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Rescue effort

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Jennifer Tracey | 17:30 UK time, Saturday, 25 July 2009

Jackie Greaves in 1994

He survived alone, lost in the Australian bush, but should 19-year-old Jamie Neale donate any interview fees he receives to the rescue services who came looking for him or is he entitled to do whatever he wants with it?

Listener and mountain rescue volunteer Tom Barkas wrote to us after hearing the story on PM

'Having experience of rescues after which the person responsible has walked off with lucrative deals, I applaud the announced decision of the family to give the publicity proceeds to the rescue services.'

Tom went on to tell us about a rescue in the Cairngorms some years back, where a woman was paid a lot of money from her story but the papers unfairly accused her of not passing any of it on to her rescuers.

iPM tracked down that woman. In 1994, Jackie Greaves spent days lost in sub-zero temperatures before rescue teams found her. Here she is talking to Eddie:


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