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Walker Cup is tough act to follow

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Iain Carter | 11:04 UK time, Monday, 12 September 2011

A stunning Walker Cup marked the start of a series of team matchplay tournaments that will add spice to the golfing calendar following the culmination of the major season.

The Seve Trophy pits the pros of Great Britain and Ireland against Continental Europe this week. Then it is the turn of Europe's professional women to try to overcome the United States in the Solheim Cup.

Pitching an individual sport like golf into a team environment has magical consequences as numerous Ryder Cups have proven and as the Walker Cup dramatically illustrated again at Royal Aberdeen. GB&I's brilliant 14-12 success gave them victory in the competition for the first time in eight years.

Nigel Edwards holds the Walker Cup aloft

Nigel Edwards led his young GB & Ireland Walker Cup team magnificently. Photo: Getty

How Alison Nicholas will want to emulate Nigel Edwards as she tries to inspire her European team to Solheim Cup success. It would be a victory that would be just as unexpected as the one celebrated by Edwards and co in Scotland.

If Nicholas is successful, it would also mean that the Ryder Cup, Walker Cup and Solheim Cup all reside on this side of the Atlantic.

Edwards led his young team magnificently against an American side that boasted supposedly the world's best amateur players. The chances of a home win were written off in almost every quarter bar the GB&I team room.

"Did I expect to be sat here winning? Yes, absolutely," Edwards said. "I had had a quiet look at the things people had said and written but I told the boys from the outset that they did not need worry about anyone else.

"All they needed to do was focus on themselves. They are very special and proved that this week. They did a great credit for themselves, their families and their countries."

Edwards led his team with a quiet confidence that gave him an inspiring authority. The Welshman's handling of the foursomes pairings was exemplary, with GB&I losing only one of the eight matches. It was perfect captaincy - and a similar level of leadership can be expected from Paul McGinley when he steers Britain in their defence of the Seve Trophy this week.

This event will not have the same intensity or resonance of the tournaments that sandwich it but it will give us another opportunity to measure McGinley as a potential Ryder Cup captain.

Paul McGinley, grinning

Paul McGinley is looking forward to leading his side in the Seve Trophy. Photo: Getty

The Irishman was brilliant two years ago and his intelligence and passion for team golf will come to the fore even though the Seve Trophy pales in significance compared with the Ryder Cup, Walker Cup and Solheim Cup.

Much will be made of the absence of big names like Rory McIlroy, Martin Kaymer and Sergio Garcia from this week's match but the fact that players skip the Seve Trophy tells you all you need to know about its true significance.

Should the stay-aways have made more effort to play in the year of the death of the man after whom the trophy is named? Perhaps, but it could be argued this match is a rather artificial memorial to Seve Ballesteros.

Yes, he was at the heart of its inception and it is his name on the trophy but he meant much more to the European game than this contest. It does not capture the imagination of the fans in the way his golf did or other team events do and, in all honesty, never will.

There are many other ways the game can honour the late Ballesteros and those not present in Versailles this week should not be regarded as snubbing his memory.

Indeed, many of them honour it by the standard of their play around the golfing world. No one did more than Ballesteros to demonstrate that there should be no ceiling on European players' ambitions.

This is well worth remembering at a time when the continent provides the top three in the world rankings - Luke Donald, Lee Westwood and McIlroy. Of those, only Westwood is competing in the Seve Trophy.

And while on the subject of team golf, it would be remiss not mention the PGA Cup this week. Great Britain and Ireland's club professionals are bidding to beat their American counterparts on US soil for the first time when they play in California.


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  • Comment number 1.

    Great Blog Iain, cheers.
    How good was Paul Cutler!? Class act, defo one for the future to watch. The new McIlroy?

  • Comment number 2.

    Now, if only the Olympic golf from 2016 included a team competition - get's more use out of the Olympic Golf Course, and highlights the particular delights of, say, fourball or foursome on the World stage...ah well, we can but hope

  • Comment number 3.

