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Jan Jan | 12:04 UK time, Monday, 21 June 2010

Hi everybody!

In my introduction I promised you to tell about my profession. I afford to remind you, that during last five years I have been working in the event management environment. Actually, I've got economic degree. And after the graduation, I have been working as an economist and accountant for two years. As my director said, I was a promising financial specialist. But one day everything has changed in my life!

Remembering the time after my graduation, I could say I was really ambitious young girl and dreamt about my own office with leather chair. I had all opportunity for this. I graduated with honors as financial manager. My director was satisfied with my results. I was interested in this sphere and of course I knew about huge financial potential of this occupation.

It was on the eve of the New Year 2005. The secretary of our company quit. And I offered my services to provide everything necessary to the New Year party for my colleagues. Guess! Nobody was dissenting! The party went off well! Everybody was pleased! As for me, something changed! I couldn't think about bills, invoices and other things like that. I'd realized, that it was really boring, without action. I had been dreaming to work as an event manager! I felt, it was my destiny! Without a second thought, I started looking for this kind of job.

My first interview was the last one! But here I'm going to tell you about a quite funny incident! On the interview I filled in a test, which should show my personal skills and abilities in event management. It was a quite tricky one with a little bit difficult verification. The secretary, who checked it, made mistake. And my chief, who interviewed me, couldn't believe in the result. He was quite confused, because after our conversation he'd decided that I was the right person for the job! He checked it again and found out the mistake. I was accepted! Honestly speaking, it was a great luck that I sent my CV for the best event company in Moscow and they became interested in me. Just imagine! I had no experience! I was really grateful to them for the opportunity and I did my best to learn everything necessary as soon as possible.

Five years ago almost nobody in Russia really does know anything about special events. As usual, the first step includes sales: negotiation with Client, presentation of preliminary proposal with time schedule and budget and closing a deal. The second step is the most interesting to my mind. It's a kitchen of event! Everything must be defined: a venue for event, decorations, catering, technical equipment, handouts, entertainment program, transportation and accommodation of guests, sponsors, speakers and press. All of this means endless communication with subcontractors and the Client. And of course, creativity! And the third step is a great event! It always has to meet the expectations of the Client and at the same time enthralls with something unexpected! And the golden rule of successful event is «Everything is about details!»

For now I have enough experience in different kinds of events. During first two years I have been organizing up to 150 conferences throughout Russia. It was a quite difficult project because of logistics. There were huge decorations (look at the picture, you could see it on the stage) and technical equipment, which had been traveling all over the country.


Russian conference of the accountants

The most important project was the G8 Finance Ministers Meeting in 2006 in Russia. I had been working on the help desk during the event.


The G8 Finance Ministers Meeting, Saint Petersburg

By the way, Gordon Brown visited us at that time!


Sergei Storchak, Deputy Finance Minister of Russia and Gordon Brown, the 74th Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 2007 until 2010

And the last project was the most exciting! New Year party for 1500 guests in Moscow! Everything that you could see in this picture were the idea and development of our team. The party was in the style of 50th in Russia, Stilyagi.


We held an incredible concert! And at the end we grooved to the inflammatory disco music!


All of us had a great time! Both guests and organizers!


Now my aim is to participate in organization of international event. And I hope, my work here during this month will help me to achieve it!


PS: My dear friends, it's always interesting to know your opinion. How do you think, what does happen more frequently, we choose our profession or profession chooses us?

Friendly greetings,



  • Comment number 1.

    Hi Jan,
    I think you can say you are lucky.But the more important reason is you are so excellent.In my country,it's impossible to find a job if you have no experience.I have experienced many interviews before getting the first job.
    In my opinion, if you are excellent,you can choose profession.If not, finding a job is defficult,then profession chooses you.The first job is very important,you can study many things and get experiences.And if your job is that you love, you can also say you choose your profession.
    Thank you for the beautiful pictures and the interesting story of your profession.


  • Comment number 2.

    Hi Jan, is everything ok?
    In my opinion what happened to you is not only lucky, and I'm sure that your boss or manager is very happy with your work.It's very clear that you love what you do, and this is very difficult nowadays, the right person in the right job and I'm very happy for you, apart the fact that must be very good this your job, to work with different situations, to know different people and reach good results.
    One more time the pictures are very beautiful and interesting, congratulations Jan.

    Rogerio (Sao Paulo-Brazil)

  • Comment number 3.

    Hello Jan,
    Congratulations for everything you have done, I am sure it is possible to get there because of your good luck but you need more than that to keep working there. It sounds a really fun experience to deal with so many things in so many different areas I mean to arrange either a new year party or the G8 Finance Ministers Meeting, both sound great for me. Keep going and good luck.

    Maria Daniela, Chile

  • Comment number 4.

    Hi Jan,
    yes, I remember, The New Year Party in the style "Stilyagi" of 50th was a well-known Event in Russia! Are you do connected with this Party?! It's incredibly! If it's true, then why I've never seen your photos in some woman's glamour-magazines:)? I always read these ones so that to find out women's talk shop about men.
    The photos in your post are very fine and luxury!
    Have you ever been to London, or New York?
    With my best wishes,

  • Comment number 5.

    Hi guys!

    To Niu: Thank you for sharing your opinion. You're right, It seams for me too that I’m lucky person! But you know, it’s just a start. Then you have to prove that you deserve this luck!

    To Rogerio: Thanks. I’m great! And how are you doing? I really love that I do. But I must confess, here in Bulgaria it turns out that there is no space for me. Small country! That’s why I keep on thinking about internationals projects, there I could work as a freelance.

    To Maria Daniela: Thank you very much! I’ll try my best!

