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Jon Teamlaverne Jon Teamlaverne | 10:00 UK time, Friday, 13 May 2011

This week's Memory Tape comes from a Uni in the 80s. Sarah Howerd sent it in, who writes:


"This tape was made for me whilst studying Graphic Design at art college in Reading (Berkshire College of Art and Design) during the 80's. Of course, being at art college means we used to make our own cassette covers with whatever we had to hand. Remember this was just before computers were used in design so everything was photocopied and stuck together.


"This tape was made by a friend called Glenn Emlyn in June 1987. He was a year or two above me but I think we shared an interest in The Police at the time. I still play this and love the little bits of film/tv excerpts he put in between the songs.


"So hello to all those at BCAD in 1987 and especially Glenn for this enduring memory tape."


Here is the artwork:


The tracklisting is thus...



Every Breath You Take - The Police

Rock the Kasbah - The Clash

Blackmail - 10CC

Metalguru - T Rex

Going Underground - The Jam

Killer Queen - Queen

You Got My Number - The Undertones

I Want To Tell You - The Beatles

Tesla Girls - OMD

Come Back - The Mighty Wah

Ed's Funky Diner - It's Immaterial

Duel - Propaganda

The More I See The Less I Believe - Fun Boy 3

Can't Stand Up For Falling Down - Elvis Costello



Taxman - Beatles

Let's Go Somewhere - R. Dean Taylor

I Love You - Yello

I Feel For You - Chaka Khan

KISS - Age of Chance

Rip It Up - Orange Juice

Zoo Look - Jean Michel Jarre

Party Fears Two - The Associates

Frozen Faces - Propaganda

Rock'n'Roll radio - The Ramones

Black dog - Led Zeppelin

Looking Back - Dr Feelgood

Love Lessons - The Police

Don't Stand So Close To Me - The Police


Tune in to the show to find out which tracks Lauren plays.


Inspired? Email your Memory Tape to Lauren.



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