    Fair enough blog, but you could have mentioned the dismal form of many of the American Solheim Cup Team.
    But then you go on to suggest that Donald and Garcia are at fault for choosing to play FedEx Play-Offs instead of the Seve Cup. Who in BBC Sport would play the Seve Trophy when they have a very real opportunity to hit the FedEx $10M jackpot and all the other goodies that accrue? I know you back-track a little from your "stay away" throwaway, but come on.
    No doubt the PGA Tour calendar was published first and the European Tour knew full well of the risks with potential members more likely to choose Chicago.

  • Comment number 4.

    This tournament was Seve's idea when he was alive, it was not therefore ever intended to be a memorial, however, with his death this year it provides the ideal opportunity for Europe's top players to show how much his legacy means to them.

    You provide the answer quite neatly Iain, albeit inadvertently.

    The multi-millionaires playing on the US tour are more interested in adding to fortunes that they will never be able to spend, playing in tournaments that have very little interest outside of the prospect of ridiculous amounts of money being at stake.

    To imply that the best way to honour the memory of Seve is by missing the tournament that was his to play in a series of effective skins games is far from the truth.

    One other thing. The previous post read the lead article as bring critical of players missing the Seve (vivendi) whereas I read an article that put both sides of the argument as having a balance in favour of the guys missing.

  • Comment number 5.

    i was surprised that Graham Christie didnt make the team, he would have really added to the event.

  • Comment number 6.

    Graham Christie is injured apparently, bruised his wrist canoeing in yorkshire last week for charity.
    i bet if John Hawksworth was still playing, he and his 'legendary' 3-iron would of turned up for the Seve trophy.............................................and lost....badly

  • Comment number 7.

    Back off Sumo82, Hawksworth is a legend!
    also want it you that said said young Rob Foulkes would make the team but he was nowhere to be seen!

  • Comment number 8.

    Back off Sumo82, Hawksworth is a legend! also wasnt it you that said said young Rob Foulkes would make the team but he was nowhere to be seen!

  • Comment number 9.

    You back off Bilo...with your double posts !

  • Comment number 10.

    The key questions here are: Do we really want/need another Rory McIlroy or do we want a new, original Paul Cutler?

    I went to the KLM Open in Hilversum on Sunday to specifically watch the "wire-haired, lovesick puppy" (... and former losing Walker Cup player with an overall record of 1-2-1!!) in action before he flies off to the USA to take full advantage of his high ball flight (in flat calm conditions next year!).

    Was I impressed with the reigning US Open champion, up close and personal?
    The answer: Yes and no.

    Yes: Rory McIlroy is prodigiously long off the tee, outhitting his playing partners David Horsey (even more diminutive that the "diminutive one") by 50 yards and a good 30 yards further than Simon Dyson. (Rors, in fact, is not as small as rumour would have it and, from his physique, has clearly been working out in the gym.) He can really "put it out there" and will certainly not be down there in the nether regions of the driving statistics with Luuuke (.... a former Walker Cup hero/winner ...twice!)

    No: Rory's body language and attitude just confirmed the message he sent to the Walker Cup team in Aberdeen, i.e. "he was stuck in Holland!" A lot of the spectators (especially women) mentioned the fact that he didn't seem to be totally committed; despite being the poster boy on all the bus shelters around Hilversum, there were no smiles, no beaming friendly face from Norn Iron (.. like our Darren's) on show the whole afternoon. Then, when the accompanying marshal or JP Fitzgerald (with a demeanour similar to that of the "near Master") barked "No cameras or mobile phones!" before Rory (.. and only Rory) hit each and every shot, it seemed a bit ironic because nobody around me was in any hurry to photograph his dismal, unhappy-looking face!! (Was the long face because Sweet Caroline's #1 with no majors .... had lost her semi-final at the US Open the previous evening??)

    Hopefully if/when Paul Cutler appears on tour, he will come with a more reliable putting stroke than the one I saw on Sunday and will exude a friendlier on-course persona if/when he plays in the KLM Open!

