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Jon Teamlaverne Jon Teamlaverne | 15:30 UK time, Thursday, 29 April 2010

It's MPFree EP time once again - it's like having a birthday every week!


Each day TeamLaverne search the net for totally free and 100 per cent legal free downloads. Every Friday we then put all the links together on a page (this page in fact) and accompany them with some listener provided EP artwork.


The theme for the artwork this week was: send us a photo of your best 'sorry face'. Somehow, with no prompting from Lauren, this morphed in to photos of sad-looking dogs. Luckily we're a sucker for a sad-looking dog; and couldn't pick just one. Therefore, for one week only, you get a choice of three MPFree EP covers.


This one from Rob in Newcastle...




Or this one from Chris in Putney...




Or maybe Kingsley in Salisbury floats your boat...




Your MPFrees this week were:


Dom - Living In America

Health - USA Boys

Hundred In The Hands - Sleepwalkers

Interpol - Lights

Sleigh Bells - Tell Em


Some of the above free downloads are only posted for a limited amount of time; therefore not all may be available.



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