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Tom Teamlaverne Tom Teamlaverne | 10:00 UK time, Friday, 18 February 2011


Each week on Memory Tapes we celebrate a listener's compilation tape or CD
It can be a tape made for them, or made by them.
We pick five tracks from the compilation and play them between 10.30 and 11 on a Friday.
This week's tape comes from Tristan Cox



Tristan says "I'm not sure this is allowed but I travel across the country compiling mix CD's from music I've taken out of public libraries. I pay the necessary 50p fee, burn them and then bring them back. I don't know how libraries decide what CD's they provide at any one time, but it's quite an eclectic mix, old and new, and at 50p a CD, it's ripe for experimentation. They also have pretty dense jazz and blues sections."


This is 'Music From Public Libraries Vol.5'


1. Gil-Scott Heron- Me And The Devil
2. Dirty Projectors & David Byrne- Knotty Pine
3. Wooden Shijps- Dance, California (radoi edit)
4. Caribou- Odessa
5. Kilburn & The High Roads- Rough Kids
6. Belle & Sebastian- I'm Not Living In The Real World
7. Bobby Darin- Black Coffee
8. Zeb Turner- Chew Tobacco Rag
9. Hush Arbors- Fast Asleep
10. CAN- Mushroom
11. Beasts Of Bourbon- ****sucker Blues
12. The Shangri-La's- Leader Of The Pack
13. Reverand Gary Davis- Death Don't Have No Mercy
14. Nine Simone- (I Wish I Knew) How It Feels To Be Free
15. Kevin Ayers -Oh! Wat A Dream


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