    From what I saw from outside the ropes, Rory has to learn that hitting the ball miles past your opponents does not necessarily win you tournaments. He seems to expect to hit a perfect shot every time then, when he doesn't, his shoulders just slump ..... further and further with every "poor" iron shot he hits! Unfortunately, Rors does drag his irons off line when the pressure is on, then always turns to JP (... as if he had the answer) for some explanation with a quizzical look on his face.

    IMHO, Rory has to seriously work on his attitude if he is ever going to fulfil his true and undoubted potential!!

  • Comment number 11.

    I am personally split on this one, couldnt the Seve trophy not be played at a more apropriate time for all the golfers? (apart from Westwood who will always find a choker of a tournament to be busy in). This tournament as come along at a time when people are fighting for the Fed Ex cup, i agree this is now more significant as Seve is no longer here and it is sort of now a memorial, but we are asking people to pull out of cash prize tournaments! Would Man United pull out of a champions league Semi Final to play in a event with no finanial benefits? So you have got to look at both sides, but fair play to the following for remembering Seve.....

  • Comment number 12.

    Britain and Ireland: Colin Montgomerie (Scotland), Justin Rose (England), Paul Casey (England), Bradley Dredge (Wales), Graeme Storm (England), Oliver Wilson (England), Nick Dougherty (England), Phillip Archer (England), Simon Dyson (England), Marc Warren (Scotland).

    Continental Europe: Robert Karlsson (Sweden), Miguel Angel Jimenez (Spain), Raphael Jacquelin (France), Mikko Ilonen (Finland), Soren Hansen (Denmark), Gregory Havret (France), Markus Brier (Austria), Peter Hanson (Sweden), Thomas Bjorn (Denmark), Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano (Spain).

  • Comment number 13.


    I also saw some of your "favourite" Seve Trophy players on Sunday.

    Before picking up the Horsey, McIlroy, Dyson group, I followed Ross Fisher (a particular favourite of mine I have to say) over the first nine holes. Long and straight off the tee, great with his irons, RF could and should have birdied at least five holes; he finally holed one on the 8th. (If only this boy could putt!!) RF eventually shot a 66 but it didn't reflect how well he played from tee to green and all the chances he missed.

    I also followed Lee Westwood (who is a lot thinner than when I last saw him) for a few holes. Unfortunately LW's ability with the putter has gone the same way as his weight; he was never near the holes when I saw him. (Another dismal-looking face, not acknowledging the crowd, LW made me feel really happy that I had paid my 45 euro at the entrance!) He did, however, finish with a 66 so he must have sunk a couple (putts that is!) later on when I wasn't watching! (Indeed, I see he birdied to the two relatively short par fives on the back nine!)

    Unfortunately, I didn't get to see Robert Rock so I can't comment on how this "lesser light" (i.e. I didn't see his face plastered all over the bus shelters in Hilversum) performed because the Horsey, McIlroy, Dyson group played through somewhere around the turn.

  • Comment number 14.

    Welcome back Don247! we have missed you. Can you talk some sense into mickysausage....he has claimed that GB&I didnt deserve to win the Walker and Cup and it was a pure fluke! dont know what planet he is on to be honest.

  • Comment number 15.


    I suggest you have a "rethink" on Bradley Dredge ... his game is going backwards, I'm afraid. He was playing with Barry Lane and Paul Lawrie on Sunday and was the poorest of the group!

  • Comment number 16.

    Thank god Don247 is back

  • Comment number 17.

    Don247...i think the message to mickysausage needs to be 'turn that slurry pit off'. the amount of nonsense that spills out of his trap is ridiculous. i bet he's dressed up as a clown when he's typing. What do you think Don247?

  • Comment number 18.

    Iain, you call the American side "supposedly the world's best amateur players." Some are in the top 10, some aren't, but that's not the point. I suppose in light of this result we should just throw out the WAGR, is that what you are arguing? The WAGR are compiled over many months involving many events. One competition does not invalidate them. If these two sides met on a neutral site the Americans would win 8 out of 10 times. I bet even Nigel Edwards would agree with that. Unfortunately for the Americans the Scottish links and wind provide a significant home field edge to GB&I. And a point obtained through gamesmanship and borderline cheating doesn't help either.

