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Your questions answered - Hungary

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Jonathan Legard | 07:51 UK time, Friday, 31 July 2009

Murray Walker is away this week, so I am standing in for him on his regular post-race question-and-answer session.

How difficult is to to commentate on a serious crash such as Felipe Massa's? How will the increasing number of winners affect this year's title battle? Why did it take McLaren so long to win again? Should Brawn back Jenson Button over Rubens Barrichello now? Watch my answers...

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  • 1. At 08:27am on 31 Jul 2009, Sean Sutton wrote:

    Excellent work, Jonathan! Love the F1 swing-o-meter! Keep it up!

    First in, by the way!

    Sean Sutton

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  • 2. At 09:28am on 31 Jul 2009, domtv09 wrote:

    cool vid

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  • 3. At 09:43am on 31 Jul 2009, scratchy42 wrote:

    Great blog Jonathan. Really enjoying the commentary this year. I'd like to see the swing-o-meter at every race now!!

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  • 4. At 10:15am on 31 Jul 2009, ant_davids_son1 wrote:

    Good answers.

    I like your swingometer very funny.

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  • 5. At 11:53am on 31 Jul 2009, Maxari wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 6. At 12:03pm on 31 Jul 2009, GFasulo wrote:

    Great video Jonathan. The swing-o-meter was hilarious! I agree with scratchy42. We should see it at every race!

    See you on Election Night next year!

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  • 7. At 12:07pm on 31 Jul 2009, foonyroo wrote:

    excellent & enjoyable vid mr. legard, shame you are only filling in for murray. maybe you two should collaborate together :)

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  • 8. At 12:38pm on 31 Jul 2009, 6X wrote:

    Great stuff, many thanks.
    Appreciated the calm, "keep it factual" approach on Saturday. We didn't miss out on the climax of the Q2 session, and it was much better that you and Martin had seen the replays before talking about them on air.
    If Murray had tried the swingometer, it would have swung back and hit him.

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  • 9. At 1:41pm on 31 Jul 2009, bubb1989 wrote:

    Good Video Jonathan

    These blogs should show people that you do have knowledge on F1, especially as your answers would have been very similar to mine. It was good to here the commentary on Saturday during the crash without speculation, as this often causes worry for people watching.

    By the way, I thought your commentary during the Hungarian GP was really good. I feel you still need to "read" the race more in terms of how strategy will play out, but you have certaintly improved since Australia. Keep up the good work!! Also, it would be really helpful if both you and Martin could give us timing information more reguarly (who is setting blue and green sectors etc, and more information about the lower teams on the grid who are not on camera).

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  • 10. At 1:58pm on 31 Jul 2009, Nmred5 wrote:

    I have been watching F1 for many years and I have to say that I am enjoying many of the new features which have been added by the BBC this year. This blog is a prime example of this .Well done

    I am less happy with the live commentary and as you (JL) are a key member I am interested in what changes may available in the future. I am now forced to watch via the red button so I can pick up the Radio 5 audio feed.

    This is not ideal though as I cannot pause,record or rewind.

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  • 11. At 3:16pm on 31 Jul 2009, rocketcar9 wrote:

    You took most your questions from the same user... looking at the comments on the previous blog lots of other people asked good questions, for something we all pay for take a wider aray of questions, ones that are slightly obsqure, NOT questions that i already know the answer to or have been mentioned or raised in the BBC 1 coverage.

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  • 12. At 3:18pm on 31 Jul 2009, rocketcar9 wrote:

    like to point out to buba13 that the sector times are all avaialable on durring the race weekend, so mentioning sector times in detail and stuff wud detract from commentry/ attention on the main action.

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  • 13. At 3:36pm on 31 Jul 2009, cordas wrote:

    I just wonder how the testing ban will affect Massa's return to the sport.... As it stands he will have to turn up to friday practice and set stuck in for a race, surely it would be wise for him to get back into the car away from a race day weekend 1st and see how he goes?

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  • 14. At 5:07pm on 31 Jul 2009, FreddyOfGreggs wrote:

    Why are over half the questions all from the same user?

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  • 15. At 5:23pm on 31 Jul 2009, Carlonso wrote:

    Did you bother to look beyond turkeytrail's questions?...
    and why is the same McLaren question of them not doing well in the first half of this season repeated time and time again?
    Either the BBC won't allow you the time to go in depth with some of the more elaborate questions on offer, or you and Murray are just plain lazy.

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  • 16. At 5:45pm on 31 Jul 2009, steveblack1000 wrote:

    Scratchy in #3
    Me too! The swing-o-meter is very funny. Well done Jonathan.

    Carlonso in #15
    Is it not a researcher or producer who decides which questions to ask? I do agree that it was poor to use three questions from the same person and to ignore other questions which were just as good.

