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Carrie Carrie | 12:26 UK time, Friday, 25 June 2010

Hi everyone,

In one of the magazines my Mum reads, there is a guest columnist each week. At the end of the column, each guest makes a short series of statements - along the lines of: This week I've read..... This week I've been to..... So, I thought it might be fun to do the same - and to ask you to tell everyone what you've been up to! Here's my week:

This week I've ....
....been to:

  • Wimbledon
  • the Queen's hat. It was a lovely turquoise colour. I couldn't actually see the Queen, because she's short and so am I - and there were a lot of people standing between us!
  • an elderly gentleman standing next to me taking off his hat as the Queen walked by - it was such a lovely, old-fashioned thing to do - a sign of respect!
  • part of the longest tennis match in history. It lasted 11 hours and 5 minutes and the score in the final set was 68-70. I didn't see the whole match - only about 5 hours of it. The atmosphere was fantastic!
  • lots of books - some online and some in a bookshop. I read one book on my journey to and from work (you'll be pleased to know I don't drive to work ;-)) and I read a different book before I go to sleep and when I wake up. Just a couple of chapters. I've heard that digital books will replace paper books in the future - I hope they don't. I spend long enough each day looking at a screen.
...listened to
  • relaxing native American flute music at a pamper yourself evening
  • a book by Georgette Heyer - an extremely popular author writing in the 20th century about Regency England. Her books have become a cult amongst university students.
  • strawberries and cream: well, what else can you do on an English summer's day when Wimbledon is on?


So....how about you? Tell us about your week....

Take care

a guest columnist : someone who is invited to write a column in a newspaper or magazine
along the lines of: you use this phrase when you are giving a general desciption of what someone has said
to be up to something: in this case, doing. It can also mean secretly doing something that you should not be: "You're looking guilty. What have you been up to?"
pamper yourself evening/day: an evening when (usually) women get together, relax and try out different beauty treatments - like manicures or facials
Regency: a period at the beginning of the 19th century


  • Comment number 1.

    Hi Carrie,
    You had a very active week :-)
    To tell you the truth, when I learned about the long tennis match at Wimbledon you came into my mind immediately. I was sure you were there.
    This week I've watched the Worldcup football matches on TV when I came home from work and felt happy because Argentina won. Hope it will win tomorrow too.
    I've read a book by Kazuo Ishiguro "The unconsoled", which I enjoyed a lot.
    I've bought a lovely skirt for my mum's 80th birthday that will take place in August.
    I've been to the sport centre to practise aerobics. My doctor adviced me to reduce sweet and fat food and do more gym. My colestherol and triglicerides are a bit high :-(

    By the way, the strawberries on the pic look tempting.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Cris (BA - Argentina)

  • Comment number 2.

    My week has been spent mostly indoor watching the ongoing World Cup South Africa. I'm right now on leave,planning how I'm going to spend the rest of leave.
    I've been to one final exams for students as an examiner and have been to many local markets here in Voronezh, Russia trying to get some summer gears as it has been boiling hot here.
    I've seen nothing extraordinary to tell about.
    I've bought a lot of foodstuffs and gears as I've mentioned already.
    I've been re-reading A Tale of Two Cities and enjoying it all over again as one of my favourites in the literary world.
    And finally, I've eaten a lot of red, fresh tomatoes this week.

    And now I'm off to the match between Ghana and the US.

  • Comment number 3.

    Hi Carrie,
    my week usually spends quite monotonous, I'm an artist by proffession and as the artist I have to work almost every time and if I by a miracle have a some spare moment I try to devote my time for English studies and over the last four months it seems my brain turn into an oatporridge; I'm totally mixed up of English grammar in my head. For example, what is the word "being"?? Could you continue a sentence "I'm being..."?? Is it unnecessary in this case the word "being" because there is already "I am..."??
    My another one weakness is Chess and my favourite great chess player is Bobby Fisher and if in my leisure time I'm not busy with English studies then it means I'm playing Chess with my friend.
    Now I read rarely. By the way, Carrie, could you advice me G. Heyer's a pair typical best novels what would be recommend from you to reading? Thanks.
    Best wishes,

  • Comment number 4.

    Hello Carrie,
    my week was very calm.
    On Friday I've been to my mum's house because her 84th birthday!She's quite fine and indipendent enough!
    I've seen flowers and green grass everywhere.
    I've bought a wonderful white flower at the market street and I put it on my balcony.
    I've listened to pop music at the radio during the Sunday lunch.
    I've read only news in the newspaper because my short free time! At the end of my week I've eaten sweet cherries and apricots! Very good.
    I like reading posts on this blog and communicate with this community.
    Best wishes

    Mary Gee

  • Comment number 5.

    Hi Carrie! The strawberries are mouth watering indeed!
    Well, this week I started to write my paper on ESL methodology, which is part of my 400 hours of teacher training. I´ve bought some books about language teaching which cost me an arm and a leg, but it was necessay because I need them in order to write my papers.
    I´ve read a really nice and gripping book, 'People of the Book', by Geraldine Brooks, and I´ve watched an intriging Romanian film called 'Silent Wedding'. Apart from that, I´ve been supporting the Brazilian team with all my heart, and for now I´m quite worried because one of our best players, Elano, is out of the match against Netherlands...

    Best wishes,
    Ana Paula, Brazil.

  • Comment number 6.

    Hi everybody,
    Let's say I've found a week at last to tell the world about...
    So this past week I've
    ... been to:
    Spittal an der Drau in the province of Carinthia in the south of Austria
    ... seen:
    eleven choirs from different countries. I'm mentioning them not only under "listened to" because some of them were wearing phantastic costumes (especially the Indonesian, Serbian, and Namibian choirs)
    ... bought:
    a bikini for my 15-year-old
    ... listened to:
    a choral competition with participants from Belarus, Bulgaria, Finland, Germany (in fact there were 2 from Germany), Hungary, Indonesia, Namibia, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine.
    From a purely musical standpoint my favourites were Hungary, Finland, the Ukraine, and Indonesia, but it's always immensely interesting to see and hear choirs from all over the world so I'm happy about every participating ensemble.
    ... read (or rather I've finished reading):
    The English Language (A guided tour of the language) by David Crystal - he almost converted me to giving up my rather purist views on languages and keeping them apart...
    ... eaten:
    apricots - loads of them. They are just ripening in my garden. Anybody fancying some come on over and have some! But hurry up - they'll be gone in a few days!
    Elisabeth (Austria)


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