    To Emat: Hi! I’m going to disappoint you. The New Year party was corporative event, offered by one huge Moscow company. It hasn’t got any connection with "Stilyagi" parties after the same name film. But I like the idea to be shown in some magazine, I’ll think about it! Unfortunately, I don’t read them lately. One day I count the costs and I decide that it’s waste of money, moreover we have Internet for this.

    I haven’t been in England and America yet! But I’d love to! I think to go in England at the end of this year. Why are you asking about it?

    Best wishes,


  • Comment number 6.

    Hallo, Jan. Your posts are very interesting and it seems to me that you have very interesting life. It has to be a great feeling doing a job you love. You should be happy :) Thanks for sharing your stories and Photoes.

    Good luck

    Tbilisi, Georgia

  • Comment number 7.

    Hi Jan,

    Wow! another incredible message with stunning photographs. I really admire your talent and courage. You must be really good in your job as it is not easy to get a job in first attempt. For me first attempt would be just to gain some experience with interview. May be, if your work is something that you enjoy then it is more likely that you would be more enthusiastic about the job in your interview than a job for which you have obtained the qualifications without having a particular interest in the job. Most often people apply for a job for the sake of money and this is where the problems with getting a job begins.

    From your messages, I can tell that you are going to achieve much more in life in terms of your job. Have a good day!

    Take care


  • Comment number 8.

    "WOW"! You are amazing Jan. if i was a manager in your country i wouldn't regret giving you everysingle chance to organize for many other events here and there coz u r the right person for the right job. I really hope that u will be able to make an international events and i can see it coming and trust me you found the key os success and you u r going to be one of the best.
    In my opnion, my queen, i think that the most important thing in this life is to love your work before you decide to involve with its duties. I can tell u these words from my experience. In 2005,i decided to join a university and study English to be an English teacher and since the day i started studying i was looking for a job as a teacher here and there and i , luckily, found some organizations where i taught English for kids there and they loved me as a teacher. unluckily, something wrong happened to me Jan and try to focus with me here at this point; actually i was teaching but my mind was busy with something else. actually i am a very good photographer and i am perfect one who can use photography programms to charm people eyes. while i was teaching, i was wishing to be a designer in a foreign country or a photographer for famous actors and actresses and that was the real reason of being lazy, tired and depressed after teaching only for and hour to couple of hours.
    fortunatly, i had to decide to choose between photography and teaching and gave all my attention to the latter and i loved teaching so much and guess what! i was teaching kids for more than 10 hours without being tired or even depressed and i found myself for of energy after along day of teaching. I start to realize that Love is the secret treasure which makes things easy. if you want to achieve better with any field just give it so much love and things will be cool.

  • Comment number 9.

    Hi everybody!

    To Natalie: Yes, you’re right! My life is a quite interesting. But not only mine. I think the life of each of us is interesting; the question is what interests we've got.

    To Negee: Thanks! Here I’d like to say, that one of my good friends says, the jab brings money, when it brings something useful to the people.

    To Mohammed: Thank you for such an interesting comment! I really glad for you and I wish you great success! What ever you’ll do!

    Best wishes,


  • Comment number 10.

    Hi Jan
    It’s unbelievable! This work requires a special talent. I see you’ve got one.
    I’ve never had any doubt about choosing my profession, so I can say it choose me. I was interested in a drawing since young age. I graduated Art College as designer. I have never did sharp turnings in my way. Actually I’m working in a big transnational banking group. I’m in my profession about 18 years and have a big experience.
    To say honestly I had a moment when I could change my life radically. Three yes ago I graduated with honors Samara State University as a specialist in cultural studies. I went to study be course of need university level and wasn’t interested in philosophy of culture or anthropology. After a year of studding, thanks to my teachers, I had been seeing that I very interested in it. After graduating I got opportunity to work in science. It was a really interested offer but it didn’t take too much time to make up mind. After a week of timeout I said no. I preferred to stay on my way.
    Best regards

  • Comment number 11.

    Hi Jan!
    Hello everyone!
    I’m very glad to meet all of you here again! Having some days without internet was not easy for me! I even missed BBC…
    All posts and comments are extremely interesting! It’s great to have lessons “How to get rid of Russian styled English » from Nuala! We are lucky to have Jan as a month blogger!
    Books are my profession in fact (two topics at once). I used to work in a big library – mountains of books. At those times, I read a lot. That’s where I fell in love with English language! Stephen King, Richard Adams and Danielle Steel were my favourites – in original certainly. Nowadays I’m following my son’s children literature. It’s like having another childhood! Women romances with modern language and plenty dialogs are easy to read. I have a very strong dislike of them in Russian but in English - quite right!
    The resent book I read with great pleasure is called «On writing» by Stephen King and it’s not a horror. You’ll never guess - it is about writing! There are very nice memoirs, advices and even grammar points in it. Unfortunately, I can’t find it in original. In Russian translation, it is called «Haw to write books».
    To Elisabeth: German was my language to study in school and college days… Sorry, can’t use it at all now… I’m looking for «The English Language» by David Crystal now!
    To Emat: I’m just like you – got lots of thoughts about everything but they are not in English…

  • Comment number 12.

    Hi Jan,
    my question, it's just I read somewhere in your blogs that you love travelling and discovering different places, so I thought maybe you've been in London also. I ask for no particular reason, I simply always ask girls a question, I like it. But usually after my questions they avoid me, I don't know why.
    Best wishes,

  • Comment number 13.

    To Inna-L: hi Inna, I've understood you, don't worry Inna, it's all will be fine, I just call on yours reserve of patience :) Like Robert the Bruce said "if at first you don't succeed, try, try again".
    You wrote you read books in original - if so, it's a great achievement already, I think you are just modest person when you compare yourself with me, because I can permit myself to read in English original only some powerful expressions to compare with them Russian translation how much are of them congeniality.
    Best wishes,


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