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Sonar Day 3

Huw Stephens Huw Stephens | 11:31 UK time, Sunday, 18 June 2006

Art and Music go hand in hand at Sonar, and I saw the exhibition all about Chernobyl today. The photography was incredible, the story eery and close to home, leaving you wondering how something so horrific as a nuclear explosion could ever be let to happen.

The Most Pleasant Music Surprise of the day is Tucker from Japan, kind of a cross between DJ Scotch Egg and Mike Oldfield, jumping over the stage and making the most poundingly crazy music of the weekend.
Modified Toy Orchestra mess around with kids toys to create music, and is best heard on their new toygopop album, but is entertaining live (they're playing SuperSonic soon in Birmingham).

Fat Freddy's Drop are incredibly smooth and suit the end of the afternoon well, as do the Kindred Spirits Soundsytem crew playing loads of great dub records. Spain's Mweslee is excellent, getting the whole SonarDome to bounce to his laptop-led electronic hip hop...

You don't know what you're going to get at Sonar. The day and night events are held at fantastic locations, with every little detail from the beer vouchers to the art, the location and timetable to the totally eclectic line-up well done. Its impossible to see everything and everyone of course, but you might as well try. It's the randomness of catching the end of someone you've never heard of before's set, getting a bit tipsy in the afternoon or meeting folk that makes it really special...

Nice one Sonar...

Huw Stephens would like to add that he didn't really get tipsy in the afternoon at all. Much.


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