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Jon Teamlaverne Jon Teamlaverne | 10:20 UK time, Friday, 6 April 2012

This week's Memory Tape is the bravest Memory Tape of all time!


It comes from Simon in Norfolk who writes....


"I've been pondering whether to send in my 'Memory Tape' as I'm not sure if it would portray me as sad, arrogant, desperate, or all three!


"The story is as follows: At the end of the 90s I found myself back on the 'singles' market. Some of my work colleagues decided that I needed to get back out in to the big wide world and meet new people. This transpired into regular press-ganged trips to the local Chicago's nightclub which is a frightening experience at the best of times.


"And this is the desperate bit, there was a very attractive young lady that I admired from afar who was always with her mates and I could never find the courage to approach her. After a few weeks I decided that the following Friday I would pluck up enough courage and hand her a tape of the 10 tracks from my list. I ingeniously split them in to two sides of a Memorex C60 cassette which I called "My Heart, Your Ears" with side 1 labelled 'Staying In' and side 2 labelled 'Going Out'.


"Anyway, with heart beating fast and legs like jelly I went up to her gave her the cassette that was in an envelope with a note saying "if you enjoy any of these tracks then please give me a call and we can discuss them over dinner". I then disappeared like a phantom in the night....


"Unfortunately she never rang and when I returned to the club the following week she was nowhere to be seen. I did hear a rumour than she had found the love of her life the previous week. I never knew if she had listened to the tape. She obviously had better taste in men than she did in music!!


"I did eventually find the love of my life by using a very cheesy chat up line. We're now happily married and I have coaxed her in to all that is 6 Music."


What. A. Story! The tracks were:


Staying In:

Song to the Siren by This Mortal Coil

Going Back by Dusty Springfield

Broken Homes by Tricky (featuring PJ Harvey)

May You Never by John Martyn

Protection by Massive Attack


Going Out:

Once in a Lifetime by Talking Heads

Revolution by The Beatles

Gimme Little Sign by Brenton Wood

Pretty Vacant by The Sex Pistols

Is This The Life by Cardiacs


Inspired? Email Lauren your Memory Tape. Your story doesn't have to be as good as this one by the way...



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