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  • 17. At 6:06pm on 31 Jul 2009, Carlonso wrote:

    REF 16
    Get rid of the producer/researcher if that's the case.

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  • 18. At 7:04pm on 31 Jul 2009, Glen Phillips wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 19. At 7:49pm on 31 Jul 2009, effone365 wrote:

    How much did turkeytrail pay to get all his questions answered?

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  • 20. At 9:31pm on 31 Jul 2009, alcoholicmonkey wrote:

    So what if one user had more than one question? Maybe they were all good ones? Those were the questions selected by the researcher(s) as I'm sure you're aware. If you don't like it, make a complaint and leave this blog for comments about the actual video clip!

    Still not sure why there is so much negativity... I think Jake Humphrey is the only annoying person in F1 coverage with his pointless 'filler' comments as if the viewers are predominantly children (maybe it'll wear off... I just remembered he came here from CBBC). Jonathan does a great job, keep it up!

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  • 21. At 10:51pm on 31 Jul 2009, B15OXO wrote:

    I'm new to this and just wanted to seek some opinion; first of all great news about Felipe(!). I am just wondering why it has been suggested that the Rules be changed for Michael Schumacher re testing? As the Arch 'Rule Twister' he got away with so much before; why should he now be helped by the FIA (again)?.

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  • 22. At 10:22am on 01 Aug 2009, Riggadon wrote:

    Why do people insist on using these blogs to be rude to the authors about their commentary?

    If you have a complaint, take it up with the relative person (i,e the boss).

    Some of the complaints on here make me cringe, a lot of them are pedantic at best. Stop trying to knock the mans confidence, its not working, and you make yourself look like jealous ex-ITV employees in the process.

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  • 23. At 11:08am on 01 Aug 2009, littleredbulljam wrote:

    Amen Riggadon

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  • 24. At 11:52am on 01 Aug 2009, Tim wrote:

    Pretty poor to be honest, why can't martin brundle do this?

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  • 25. At 11:57am on 01 Aug 2009, Tim wrote:


    We're not complaining to knock his confidence, we just don't like his five live commentary style.

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  • 26. At 12:07pm on 01 Aug 2009, Roy Calley - BBC Sport wrote:


    Apologies that one user seemed to monopolise the questions this week. There is a very simple explanation for it all. As you could probably see, we were filming in the heart of deepest Devon where it was virtually impossible to get mobile phone signals, internet connections etc and so we had the questions sent to us without user names at that time. As it was, the best were sent by one person, something we had no idea to that person, well done! Apologies to the rest of you, and I promise there is not some great conspiracy surrounding it all. Enjoy your mid-season break and we'll be back in a few weeks with more questions for Murray.

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  • 27. At 12:37pm on 01 Aug 2009, turkeytrail wrote:

    Excellent coverage Johnathan! Like many,I am looking forward to "MS" return to the championship albeit in sad circumstanses but why should he be allowed a "special" right to test. I am sure Torro Rosso would not get this for their new boy. In the interest of the sport and fairness he should just turn up on Friday and show what he is made of?

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  • 28. At 1:18pm on 01 Aug 2009, Carlonso wrote:

    REF 26
    Dear Roy - with the infinite resources at the BBC's disposal, to be able to film in the heat of battle, the deepest of seas, put a team in the most hospital parts of the're telling us there wasn't a telephone in the cottage behind Legard's film piece where a call couldn't be made from Shepherd's Bush with a dozen or so selected questions at random from the website?

    Call me old fashioned, but have the BBC forgotten what it's like use a telephone land line to make calls anymore?

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  • 29. At 1:38pm on 01 Aug 2009, Carlonso wrote:

    typo = hospitable parts of the world...

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  • 30. At 1:52pm on 01 Aug 2009, paulsf1fix wrote:

    Oh I like Jake Humphrey he's doing a great job! The BBC should buy the rights to release the 'End of Season Review DVD' as the BBC's coverage has been amazing! a tad weird to hear James Allen on the BBC though, it's just a shame that we can't get some 'Classic' races whilst F1 is on 'Holiday' to fill the gap...

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  • 31. At 3:55pm on 01 Aug 2009, Carlonso wrote:

    REF 20
    Do we really need to hear AGAIN AND AGAIN why McLaren and Ferrari committed themselves totally to designing last year's car, therefore taking their eye off the ball on this year's car bla bla bla bla bla.... There are a great many questions out there that go without answering - stop re-hashing the same stuff!
    ...and I like Jake Humphrey and the whole team - they do an excellent job, far better than ITV - the only good that came off that was Ted Kravitz and the pit news.
    I must confess, however, that I found Jake's undying support for Norwich City in one of his earlier blogs rather irritating and totally irrelevant. He really,in hindsight, should have kept those thoughts and feelings to himself - maybe it was just the exuberance of a one time excited CBBC presenter that just got the better of him...or he was touting for a switch to Football Focus..

