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The Blogs of War

Marc | 15:17 UK time, Friday, 2 November 2007

Following on from the item about whether magistrates should wear poppies below, I'm now trying to get something together which isn't entirely unconnected ahead of Remembrance Sunday.

I'm hoping to hear from military personnel who blog. There are many serving soldiers and the like around the world who write about their experiences. We'll put the best of their stories about blogging from the front line on iPM next Saturday.

Many of them are well worth a read - although given the nature of what they're blogging about, be aware that some of the language is a bit fruity!

Here's a selection of the best "milblogs" as they're known.

Badgers Forward
American Soldier
The Long War Journal
and finally a British milblog

If you've ever come across a "milblog", then tell iPM about it in the comments section below and you could help form next week's item.

Edit from Marc: while searching for military blogs, I came across this from our friends at Channel 4. The first 35" of it is well worth watching to brighten your day, especially for Star Wars fans. Chris made a terrible pun about the Jeddah Knights, which had the iPM team cringing... It's hard to believe it's genuine. But it is. Sort of.


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