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Rob Da Bank | 18:08 UK time, Monday, 24 April 2006

Worrying formats still flying around out there in music land. Today I've opened 300 odd cds, 7 inches and 12 inches... and someones sent me a cassette.

I'm glad someones still using them but Radio 1 sold their last cassette player to Keith Chegwin at a car booty in 1994 so please dont send in casette tapes.

Or for that matter those mini CDs that don't actually play in most push in cd players - they just go in and refuse to come out like a scared mouse! No amount of cheese waved in front of the cd player will coax the bleeder out.

So da Bank's top 3 tunes of the day for an unseasonably sunny Monday in the UK:

1) Mystery Jets - You Cant Fool Me Dennis (Justice Mix) (679)
Camper than a row of tents but infectious as malaria

2) 586 - We got Bored (Tigertrap)
Long blondes and les incompetents having it off in a pub car park

3) Remute - Emigrate To The Moon (Lado)
German minimal techy gear so you can pretend its still saturday night...


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