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Jon Teamlaverne Jon Teamlaverne | 10:55 UK time, Tuesday, 22 November 2011

WildChords (iPad)

WildChords is a nifty new way to learn guitar through the medium of an iPad game. It sees your character rescuing animals, with the key control being you strumming a real guitar at specific points in each level - get the chord and timing right, and you do well. The iPad listens to your strums using its microphone, with levels designed to help you build up from being a novice to an expert fret-wrangler. It's free, but you'll pay for extra levels in the future.


Minecraft - Pocket Edition (iPhone / iPad / Android)

Minecraft is a really popular PC game that's basically Lego for grown-ups - you're in a virtual world made up of blocks, and you use other blocks to build things such as houses, statues etc... But now Minecraft is available on iPhone, iPad and Android letting people build to their heart's content. There's even a soundtrack. And while this may sound very nerdy, Minecraft is one of the most interesting games around at the moment - appealing way beyond the traditional gamegeek audience. It costs £4.99.


Free World (iPhone / Android)

This is an app that takes the social location idea of Foursquare - where you 'check in' to places in the real world - and adds social activism to it. The idea is that you check-in when shopping, choose a brand, and then it posts to Facebook saying you want to know about their supply chain, and whether their manufacturers are using slaves or child labour. It's free.



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