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Jan Jan | 12:23 UK time, Friday, 25 June 2010

Hi everybody!

Today I'm going to write about hobbies in our life. And also I want you to meet with my family. Well, it consists of my mam, dad and my sister. Also we have one special member. It's my sweetie cat, a favorite of whole family!

As they say, real man has to plant a tree, build a house and bring up a son. It's exactly about my dad. But he's got two beautiful daughters instead of one son. Don't you think that it's a quite equal? My dad thinks it's much better! By the way, my father's name is Vesiliy. As for houses, daddy is an inborn engineer. As of today he's already finished building of two houses.



Now he devotes himself to the third one, which is not fare away from Moscow, where my family supposes to live the whole year round. On fresh air among the trees!


My dad plans to plant an apple-tree garden there. It'd be incredible in the early spring, when the apple-trees will bloom with this delicate white flowers. And what a scent!!!

And my mom, her name is Olga, is keen of gardening too. Actually, she grows various flowers in the country, where my father build the house. Now they move to the new place and just imagine what work my mom and my father have to do to remove all these plants from one garden to another. Huge! Honestly, I'm afraid to think about it! Guess which is my mom's favorite flower? Of course, it's rose!


My sister Ekaterina will be a big star! No doubt! She is a singer. Firstly it was her hobby. We both had been singing in the music school choir. But after we were graduated, she continued singing. She joined to a music band. Not long ago she began writing her own songs. She regularly upgrades her skills and knowledge, taking vocal classes, dj's courses, playing piano and guitar and etc. I'm really proud of her! And not only me, all of our family!


Also we have the least family member. It's a cat. His name is Masiania. And it's a boy. We took him from a street when he was a kitten.


Now it's our big love! The sweetie has one interesting hobby. He likes to chase my mom and bite her a little bit! You just need to see this funny picture, when she runs through the apartment and calls for help and he follows her with shining eyes! On other time he's really sweet! Look!


That's all for today!

PS: And what about your hobbies? Please, share it this us!

Friendly greetings,



  • Comment number 1.

    hi Jan, are you ok?
    congratulations for your family,the impression I have is that there are harmony between you,this is great
    I have a special member in my family too, a little dog, living with us 6 months
    one more time the pictures are very beautiful,
    speaking about hobbies, my favourite is soccer, or futsal
    I play 2 times a week, and in my country is the numer 1 sport,
    by the way, I'm sending this msg for you while I watch Brazil X Portugal...

    see you Jan

    Rogerio (Sao Paulo-Brazil)

  • Comment number 2.

    Hi there!
    Your cat is so sweet! When I lived with my parents I had a cat too, but now I don't have a chance to keep a cat in my apartment because according to the tenancy agreement we are not allowed to do that.
    With regard to your question, when I was a teenager I was keen on rowing. I devoted all my free time to this sport and was as happy as clam. But, when I got older I did not have so much time because of my University studies. Now I am still into the sport just because doing sport makes me happy and helps me to stay physically fit and healthy. Also, I like reading the books and internet serfing.

    Best wishes,

  • Comment number 3.

    hi Jan

    My name's Krzysztof and I live in Poland. As for my hobby very symilarly like Rogerio I love plaing football I am not proffesionall player however I like it. Moreover I interested in cars. I collect magazins about it and I'm going to take driver licence as quickly as possible :)

    by the way nice cat ;)

    have a nice day

  • Comment number 4.

    Hi Jan,
    Do you think two daughters equals a son?I think one is enough.It's just the same to have a son or daughter.I admire you having a warm family.
    I have never lived in a wooden houses.They give me the feeling of warm.But in my country, the houses are all cement.I'll experience the wooden house if I have a chance.
    My hobbies are variable.Most of them are assosiated with sports.Because I have to sit for a long time every day for my current job. So I want to do more execise to keep health.But I like playing pingpang most.Twice every week at least although I'm busy.
    Hopes anyone point my mistake in grammar or any others.Thank you.
    Best wishes,

  • Comment number 5.

    Hi Jan, hope you are ok!
    Well, my favourite hobby is watching english movies and chatting for friends all over the world online and for sure playing and watching football.

    You are lucky that you have so sweet family and I think your life is very interesting, moreover, I guess you have no time at all to be bored.

    I wish if I have a sweet cat like the one you have.