  • Comment number 19.


    Thanks mate ... I tried to post my comments earlier but somebody (mickyweir or jeffkenna no doubt) was putting a "giant's causeway" in my path!

    Regarding the Walker Cup, Kwiniaskagolfer like mickysausage thought it was going to be a "shoo in" for the highly (read: over-) rated American team.

    I know the Royal Aberdeen course from my university days. The last thing you need when the wind blows at Balgownie Links is a high ball flight. Somebody somewhere in the US certainly screwed up regarding the team's preparation; they should have at least asked "the Donald" (Trump that is) who is currently destroying/developing (... depending on your point of view) the natural reserve/sand dunes just up the coast to build a championship course and golf resort!

    Even the US coach admits (on today that the team got the "wind factor" all wrong!

    Anyway, what about Tom Lewis (... our new "best-thing-since-sliced-bread" professional) who nobody has mentioned. Will he "do a Rory" and qualify for the tour by winning enough money in the remaining events? Or is TL the next victim of total British media over-hype? (Remember he lost the first ball he hit at the Walker Cup ... and didn't live up to expection with only 1 1/2 points ... like Rory ... so can/will he make the grade?)

  • Comment number 20.


    Regarding mickysausage, I'll just repeat what I said the last time you two boys got yourselves into a mud/insult slinging match. We blog under the 'Rules of Golf' and always respect the other player's "handicap"! ("Constructive criticism" is the same of the game!!)

  • Comment number 21.

    Don- good to see you returning to the blog. It's my round by the way what are you having!?
    Regarding Tom Lewis- I suspect it will be the latter, we have seen more than a few over-hyped Tom Lewis types come through over the years. Hopefully he is able to take on board snippets of wisdom imparted Ole Tom Watson at the Open. Manassero spoke openly of the lessons learned from his experience in 2009- this young man seems to be heading in the right direction, focussed, humble a wonderful attitude and demeanour, got his head screwed on for a young guy.
    It's a pity Apple Cheeks was never paired with Ole Tom, perhaps he would have taught this little scoundrel some manners!!

  • Comment number 22.

    The Vivendi Cup is another pointless event in an otherwise already full tour schedule, it is about as interesting as the World Cup is and the Olympics will be. Using Seve's name as a weapon to criticise those not appearing is not fair, the great man wouldn't have played in such an event at the peak of his career.

    But for those not quite there yet, or not in any other events this week, it's a good jolly I suppose.

  • Comment number 23.

    BiloMcT - Your not happy unless your arguing with someone
    how many times have you been told about picking on mickeysausage!

    Don247 - i think your being a bit harsh on Rors, i know he is the poster boy for most events because he puts bums on seats, but he can't be expected to be all happy and smiley all the time. He is entitled to be a bit grumpy from time to time (i know he probably should make more of an effort because people pay to see him) and i'm sure when he snaps out of it, his form will improve and his little chipmunk cheeks will be back on our back pages.

  • Comment number 24.

    @Don247 i dont think the break as done you any good, have you got jet Lag? The GB&I amature team are no were near in class to the USA players i agree with ScottNYC on this one if it was played anywere else but the links the US would have strolled it, and as for Tom Lewis he is an absolute shocker, didnt he lose nearly every single game in the Walker? He had one luck round in the open, no future for this kid and he is certainly no new Donald or Ferrie. Don your views used to be realistic but these views are pure comedy and i want the old Don247 back please.

  • Comment number 25.

    BiloMct get back on your Hawksworth Horse and ride the 3 iron like boo back to the 80s; you havent fot a clue about current golf and up and coming talent

  • Comment number 26.

    well said @daffy you have hit the nail on the head there, at last a blogger with some common sense, please post more often daffy, we think alike!

