking of someone and within minutes I either receive a phone call or e-mail from that person.

    Taru, I am in two minds whether or not to wish your last prediction regarding your home come true. Hmmm....

    Take care,
    Anita from Slovakia

  • Comment number 7.

    Hi Taru! I believe in vibes and I think some people have some kind of abilities to forsee some events. Great to hear from you again, Filippo

  • Comment number 8.

    Naheed and Cris: It was interesting to read your experiment about predictors. I have heard many person to discuss about this kind of feelings and things. But we don't speak about these on day time cos we aren't able to prove it. And If we think about it through scientific research, it is not able to do it again with an other person or a group. It is better keep your thought as your own business in many case cos you would be blamed mad. And it is the most evidental proof to say afterwards that I felt to happen, but we have a lot of and many kind of feelings that will not happen.

    Walldy, Arnob and Anita: I have some friends who has got some disastor changes in their life. One was a mother who's dauther got a canceer to her leg bones. I remember how she prosessed that "everything is not right" She asked me do my children practise sport and how much and after some discuss she said that her husband will be seriously ill and will not have pension and propably will dye before it. That sounds really "funny" but afterwards when the truth of her dauther's condition came out and the prosess of medication and nursering started and finally got a good result, she is healthy now, I thought that she was really scared to think that her loved dauther would be ill so it was better to think that her husband would have accidents. So she was much more ready to sacrefice her husband that her loved dauther. It sounds funny but I think it is understandable when we think about mother's love.

    About the map: I was not able to do a right kind of photo about this area so the link doesn't tell the truth about this area, but through it you are able to find miner and the others like Natura 2000 -net. :-)

    All the best you and keep your sences in control.


  • Comment number 9.

    sometimes, we feel that we are living in a huge world. but other times it sounds to be small village . what i would like to tell you here is: lacking of faith and belief is the main the reason for our worries in life . your feelings might come true . but this is not a rule or basic. sometimes so bad things happended with us from our childhood. and believe me alot of scientific researches concluded that ( events that happened with children in their little age cause alot things in the future that are so allien ) try to strengthen your faith and trust in gud (if you believe in gud)

  • Comment number 10.

    Smaart: In general it is better for human being think positively forward and even try to have efforts have a better future. And for these things are dreams. Some of them will come true and some of them don't. But if one is not willing to do anything even dream, I can't see what kind of things might happen then.

    God, (Cod) is very difficult thing. It is easier believe God, but the church (society) is in many case a cod. And find that point of view, have to look backwards and read a lot of history and the history which is written by many and different institutes, aspects, policies etc. I am not sure at all do I have right kind of attitude to God and Cod.

    Best wishes

  • Comment number 11.

    Hi Taru:

    It seems that your post is very popular here,and I am pretty interesting about this topic as well.

    Regarding prediction ,I also have some experience ,especially in childhood.The feeling is very apparentlly with relatives.I remember predict my mother is off duty and back to home ,and she appear in my vision.It is called the sixth feeling.

    But whereas I am adult now,and maybe more and more dream have changed to truth,so the prediction is less and less.

    All the best!

  • Comment number 12.

    It is dark day today and I will go for skiing after a while, but before it
    Michael: It was just a few times ago I examined to a reseurch that told about how we use our capasity of thinking and learning. We use 100 % of our brains, sences, feelings and body when the child is about eight years old. After that age the capasity will degrees and as an adult we use only parts and each part by turns. I am not sure but I will believe that the loosing sixth sense or sixth feeling as you wrote is somehow connected with that process of human mind and body. If there is someone who has something better and reliable information about this could give an opinion.

    And now finally for skiing
    Good day to you




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