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Young faces huge task at Glentoran

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Joel Taggart | 10:44 UK time, Thursday, 15 April 2010

So Scott Young is to be given the chance to revive the fortunes of Glentoran after a season of turmoil.

On a personal level I am pleased. Scott is a genuinely nice lad, was one of the first players I ever interviewed when I started working at Irish League games.

He always made me laugh with a smart one liner, even during the worst moments of his career when he was in the Ulster Hospital recovering from a serious leg break.

He will need that sense of humour to maintain his sanity in management and when I watch and listen to what is going on at Celtic it is hard not to think of the antics at the Oval this season.


Scott Young watched as Glentoran's title hopes disappeared in a 3-1 defeat by leaders Linfield at Windsor Park

An interim manager battling to win the right to manage a club that he loves dearly on a more permanent basis, and lumbered with players who appear to have lost the appetite to fight for the cause or who just are not good enough. Rings true for both doesn't it?

At least Young can point to a trophy success. Yes, he was only in charge for the final but it was an improvement on the previous couple of results against Coleraine who deserve some silverware for their efforts this season.

You don't always get what you deserve in life or in football and I am not so sure that Coleraine will get the trophy that their brand of football this season warrants.

Linfield look to have the bit between their teeth. They are on the march towards a fourth domestic double in five seasons and are in the Setanta Cup semi-finals.

All this after a winter of discontent at Windsor Park when many in the south stand wanted David Jeffrey out. I often wonder if they are the same Linfield fans who hounded Roy Coyle out after one bad season. What a good idea that was.

Once again the Linfield boss has proved the doubters wrong, building another championship-winning side with a new group of young players who haven't been down this road before.

For Burns, Lowry, Allen, McAllister, Garrett and Blayney to name a few, it is all a new experience. But it was the signing of a familiar face that swung the title Linfield's way.

From the moment Peter Thompson arrived back at Windsor Park they had a new lease of life, an injection at just the right time.

Before he made his Blues comeback at Donegal Celtic, Linfield had won just one of their previous seven games. They have only lost two of their 13 league games since.

At the same time the manager settled on pairings in important areas of the pitch. Mulgrew, the driving force of the team, found the perfect foil in Robert Garrett. Billy Joe Burns and Philip Lowry on the right and perhaps most importantly, reintroducing Noel Baillie and/or William Murphy to the heart of the back four to provide the wise old head of experience to steer through the second half of the season.

Rebuilding for a crack at the title is exactly the task now facing Scott Young at the Oval with the man who brought him to Irish League football, Roy Coyle, taking on the role of sounding board.

As I watched Glentoran bow out of the title race with a whimper at Windsor Park last week I could not believe that a team that had played so badly for spells this season, but yet were handed an opportunity to go top, could throw that chance away without a fight.

There is no doubt that players at Glentoran are blessed with ability, but I would suggest Young learned a lot about their character and that will be a deciding factor when he does a Neil Lennon and writes out the list of players that he wants rid of.

Immediately after the Glentoran game last week, David Jeffrey spoke on BBC Radio Ulster about the desire of his players, about how he signs not just a player with ability but with a certain type of personality to cope with the demands placed on their shoulders at a big club.

It doesn't take me to tell Scott Young that it is the blueprint he needs to follow. If not, then I fear his managerial career could be cut short just as his playing career was in such cruel fashion.


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  • 1. At 12:24pm on 15 Apr 2010, adampsb wrote:

    Good blog. mIrish football is often overlooked but some nice symmetry with teh SPL drawn that we can relate to

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  • 2. At 2:09pm on 15 Apr 2010, Ulstershaker wrote:

    It is a good blog and one that's nice to see. Now if we can only get the BBC to read out the IPL scores during Sports Report on Five Live....

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  • 3. At 3:38pm on 15 Apr 2010, BostonRedSock wrote:

    Great blog. Thanks for posting

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  • 4. At 7:07pm on 15 Apr 2010, SS123 wrote:

    Nice blog Joel, its good to see a new blog so soon after the last one. I would still like to know what your thoughts and opinions are on the fact that Distillery look like they could the unthinkable and manage to avoid relegation although maybe we should leave that until we know for sure who goes down.
    I recently went to a few Linfield games, I was there at the oval on irish cup day and i must admit i was disappointed with the glens, it was great for the blues to win but the glens looked poor, I honestly thought they would of came out in that game with a bit of hunger to play for their new manager, even at half time i expected them to come out and give it a go but they didnt, I dont think the keith gillespie signing was a good move for them, especially when its being highlighted the money that he is on. Unfortunately i cant get to games for a few months now but it sounds as if the glens team last week where just as bad as that irish cup day although i did hear the blues played really well in the second half.
    Anyway it was an interesting read and thanks for the new blog.

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  • 5. At 7:44pm on 15 Apr 2010, Prideof-EastBelfast wrote:

    I can't remember a Glentoran manager talking about the club the way Scott Young does. It's so refreshing to see, and gives me hope that this guy can do things with the type of players he wants. Yes, I must admit there have been a few wrong decisions through inexperience, but everybody has to learn from mistakes and I think it's a good idea to bring in Coyle to advise him in the unchartered and challenging territories that lie ahead for him. Coyle has seen it all. For me, there has been too much sentiment at The Oval for years. I think this area needs sorted out. There comes a time to say thanks for the memories but it's time to move on.
    I know we are a part-time Club but there should still be a professional approach from the players. From the terraces, personal discipline, desire and a required high level of fitness have left a lot to be desired. If we fall short this season, and I say if, it's an early start next season with the 1st Europa League qualifying round on the 1st July. After the Far East tour at the end of May, that only gives the players a month to be ready. I think the work should start now to identify who isn't up to it. There are plenty of players out there who would walk through a wall to play for Glentoran and Scott Young is the man who can pick them out.

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  • 6. At 2:55pm on 16 Apr 2010, sometimes wrote:

    nice to see a positive article for a change, it is easy (everyone knows) to slag off IFA and referees, so well done for doing some actual journalism and portraying our wee game in a positive light. look forward to the next one in quick succession.

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  • 7. At 09:19am on 18 Apr 2010, garyl wrote:

    bring back pay at the turnstyles,all ticket games are killing local football.joel if you looked into what it takes for someone living outside of belfast to watch eg linfield as i do from antrim,you would see what im talking in my view should only be needed for grounds with limited can the i.f.a. expect people to come and watch certain (big)games when they make it so hard for them to get tickets.i know people how were put of going to yesterdays semifinal because it meant them having to go to belfast to buy a ticket.also how many extra people do you think because it was such a nice day might have went along to the match if it had of been possible to pay at the gate.

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