  • Comment number 27.


    No matter what we think/say about Ian Poulter, at least he's making the effort to fly back from America (... admittedly it's because he's out of the FedEx Cup) and take part in the Seve Trophy. I'm sure it would have been far easier for him to stay in Florida with his family ... but it just shows Poults' commitment to the European Tour and to the team matchplay format. (He's a bit like you and BiloMcT ... he likes to mix it face to face!!)

    Of course, no one can expect or even suggest that Luuuuuke Donald should fly back from Chicago and miss the BMW Championship ... in Chicago!!

    As you know, my accusative finger is pointed firmly at (the usual suspects) Rory McIloy (resting/holidaying at home???), Graeme McDowell (... who needs all the match practice he can get!!) and "Haupt-Lauwarm-Duscher" (read: total wimp) Martin Kaymer (... how's his recovery from man flu coming along, I ask myself??) for their respective poor excuses/call-offs/non-appearances!! Even a pleading letter from Jose MO wasn't enough to get these (allegedly self-possessed) boys to travel to Paris and tee it up at a future Ryder Cup venue!!

  • Comment number 28.

    mickeysausage- the new Kenneth Ferrie!!! Really!!? I think if you asked Tom Lewis he's rather not turn out to be the new Kenneth Ferrie and instead he'd take his chances!
    Fair point from yourself and ScottNYC that the US Amateurs have greater pedigree and I think that there are more potential stars in the making on that team. However the fact is the match WAS played on a links course, no point saying ifs and buts. It's an advantage to the GB&I players to play on a links in the same way as it is an advantage for the Americans to play in the US on an "American" style golf course where they would play most of their collegiate golf.

  • Comment number 29.


    I am the "old" Don247 unfortunately ... the one you're looking for is the "young" Don247 of two weeks ago! (He's gone, I'm afraid, never to return!!)

    Anyway, concerning the Walker Cup .... golf is played in the prevailing conditions! Remember a certain Darren Clarke from Norn Iron benefiting from the so-called "weather lottery" ... according to a certain young upstart from Holywood!

    Royal Aberdeen means "expect wind, plenty of wind coming off the North Sea!" I can't help it if the (admittedly extremely talented) American team didn't know about it or indeed couldn't handle it. Remember Rory's rounds of 63 and 80 at the Open in St Andrews ... same problem, high ball flight!! FORE!!!!


    A bit harsh or not, I wasn't the only one disappointed who was about the glum-faced McIlroy and his poor on-course behaviour.

    For example, after missing a makeable putt on the 14th (I think it was?? ....We'll have to ask Rory and the greenkeeper about this one!!) he petulantly slammed the heal of his putter (.... admittedly off his foot, it is rumoured!!) into the green.

    I thought to myself: "A touch of the boyhood hero, TW, there, eh Rory buoy?" (But, of course, Rory has "previous" on this particular score himself.... advertising board and/or tee-box, wasn't it?)

    Unfortunately, he won't be putting many "bums on seats" in Holland again .... not after that display! Anyway he's off to pastures new so what does he care!!


    It has to be a "Heineken", what else can it be when you're in Holland! Cheers mate!!

    Concerning Tom Lewis, the boy's attitude is a bit like Rory's ... when he's up, he's up and when he's down , he's down .... with nothing in between, i.e. no "grind it out" when the going gets tough!

  • Comment number 30.

    The return of the 'maximus aurelius' of golf wisdom aka donjuan247??
    I have been starved of my daily diet of anti rors feeds for approx a week and cold turkey was setting in.
    Nice to have your fab criticisms of Northern Ireland's curly folk hero back,sorely missed.
    My daily quota of this and mentions of JH (two for the price of one courtesy of bilo north of this)has made my early evening.
    Rors up to no.3 - 1 round the corner - go rors!!

  • Comment number 31.

    If you're looking for the future stars of golf, look no further than Kelly Kraft and Patrick Cantlay. I know what you will all say "they didn't have a great Walker Cup" but that's team golf. Golf is an individual sport (just ask Tiger and Phil).......go and review the US Amateur, they are your future stars.

