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The Minsk Tube

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Veronika Veronika | 19:07 UK time, Thursday, 16 December 2010

The tube train stopped in the middle of the way...

Though it was just for a moment, I was a bit scared.
Nothing special, but it doesn’t usually happen, so I felt uncomfortable staying underground today. I remembered a love-hate relationship mentioned in 6 minute English about the London tube... and decided to tell you about the Minsk one. We call it 'metro'. I prefer tube to buses, trolleybuses or trams, but I also have some fears about it.


I hate the doors at the entrance there. They are heavy enough, but ‘flying’ like ‘papery’ because of draught and one should care about the pervious one to hold it.


But the tube structure itself is simple: just 2 lines and 1 station where they cross. And here is another thing I don’t like. It’s the corridor from one to the other:) it is possible to change by the escalator too, but it is usually overcrowded. Actually I rarely change and rarely have to go in rush hours, so I’m lucky.


But my strongest fear is the border, it is quite deep and I always stand far from it, especially if there are a lot of people:)






Almost all stations are the same: it’s a platform with trains in the opposite directions by sides, the older stations are decorated in soviet style but with national motives and the new ones are just light. Tube was opened in 1984 and is being extended now. 6 stations were opened after 2001 and 3 more are planned to be opened in the nearest future as well as the third line.




Now we don’t have overland stations like in London or Moscow, though it would be interesting I think and not scaring when it stops:)
And what is your relationship with underground?



  • Comment number 1.

    You are so timid! Underground is safer than other vehicles comparatively.

  • Comment number 2.

    hehe, well... the entrance is just annoying sometimes... but as to the border, i found out that i'm not the only one)

  • Comment number 3.

    Curiously enough, we call it "metro" too. Well, I prefer the metro, compared to every other kind of mass transport solution. Quicker, with more capacity, not influenced by heavy weather (like today, here we have a snow storm), with good services (pubs, restaurants, libraries, etc.) outside the main stations.
    And cheaper also.
    In Milan we have 3 lines:
    and 2 train lines crossed with them (not a lot, but we're learning from our English brothers; I love the underground web in London!).
    Just in these days the third line (the yellow one) is increasing its capacity with new metro stops, but, my friends, we ought to think about the cost of the process at its very start: 700.000 € (600.000 £) per km!
    Antonio from Como (Italy)

  • Comment number 4.

    Hello Veronika,

    You have so many photos all time, it's great to see and can image how it looks like in reality :-)
    And about my relationship to the metro... it's differend here in Prague and at home in Kiev.
    In Kiev it's really crazy... so overcrowded all time, especially in cross- and in railways stations; in peak hours you can't get to the tram on - there are so many people in front of You in platform and all are pressing to each other, all they are so angry; and your shoes is too dirty after being in metro...needless to say about the oportunity to have a sit.
    And in Prague.... the picture is completely different... You easy get on inside; plenty of empty places to sit...everywhere is clean...
    You are feeling like normal people...

    Maybe it's all because of there are much more people live in Kiev(the metro schemes are the same in two cities) and the goverment does nothing to solve this problems in the capital of Ukraine...

    Looking forward to your next blog :-)

  • Comment number 5.

    Hi Veronica,

    The shame to acknowledge, but the underground in Warsaw is only since a short time, is only one line, counts together 23 kms. In the future is supposed to arise the second line, but when it will be...? difficult to determine, though works were begun. Underground stations are very nice, coloured, clean (as for now). The esthetics is a lot more interesting than e.g. the underground in Amsterdam (I was there for a some time). In my opinion this is the best mode of transport which maybe to be in town, the lack of corks. On the other hand always is anxiety before terror attacks... Warsaw is the only one city in Poland where the underground is! That's why it is a quite good tourist attraction..., a central point of every excursion is to run down the tube, funny, but true..

    Best regards,

  • Comment number 6.

    Tunneling is a burning question now-a-days.In future there would be better tubes in london and moscow

  • Comment number 7.

    Hi Veronika!
    I have read your blog since the beginning. I want to thank you for your work and commitment, cause I find it very interesting!
    I'm glad to know more about my neighbour country now. It's like Olga wrote -thanks to many photos and detailed information one can feel close to visiting Belarus in real.
    I am from Warsaw and lucky to live close to the uderground line.
    :). Lucky because it's the most comfortable mean of public transport here. I like it very much and use it almost every day. It's neat, clean and, as far as I have experienced - safe.
    The only think I do not like about it, is this creaky noise when older trains arrive, and using "metro" in rush hours may be stressful.
    The newest stations are the nicest - with walls covered with stone and some wood - like Stare Bielany station.
    Of course, I am looking forward to the openning of another line, especially as it's going to cross under the Vistula River.
    Here you can find some more information about Metro in Warsaw:
    Best greetings!

  • Comment number 8.

    Hi Veronika,
    I like your posts very much, and i read all of them. Unfortunately I don’t have enough free time to do my comments of their on same day. It is very please that you write as often and I can enjoy reading every evening. Thank you very much for your work!
    There are doors are same on your photo at entrance in Moscow metro. I don’t like them too, sometimes it can strike somebody very hurts when previous person don’t hold one. But on new metro stations some brakes makes doors more slowly and they don’t fly like paper. And I agree with you that to stand near border is dangerous especially when crowd around and many people run along border and can push accidentally.
    I cannot dream Moscow without metro, it will be very difficult to get to different places. I like metro for speed and punctuality, trains go with an interval of 1 minute and less in rush hours and 5 minutes in evenings. So you can calculate the time for trip more exactly when you go by metro than by car in Moscow.
    And I don’t like metro for noise. Here very noisy! Sometimes you cannot hear your friend who is loud speaking on your ear. And of course we don’t have clean boots after metro :)
    Central Moscow stations and some new ones are scenic and you can see many interesting design. I think our metro is very clear although it covers a big area and consists of 12 lines and more 180 stations.

    I look forward to reading your next post.
    Marina from Moscow.

  • Comment number 9.

    Hello Veronika,

    I have the similar opinion as a lot of people there - the tube (for us "metro" too) is my favorite mean of transport - it is quick, cannot stuck in a traffic jam, not so overcrowded as trams, safer than buses...

    Olga, I am glad that you like the metro in Prague :-) But it is not always empty; especially in the center it is sometimes overcrowded too. But it is quite normal in big cities, and it is not so bad like for example in London.

    Happy travelling!

  • Comment number 10.

    Hi Veronika,
    First congratulations for your blog.

    I think that undergrounds are the loneliness place. I cannot avoid to have
    existencial thoughs when I go by tube. It is the same in London,
    New York, Paris, Berlin, Brussels, Madrid, Barcelona, Rome,..
    Silent people seated together who commute one more day.

    It is a poetical moment in the middle of the crazy hurry in which we live.


    (this is my blog: [Unsuitable/Broken URL removed by Moderator]

  • Comment number 11.

    Hello, everybody!!
    Thanks for your comments, it's such a pleasure to hear you like it:) and your opinion and examples are always interesting for me. Dear Ania, i'm really impressed by the pictures of Warsaw metro, it is so modern and nice. And 3 lines in Milan look like 10 on the map:)))Thanks Antonio for sharing this!
    hope to see you soon again,
    yours Veronika

  • Comment number 12.

    Good afternoon Veronika!
    There is no metro in the city where I live. I usually catch a bus or the streetcar when I want to get to the city. I am kind of relieved to see that we share the same feeling when we get the metro.



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