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  • 32. At 11:03pm on 01 Aug 2009, RDA_88 wrote:

    This video really only goes through the 'easy' questions of the sport. Anyone really should know it takes time to find out whats wrong with your F1 car before you can fix it a la McLaren and Ferrari. Also who cares about which driver teams should favour...realistically any of the top 4 COULD win the championship, and Im sure its better for the fans if all are allowed to participate equally rather than throwing all your eggs in 1 basket. The ONLY thing teams can do to favour 1 or the other is change qualifying strategy for where they rank their drivers, however correct me if Im wrong its the engineer and the driver who have the final word on what fuel load they want and the tyres they start on etc... etc... so really the team can't do anything. Secondly if you look back at Turkey, they told Vettel to stand down when he was gaining on Webber and Vettel made the point to set quick laps until the end, possibly even the fastest of the race if I remember correctly. So telling your driver over the radio to respect the team's decision might not get you what you want, especially given Barrichello's attitude towards not wanting to play second fiddle.

    Anyway I'll probably get slaughtered for this but I don't particularly enjoy Jonathan's commentating. Sure he's better than JA but sometimes you do get on my nerves. As an example when Vettel was in the closing stages of his 1st win this season all you could keep saying was "Keep it on the road, stay cautious, keep alert, don't do anything wrong" for about a minute. It just went on and on and it just plagued me! Also I can't BELIEVE you said you wanted to keep things factual in commentary. Im SURE you said Felipe was OUT OF THE CAR when quite clearly I could see he was still in it (the helmet was showing). Fair enough you're in the heat of the moment live on TV but Massa was clearly NOT out of the car and was obviously in a serious state had he not gotten out of the car directly after the incident. Thats a perfect example of where you simply stated what you 'thought' or 'believed' to be the case when really I don't know how you came up with the fact he was out of the car.

    Sorry if this seems to be a bit of a rant but if you're going to keep things factual its only fair you get honesty from the viewers, and this is my opinion. Would anyone else not prefer Martin Brundle commentating (who does an EXCELLENT job by the way) with another driver, perhaps Damon Hill who did a brilliant job at last years (or was it the year before's?) Hungarian GP. I think the public would rather hear 2 voices of experience rather than inane twitterings about "keep it on the road, stay alert, don't go off" etc... etc...

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  • 33. At 10:05am on 02 Aug 2009, vrooom wrote:

    I have to say that I quite enjoy Jonathan's commentary, especially the comment he made at Monaco (?) : "The "C" word - concentration"

    A little less blathering from Eddie Jordan would be nice. And it really annoyed me that, after Massa's crash, I had to go to the iplayer to see and hear about what was happening from the 5live feed, the alternative being DC EJ and Jake filling time...

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  • 34. At 7:49pm on 02 Aug 2009, Tim wrote:


    No one will ever read all of that lmao. Waste of time.

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  • 35. At 6:57pm on 03 Aug 2009, jigols wrote:

    Ref 21. B15OXO. Give Schumacher a bicycle and send him off to Valencia for a week. Worked for him in 91 at Spa apparently.... You're right, shouldn't be given testing privileges.. surely he ought to be pretty handy anyway?

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  • 36. At 7:51pm on 03 Aug 2009, magunkey wrote:

    Found this and thought I should share...

    It is quite funny...

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  • 37. At 3:11pm on 05 Aug 2009, gazza2009 wrote:

    I think lewis hamilton is back on form again now so lokking forward to the rest of the season. do you think lewis will do as well or the same as he did at the hungaroring in hungary?.

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  • 38. At 3:21pm on 05 Aug 2009, gazza2009 wrote:

    I think that you and mr brundle should do the grid walk together cause you two obviosly know what your talking about when it comes to f1. cant wait until the 21st aug for the practice and racing as its been really boring at weekends when the f1 aint on. thanks for all the exellent commentry that you and all the bbc F1 team do its been better than when on itv as there aint any adverts in between no so we never miss a thing that happens on the track and in the pits.

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  • 39. At 7:55pm on 05 Aug 2009, NickLange wrote:

    REF 32, it is widely know that F1 teams instruct the drivers (behind the scenes) to support there team member, for example if a driver is winning a race, but is not the championship contender, as apposed to there team mate, they will transmit a message along the lines off "slow down, tyres worn" which is basically slow down, let your team mate pass. Why yes we see drivers sometimes disobeying these orders, in general they obey and act as a team. As for putting all there eggs in one basket, look at Hamilton, who currently is receiving priority upgrades because (in there opinion) he can extract more out of them than Kovi. Another prime example is Alonso, who has had priority over everything.

