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Momentary art

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Jan Jan | 10:06 UK time, Monday, 7 June 2010

Hi, everybody! Today is Monday! What a lovely day of a week! Or not? Well, I won't tire your eyes with long stories this time! I'll show you something amazing! Yesterday I spent some time surfing the Internet. It all has started with the video of Ukraine artist, who drawing with the sand. I've seen the pieces of this kind of art before, but this woman is incomparable! And it gave me something to think about! A momentary art!

Nowadays people use the usual things to create the unusual pieces of art. Like this man from Texas, who makes incredible images out of the dust. He draws with the brushes on the dirty rear window of his car. His technique is really unique! It reminds me of the work of scientists during the excavations, doesn't it? Unfortunately, one day it's just washed away!

Another piece of slip away beauty is Beach art! The images impress the imagination with its size and charms! It is really sad that they have so short life! Peter, the Sand man, uses the rake to make fantastic pictures on the sand! He is an endlessly happy person, I think! Just imagine, every day he spends on the sunny beach! He is bathed in the magnificent sunrises and sunsets! A cool breeze blows on him! And when the work is finished, his creations just wait for the kiss of the ocean!

I suppose, you know about Coffee art. It's very elaborate work, I think! Using the toothpick, the master of this art draws with the coffee on the whipped cream. And just look, how they put the cream in the coffee! It's amazing show! But do you know that it's not the only way to draw on the liquid. There is a classic Ottoman art, which called Ebru, otherwise known as Marbling! Drawing with the colored water on the water! It's fascinating!

In ancient times people draw on the rocks and on the ground, and we, their issue, continue this tradition. But we have invented more attractive way of doing it! 3D Street art strikes by its literalism! You can't believe your eyes in the making of the image! Be careful on the streets! One step and you'll drop into a waterfall!

And the last piece of the momentary art for today is Graffiti! It's not a new kind of art, as you know! But the modern approach gives to it second life. Honestly, I was watching it several times! I think these fabulous monsters are awesome! And this guys are really talented and have unbelievable imagination!

Finally, I just want to say, that I'm keen on drawing too. My talent is not as amazing as mentioned above, but I hope you'll enjoy it as well!


PS: What do you think, is the momentary art like fast food or mass production? Do we really need it?

Friendly greetings,



  • Comment number 1.

    Hi Jan! Thank you very much for sharing such wonderful videos. These arts are realy awesome including yours. I think we really need momentary art becuase they're so faboulous and each art is unique in its own style. Moreover, I love the coffee art and the 3D street art. Making of 3D street is incredible. I wonder how much creative and imagainative these people are. I've read painters are imaginative and creative so as you're, Isn't it? Is this painting which you made is called Abstract Art? Is it diffciult to understand too?

    We're waiting for your next blog entry :).

  • Comment number 2.

    Hi Jan!
    Now I understand the reason you write so well, the arts you are showing in momentary art is beautiful, congratulations. Here in Brazil there are many creative and imagainative people, very good artists too,including people that love Abstract Art!
    I have to say that I love your blog Jan.

    best regards

    Rogerio (Sao Paulo-Brazil)

  • Comment number 3.

    Hi Jan!
    I've never interested in art too much but that I've been seeing was just amazing. If you may find more similar videos and show it us :)

    best regards

  • Comment number 4.

    Hi Jam, my name is Alexander from Venezuela, I am interested in improve my english writing and speaking. I started to join in this blog since yesterday, so it is the first time that I write in it.
    After have had a long day I saw the videos, it was very relaxing, just like a brain massage, so I think we need every kind of art, because it can help us in many diferent ways, eg feeling better o relaxed
    I want to thank you for have shared those videos and congratulations for your blog

    Regards Alex

  • Comment number 5.

    Hi Jan

    There is very interesting topic. The conclusion I came is that all sorts of arts are momentary. This is not essential what kind of materials is used for creating and it does not matter how long time this thing lives. Art is alive only in time when we are intercommunicating with it, when we are watching, reading or listening. In other time they are all sorts of things. Art needs mental and spiritual activities right how in the moment of contemplation. In this context the art is always modern. In my opinion there is no difference between masterpieces of ancient art that was created hundreds or thousands years ago and modern short time living art. Furthermore, now we’ve got technologies to save those masterpieces and translate all over the world.

    Best regards

  • Comment number 6.

    Hi there!
    Your post is amazing! I've heard about some kind of momentary art you have described, but not all of them. Especially, I was impresed by the Coffee art, it has seemed to me very easy to do, now I want to learn how to do it. See, you ispired me by your fascinating post! :-)
    To answer your question, I would say that we definitly need the momentary art as well as any different kind of art. If it makes us happy, why than it should not exist? Let's say YES to the momentary art! :-)

  • Comment number 7.

    Hello everybody!

    It’s a great pleasure to know that you appreciate my work. It was really interesting for me too to prepare this blog for you. Thank you for your opinions!

    To Mahjabeen: I think it’s true that painters are imaginative and creative. But as far as I know, for any talent special education and hard work are necessary! I don’t know how my paint is called. I have never paid special attention to it. I just do it!

    To Rogerio: Thank you!

    To Krzysztof : I’ll try!

    To Alex: Thank you and welcome!

    To Victor: Thank you for your comment! You have very full opinion. As for me, I suppose, there is a difference between ancient art, which is interesting with its history and beautiful in its own way, and modern art, which is just surprising.

    To BBC_fan: I wish you luck and don’t forget to share with us your achievements!

    Best wishes,



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