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The Power of 8

Brendan Crowther Brendan Crowther | 10:33 UK time, Monday, 29 June 2009

If you see a particularly colourful newspaper lying on the desks of the 'great' and the 'good' over the next few months it could well be the AHRC/BBC Knowledge Exchange Programme's new publication, 8 (#8essays).


8 is a way of sharing all the lessons learned from our collaboration with the AHRC and making sure that the research findings produced by the funded projects are made the best use of. It contains articles from the likes of Bill Thompson, Kathryn Corrick and Pat Kane on, amongst other things, media literacy, the ethics of play and digital inclusion. There are contact details for all researchers involved in the studies and an official view of KEP's aims from the lead AHRC and BBC partners. There's also a graphical representation of one of the projects - a collaboration between the production team working on CBBC's virtual word for children, Adventure Rock, and the University of Westminster - which shows the connections and influence a collaborative project builds over time.

The KEP is a pilot programme. It has shown that deep level academic analyses of BBC services are of incredible value to both the BBC and its audiences. It provides a key to unlocking the full business potential of digital media and has the potential to reshape how we deliver future content, in ways we can all be a part of. We hope that the KEP will act as a springboard for BBC Research & Development in its work to remain at the cutting edge of the collaboration and innovation agendas. This very much relies on our stakeholders being made aware of the programme and its successes. Our hope is that 8 will encourage them to sit up and take notice.

You can download a PDF copy of 8 here. If you'd like a copy of the actual newspaper please contact christianna.salako@bbc.co.uk from BBC R&D's Innovation Culture. The research studies themselves are all available in the box on the right. 8 was produced in association with the Newspaper Club.


  • 1. At 08:59am on 02 Jul 2009, cping500 wrote:

    What do you mean by the 'FULL BUSINESS' potential of digital media. Of course the BBC should patent and otherwise register its inventions, and license them for COMMERCIAL use but the phase threatens 'mission creep' As the key documents confirm the BBC is for anyone in the UK who wants to use its services. Most of them a free. Only receiving TV transmissions at the time when they are being broadcast requires you to be in a licensed /household property or to have a license for a property if you are using a portable device. The BBC is not a business but a public service like a Public Library
    I think it is particularly important that any commissioned research is carried out in this context.

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  • 2. At 10:09am on 19 Aug 2009, krishnamurthi ramachandran wrote:

    Dear Writer,
    Your writings on this subjects are praise worthy.
    I want to know,whether all BBC Services are public oriented,financed by concerned government,private individuals,corporate sectors and from public share holders.
    Recently, i came to know that a world known news provider website,you have appointed some marketing personnels for further expansions and for more consolidation in media networks.
    Very glad to know that,you are sharing latest scientific,digital medias new applications,uses for upgrading for audience,members,users and to your team.
    This is a good reporting on knowledge subjects.

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  • 3. At 06:05am on 14 Nov 2009, Shana wrote:

    "The BBC is not a business but a public service like a Public Library
    I think it is particularly important that any commissioned research is carried out in this context."

    I think technology should be used and given to the public as in like a library. If not, only those who can afford a large price tag can use it. That leaves out 90 percent of the population

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  • 4. At 7:47pm on 11 Dec 2009, kavinde wrote:

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