    REF 24 I read it!

    Im new to the whole blogging scene but im getting increasingly interested in the insiders view of Formula 1, and where your commentary is a bit ropey at times, i believe you and the whole BBC team are doing a fantastic job of reporting on this season (alot better than ITV anyways)

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  • 40. At 9:39pm on 05 Aug 2009, gazza2009 wrote:

    im glad thatthe season is not all about one winner, its good to see a selection of winners. i am just glad that lewis has added his name to the list of winners this season. i think that its a bit unfair that the 3 teams have denied schumacher the chance to get used to the new car cause they would be the first to complain if he accidentily hit one of there cars due to not knowing how the car drives like. come on lewis we know that you are back to your winning ways i hope?.

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  • 41. At 9:41pm on 05 Aug 2009, gazza2009 wrote:

    do you think that renault will win their appeal against the ban for the race in valencia? also i wrote 2 questions on here earlier and i havent seen them on screen or had a reply to them.

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  • 42. At 9:51pm on 05 Aug 2009, gazza2009 wrote:

    This years F1 season has been the best that i have seen for a few years now, OK last years was close but not this close its brilliant!. its brilliant news that Felipe is making a quick recovery but i have seen some pics of his eye and to be honest I'll be really surprised if he is able to race again. i hope he does cause he is a excellent driver and also he is very much liked by all the other teams even tho he is one of their rival competiters.

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  • 43. At 07:49am on 06 Aug 2009, MallockU2 wrote:


    Please could you report whats happening and not this endless drivel, more suited to the Radio than Television.

    The vast majority of F1 fans know all about whats going on in F1 and only need to be told the facts as they happen.

    I find myself turning off the sound and watching the race, without your constant chatter.

    I never thought I would say this, but the ITV commentary was better than the current BBC team.

    Please just a little less rambling and more commentary !!


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  • 44. At 2:03pm on 12 Aug 2009, frankowoods wrote:

    At least he managed to go five minutes without saying that someone has been given 'a real shot in the arm.'

    Metaphors involving some sort of drug intake aren't usually the most appropriate when describing sportsmen!

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  • 45. At 01:56am on 15 Aug 2009, gazza2009 wrote:

    Hi mr Ledgard i am so pleased that i eventually saw the swing-o-meter now i know what everyone is on about when they talk about it. This season is now starting to get better than it has been, do you think that if Lewis had this car at the beginning of the season he would of had a better chance of retaining his world championship title?. looking forward to the practice on next friday on the red button and then the race on the sunday, maybe lewis will be the first kers car that gets pole position. great commentry from You mr M brundle and when he is doing it then from mr M walker. when are you gonna do your bit on the red button like Mr M Walker does when he talks about the race and his predictions for the next race?.

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  • 46. At 4:15pm on 23 Aug 2009, Lil_Karen wrote:

    I've just watched todays grand prix and notice that you talk as though Jenson's championship is under imminent threat.
    Can Jonathan or Martin please remember that the winner of this years championship is decided upon race wins not points, points are for those 2nd and below. No one, not even Rubinio, is near Jenson on wins and only 6 races remain, Rubens would have to win them all to claim the championship.
    I understand you've to talk it up but really.
    We'll be watching Spa may be you could clear this up then.

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  • 47. At 10:33pm on 25 Aug 2009, goldMarkL1 wrote:

    Karen in #46, I think you've got your wires crossed luv.

    The race wins idea never got off the drawing board and the championship will still be decided on points in 2009 and 2010.

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  • 48. At 10:27am on 17 Sep 2009, megaSimonNicholls wrote:

    Jonathan hi ya,

    I just wanted to see what you thought about the whole Piquet, Renault Flav thing?

    For me and my dad as it seems there is some truth in it after all...... blimey what's F1 turned into. Seems like its more about the money, the money, the money.

    I'm sure someone might have already posted this and Jonathan you might have discusses this but my dad and I were emailing each other and the consequences of Renaults actions, meant the 2008 F1 World Championship ended in Singapore.

    Before Piquet Jr's massive crash and the safety car being deployed Felipe Massa was leading the race. He then got caught up in the pitstop fiasco that followed and ended up scoring 0 points and he only lost the world championship by 1 point.........................

    As well as that massive blow to Felippe at last years Singapore race rumours were around that Renault were ready to pull out of F1 if the teams fortunes didn't turn around drastically. Hey presto Alonso got a double win on the trot at Singapore and Japan. Shame really as the Japan race was an amazing drive.

    I bet in all this Felippe is fuming and so are Ferrari.

    What do you think might happen?

    P.S. Keep up the great commentary with Martin, Jake, DC and Ted top stuff. Do we know yet when F1 on the bbc will be transmitted in HD as a live HD event????



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