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Rough Notes - December 11th

Rupert Allman | 13:49 UK time, Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Welcome to iPM, Doris Lessing's favourite blog. This is where the programme starts to take shape. Thank you to the thousands who have posted or sent us an email about your postcode or the speed of your broadband connection. Some have done both and your contributions are what we are all about. Chris Vallance will be on tonight's PM to explain a little more about what we plan to do with all this info. Otherwise, it is the start of the week and the page is blank. If there's a story or a particular issue that you'd like to hear on the programme - post away. Failing that you can always send us an email - ipm {@} bbc.co.uk. I'll update this later with a few ideas of our own.

Some early thoughts:

chris_55.jpg Chris: From Uganda, some strong testimony from two doctors who are working in part of the country that's struggling to cope with the Ebola virus. If possible, I'd like to hear more from them.

Back home and to quote Big Ron "I never comment on referees and I'm not going to break the habit of a lifetime for that prat." Now, the man in the middle fights back. Seen but mostly unheard, I've been looking at the blogging referee. Well, it beats the usual post match entertainment.

mark_55.jpgMarc: Get the candles out, this Saturday it'll a 'Happy 10th birthday' to www.bbc.co.uk - it began on 15 December 1997 . We plan to mark the occasion. Lord Birt was in charge at the time, if you've got a question for the former DG, let us know.

george_55.jpg George: Following from our earlier post about sex and the internet - it has reported that one of the big porn producers Vivid is suing Youtube-alike Pornotube (Not suitable for work) for piracy - believed to be the first lawsuit of its kind in the adult industry.

And do websurfers care enough about privacy to abandon Google? Ask.com is betting they do, and is launching AskEraser, a new search service that promises not to store users' search data.

Thanks for your suggestions too. If you've thoughts about these or other stories you'd like us to cover, leave a comment or email iPM.

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