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Q&A with Kyle Lynd - How to get your music on Skins

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Richard Banks Richard Banks | 12:15 UK time, Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Kyle Lynd has a great job. He's the newly appointed Music Supervisor for the hugely popular E4 series, Skins. Kyle has taken over the reigns from Alex Hancock, the man the NME once labelled the 24th most important man in the music industry.

skins-soundtrack.jpgThe show is known for its cracking soundtrack, which has featured everyone from Skream to Johann Sebastian Bach. While it's not always bleeding edge stuff - the music of Claude Debussy soundtracked most of an episode in the third series - the show's ability to cast a relatively unknown talent into the limelight makes it hugely influential, as last year's Guardian article noted. Over here, we're loving the work of Skins' resident composer, (Fat) Segal.

Over on the E4 site, episodes are supported with full tracklistings, including notes about each song from Kyle himself. For a while, they've been inviting artists to send in the music they're making, with a handful of tracks making it onto the series three soundtrack.

We heard on the grapevine that they're taking their support for unsigned artists up a notch this year, so I had a quick chat with Kyle to find out more.

Skins Music Supervisor sounds like a dream job - how did you land the role?
KH: I found out about the job through my brother who used to work on Skins. I went for an interview and met the producer John Griffen and Alex Hancock (the previous music supervisor) and it went from there really.

What does the job entail on an average day?
KH: On an average day, I listen to lots of music, talk with the editors and watch particular scenes and then gather music for them. I also have a twitter account which I look at every day and take recommendations.

How can an unsigned band get their music featured on Skins?
KH: We have set a new platform up, with AWAL (Artists Without A Label) which allows unsigned bands to upload tracks that go through me personally. Then if they're good enough and work we can put them on the show. So much good music gets sent in that doesn't fit in the show, though, so this platform allows us to help release tracks through AWAL, so we can do something with all the good music that come in.

Are you still looking for music to use in series 4?
KH: Were just about finished on the music for the current series.

Are there any styles of music that you're looking for in particular right now?
KH: The good thing about Skins music is it's very eclectic, we can use all different genres.

Do you have any specific advice for artists/bands who are just starting out?
KH: People often contact me through Twitter or Facebook with MySpace links, I can't speak for other music supervisors, but I do pay attention when people contact me with their music. So I suppose, my advice would be to find people in a position who can do things with your music and hound them.


Upload your music to Skins (the T&Cs say uploads will be accepted until 19th February 2010, so get in there quick!)  Update: the E4 team are no longer accepting music submissions for series 4 of Skins.

Follow Kyle on Twitter

More about E4's partnership with AWAL


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