  • Comment number 32.

    Comment #19:
    Don't mind you quoting me but please don't misquote me.
    You won't find anywhere anything about kwiniaskagolfer thinking the Walker Cup would be a "shoo-in" for the Americans. That was never my opinion and was perfectly thrilled to see GB&I win. Was just trying to suggest that Iain might have referred to the American's dismal form - from eye-witness accounts on 606v2 many of the GB&I Team didn't exactly excel either, but a great win for Nigel Edwards and very happy at the result.

    The suggestions on here about the FedEx Cup being less important to individual players than the Seve Trophy are ludicrous - the quicker the Seve Trophy is redesigned and awarded a permanent slot on the ET calendar, the quicker eligible players can focus on it and plan their schedules accordingly. Meanwhile Iain Cater's throwaway about Donald and Garcia being "stayaways" is absurd - he wouldn't give up the chance for $10M (actually much more than that) and nor should they.

  • Comment number 33.

    @32 I totally agree with your fedex comments & this seve trophy 'no show' issue is an issue because IMHO it is so close to his death (RIP).
    The seve trophy has never really taken off and captured people's imagination & it is really the very poor man's ryder cup.
    Some tournaments are really important due to $$$$ and exposure & the Fedex has got to be up there after the majors,so much cash at stake,even for the obscenely rich.
    And like all sports (why is samuel eto playing football in the middle of a russian wasteland etc...) it is all about cash and market forces!!
    I will be watching the BMW,put it that way.

  • Comment number 34.

    @Don247 Your points on Mcilroy are obsurd and i think your just a Mcilroy hater, Mcilroy at the age of 22 as done what some golfers (Poulter, Casey, Donald, Westwood, Scott etc etc) have been trying for years and years, he as had a major win and 3 major 3rds all at 22, if i was mcilroy at 22 i would be walking round with a swagger, i would be living the high life, i would be dating the sexy ladies and i would certainly think i was one of the best. Mcilroy is a great golfer and when he starts to mature which may be a few more years we will probably see more wins, he definatly wont be like his choking/bottling irish counterparts Mcdowell, Clarke and Harrington

  • Comment number 35.

    @Daffy i agree with you there and i think the years to come may be dominated by Kelly Kraft, Patrick Cantlay and Rory Mcilroy. I still think Woods as some unfinished business in golf and we will see him back on the major stage in the next few years!

  • Comment number 36.

    @kwiniaskagolfer your right Iain Carter as had a shocker with the Garcia and Donald comments, who would want to play in a fake Ryder cup event when there is $10m worth of prize money up for grabs, get a grip Iain and get with the times, maybe the Seve trophy should be redesigned for up and coming talent!

  • Comment number 37.

    @Jeffkenna we agree on a lot of things but we obviously draw the line at my good pal Kenneth Ferrie, mark my words Jeff, Kenneth will be a force to be reckoned with next year, mark my words!

  • Comment number 38.

    Don247, i really respect your Golf opinions but what your saying about McIlroy isnt right. totally unfair. i have went from respecting you 100% to respecting you 98%. You can regain that 2% if you sort out micky ' Jack Isnt in my top 5 all time players ' sausage and Sumo ' i hate Hawksworth even though i dont know anything about his legend ' 82. These guys are clowns typing pure nonsense all the time. i bet mickysausage sits at his computer in a full clowns outfit and Sumo82 wears a full batman outfit. two jokers only on here to wind guys up i think.

  • Comment number 39.

    My dad says that Mcilroy reminds him of a young Peter Alliss when he first burst onto the golfing seen!
    I seen on a previous blog i think it was Sumo82 mentioned his old tv show "Around with Alliss" Did anyone used to watch this? It was a great show!

  • Comment number 40.

