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Keeping the clamps on parking data

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Chris Vallance | 16:04 UK time, Monday, 13 October 2008

clamp203.jpgHave you had problems with private parking companies? As you know data-sharing has been a bit of an issue for us so, via What Do They Know, I was very interested in this Freedom of Information request. As I understand it at issue was whether data provided by the DVLA to, "companies and landowners that require vehicle keeper information to enforce penalty charge notices", was used appropriately and securely. Here's the FOI request:

"I note from form V888/3 that: "DVLA's authorised personnel shall be permitted access to the company's operational areas to check the methods of processing. The company must agree and make available to DVLA's authorised personnel such files and records as may be required for them to be satisfied that data is only used for the purposes for which it has been released"

Please let me know: 1. How many such investigations took place over the past 5 years, 2. What were the results of these investigations?...."

The response is interesting. Of the 373 company audit visits in the past 5 years the following "recurring issues" were found by DVLA inspectors:

"- On some occasions the storage of information was not secure (i.e. not locked away)
- Passwords and user IDs are sometimes being shared within companies.
- Companies were supplying information through e-mail/fax.
- There were some possible unauthorised accesses that were investigated

There were more issues which can be read here.


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