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Jon Teamlaverne Jon Teamlaverne | 14:13 UK time, Thursday, 26 August 2010

August Bank Holiday


It's August Bank Holiday this weekend, so here's a couple of suggestions about what to get up to:


Notting Hill Carnival - if the Hugh Grant film poshness is Nottting Hill's Jekyll side then the Carnival is it's Hyde. If you haven't been before it's the sort of thing you should do at least once in your life. Expect huge crowds, loads of sound systems, and great Caribbean food.


Here's a couple of links to helpful guides about what's going on at this year's Carnival and what's worth checking out from Spoon Fed and Time Out.


They've got all the info you need on which are the best sound systems, which after-parties are worth going to and which toilets you should go to avoid huge queues plus tips like don't wear flip flops!


If that's not your bag, how about heading up to Lancashire for the World Gravy Wrestling Championships? It's in the town of Rossendale on Monday 31st and I think the name says it all - there's a pool of gravy, wrestling occurs, good fun is had by all...


And if you're really looking for something weird to do, it's European Bat Weekend - meet up with your local Bat Club and go on a night-time bat-spotting walk.


Edinburgh Fringe - Awards Time


Of course, you could spend your bank holiday catching the last few days of the Edinburgh Fringe. It's the business end of the season as they say. The nominations for the Comedy Award came out on Wednesday.


Nominated for the main award are Bo Burnham: Words, Words, Words; Greg Davies: Firing Cheeseballs at a Dog; Josie Long: Be Honourable; Russell Kane: Smokescreens and Castles; Sarah Millican: Chatterbox.


Interesting to see a strong female presence on the list, a third nomination for stand up Russell Kane and an inclusion for Bo Burnham - the man with 60 million Youtube hits at the tender age of 20.


My favourite to win out of those might be We Are Klanger Greg Davies.


There's also some controversy going on - the Awards are celebrating their 30th anniversary this year and are having a vote to find a 'Comedy God' - pitting all the nominees from all the previous 30 years against each other. Comedian Stewart Lee has taken against this and the fact that he awards are sponsored by Fosters and has lead a campaign to get people to vote for the obscure Japanese avant garde musical act Frank Chickens who got nominated in 1985. It's like a comedy equivalent of Rage Against the Machine vs X Factor. Apparently, at the moment they are winning!


All the winners will be announced on Saturday.


5000 Morris Dancers


The South Bank in London is being taken over by a festival of Morris dancing next week, but it's Morris with a cool spin. It's called 5000 Morris Dancers and the festival's logo is a spin on the iconic Clockwork Orange image but with a Morris dancers hat - which gives you a clue as to the festival's intent.


It's the brainchild of the pop artist David Owen kicks off with an art installtion he's done across London. Starting on Tuesday 31st, 1000 cardboard cut-outs of Morris dancers will appear across the city - all with different pop culture spins - some re influenced by Clockwork Orange, some by Morrissey...


Then, over the weekend of the 3rd to the 5th, the Southbank is taken over by a load of Morris themed events - folk bands, mass Morris in the street and a documentary by actor and comedy writer Tim Plester about his familiy's Morris heritage called Way of the Morris.


Could it actually turn the much derided men in white suits and bells into cool counter culture icons?



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