    Looking forward to hearing from you always,


  • Comment number 6.

    hello Jan, my name is Dominique, and i'm a new comer.
    your family sounds so pleasant! what i'm really impressed about is the way your father builds houses, and your mother do the decoration. It is such a gorgeous team, it's merely wonderful! that's exactly my view of the perfect couple: COMPLEMENTARITY.
    Well, about my hobbies, cooking is what i like best in this world, at second place i'll probably say reading, especially comical books.
    That's all for me, it was nice to learn about your family!
    Bye bye!!

  • Comment number 7.

    Hi! I'm Francis and like everyone else who's active enough I've got some hobbies which I try to engage in and one of these is cooking. I must start by saying that I'm from the West African state of Sierra Leone, who's been living and working in Russia after finishing studies in the nineties. Actually, I took up this hobby since I was a child growing up under the watchful eyes of my mother. My family back home in africa is very large, m parents, three brothers and four sisters.
    Now, I'm married with a fourteen year old son who's very keen about animals as pets, although we haven't got one as yet.
    Back to my hobby, I'd like to say that I just love cooking different dishes and recipes.

    That's all for now.

  • Comment number 8.

    Hi Jan...
    Your writing is always amazing. Now about you and your family's hobbies.
    Well Jan, you have a charming sister, she's so cute ya... I hope she's gonna be a Russian superstar... :)

    Now, telling about my hobbies. I really really like on adventure activities. Such as hiking, and rafting with my friends. We're the same organization of adventure community since we're at the same university. We often go to the Semeru mountain of East Java (3.676 meters high above sea level), the amazing mountain. My friends been doing an expedition to Kilimanjaro mountain of Africa last year. It's great...
    Whenever I feel like sick of my hectic and crowded city, I always try to spend some times while my busy time, hiking the mountain. It's been amazing having our time sleeping and eating with our earth.

    I also got my passion on traveling. I've been traveling to several cities and nature spot around Indonesia. And also to Singapore, Malaysia and Bangkok. But I choose as a backpacker for traveling. It's not just because we could visit places abroad or exploring from places to places in low budget, but it's more than that. Things that you found, people who you met, and the story that we could share with them, those are things that make your journey more colorful, meaningful and become the unforgettable moment. Backpacking gives me chances to meet amazing people all around the world. We could share our experience, knowing each other, and of course make some fun.
    I could make new friends from Bangkok, England, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, Taiwan, and Russia. We're still keep contact each other, and become good friends.

    That's all for now.
    Keep the good work, Jan! :)

  • Comment number 9.

    now this is what we call a great family your daddy is a great man who knows the road of happinss. all the respect and love for ur mother who is one of the reason to bring such a beautifl Jan and Ekaterina to our world. i wish the best for all of you .. for Masiania, i really like cats and if i saw him once i wouldnt leave him any more in ur house its time to take to my house to marry and bring children because i have a beautiful bride for him and i am sure he wouldnt resist being with her .

  • Comment number 10.

    Hi Jan.
    There is simple rule: 1 son = 2 daughters or 6 trees;)
    Nowadays I have only a daughter. She is my hobby:) We adopted her when she was 6 month. Now she is 1 year and 3 month old. She is young but she is teaching us. When he appeared, I saw that I have many things to learn. I don’t mean baby care skills. Foremost I should to change personal qualities. She is teaching me and my wife to be more tolerant, to be more careful for each other and to love more. It takes a much time, about all of my free time. We’ve should modify our world for two into a world to three.
    In a rest time I love skiing (if it is a winter), to photograph (if a have a camera, unfortunately my Nikon conked out recently), and reading of course (if I can focus my eyes after short night:)
    Best regards

  • Comment number 11.

    very well, Sven

  • Comment number 12.

    Hi Jean, so beatiful family

    I think you have a great family, sweetie cat, and a confortable house. I hope your sister will be a super star (ask her to play a beatle or queen's song).

    I wrote you from Chile.

  • Comment number 13.

    Hi Jan,

    I liked your family, the way you narrated it is very fascinating. Even more your father’s thinking to have two daughters than one daughter and one son is really very admirable.

    Hoping some more such good information..

    Bye :) have a nice day!

  • Comment number 14.

    Hello, Jan
    Congratulations for your family, the impression I have is that there are harmony between you, this is great. Now this is what we call a great family your daddy is a great man who knows the road of happiness. All the respect and love for your mother who is one of the reason to bring such a beautiful Jan and Ekaterina to our world. I wish the best for all of you. Now, telling about my hobbies. I like play table tennis. It’s a really skilful sport. And I like read novels. I can learn many things in those. I also like play computer games and chat with friends. I think this is interesting.



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