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Tom's Website of the Week: Dropbox.com

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Tom Robinson - 6 Music | 10:44 UK time, Monday, 15 March 2010


In today's broadband-enabled age, online musical collaborations are so common they're pretty much taken for granted. Yet although the likes of Soundcloud and Yousendit make it pretty painless to send files back and forth these days - actually syncing them (so everyone has the latest version) has remained a bit of a headache. At least, up until now.

Dropbox.com does the job better than any service we've ever seen - across any number (or any combination) of Macs and PCs. All the files are stored locally on your hard disk - updating rapidly and seamlessly in the background. Everyone in the team always has the same folder with the same files right there on their own desktop.

So, for example, if you save a new recording of that solo you've been tweaking on your computer, it updates on everyone else's machine moments later. Better yet, you get full multiple undo: if you make a mistake, just retrieve an older version from the Dropbox web site.

Best of all, as long as you don't exceed two gigabytes of storage space, the service is completely free. So for writers, musicians, designers - in fact anyone who needs to access the same files from different computers - DropBox.com is this week's Website of the Week.



Tom Robinson presents BBC Introducing - Fresh on the Net on BBC 6 Music.



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