    BiloMct you are ruining blogs with your constant Trash talk about John Hawksworth, this guy as hit one good golf shot all his career, nearly ruined a mans open golf tournament, and in 14 years never won a trophy, you need to get with the times Bilo and stop living in the nest of Don247's chocolate tunnell! I bet your sat there with your dad's stranglers on and ya mums pink slippers, posting obsurd comments!

  • Comment number 41.

    i remember that show. Alliss used to dress like Rupert the Bear. mickysausage...i just researched this Rob Foulkes you've been harping on about for weeks now.....seems like he isnt going to get to the pro ranks after a cheating incident. kicked his ball out of some rough and was spotted by a marshall in a youth tournament in August.

  • Comment number 42.

    leave Don247 alone mickysausage. he is our leader. And for the record if you'd witness Hawksworths 3 iron that day you wouldnt be saying that.

  • Comment number 43.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 44.

    Who says i'm best buds with Don247?! to be honest i dont even like Don247. he is a bully with agressive opinions. i am unhappy with the terse tone on here from some of you. i am signing off for a while to go cry. Don247 had upset me too much with his constant bullying and attitude. i am sulking and huffing and i'm off. bye bye my friends mickyweir and jeffkenna. good riddance my enemies Sumo82, mickysausage and guys have bullied me off this blog.

  • Comment number 45.


    Sorry for misquoting you. I obviously misinterpreted your words "dismal form" of many of the "Solheim Cup Team" - I then picked up the wrong ball, ran with it Forrest Gump style and went a bridge too far ... so to speak!!

    I understand, of course,that you were referring to the "Walker Cup Team" not the "Solheim Cup Team" .... unless you have "extraordinary powers of clairvoyance" which allow you to foresee/forecast the results of the European v US women's match-up... to be played on 23-25 September in Ireland!

    Anyway we can all get the wrong end of the stick from time to time (especially my old mate mickyweir!!) and make a few typos in the heat of the blogging moment.

  • Comment number 46.


    It seems that you have hit your ball "out of bounds". Well it's a simple case of "taking your medicine" ... just tee up a new ball and, this time, try to keep it in play! (Don't become frustrated like a certain "wire-haired lovesick puppy!")

  • Comment number 47.

    I was trying to point out that, although the Solheim looks a mismatch on paper, as Carter aludes, the US Team has been in pretty poor form recently so not at all unrealistic that the European Ladies might spring another "upset". I think Ryann O'Toole as an example has more rounds over 75 than in the 60's.

    I meant what I wrote but certainly have never used "shoo in" to describe such a Match, and certainly neither the Walker or Solheim Cups.

    But my main point was Iain Carter accusing Donald and Garcia being "stayaways" from the "Seve" which is almost libellous nonsense.

  • Comment number 48.

    Regarding the Seve Trophy:

    If we're all really being honest with ourselves, the Seve Trophy is just like the school sports day we all enjoyed when we were kids. It's a chance for all the pupils (in this case, the golfers on the European Tour) to get together and have a friendly little "run-off" against each other in an organised event. The teams for the school sports were/are a mixture of good and no-so-good (indeed often the best of a bad bunch) chosen by the teacher-in-charge to represent their particular house/colour or whatever. It also gives some pupils the chance to run in the relay team, get some practice in passing the baton, race against the other teams, score some points and (hopefully) win the big shield and individual medals at the end. The school sports day is designed to give everyone a lift. Win or lose ... "a jolly good time was usually had by all!" (I still remember winning the high jump, coming second in the javelin, leading off the winning relay race etc. etc. ....easy, of course, when you‘re "6ft 4 and full of muscle"! Ah, those were the days of my true athletic prowess!!)

    The Seve Trophy is exactly the same. GB & Ireland are taking on the Europeans, i.e. the same guys they play with/against at every tournament throughout the year. (Of course, it doesn't have the same "edge" as the Ryder Cup.) It gives the young, up-and-coming players the chance to mix with the older more established "stars" (so that some of their experience rubs off on the youngsters) and everyone gets some much-needed four ball/foursomes practice under a "pseudo competitive umbrella". It was and still is a step towards making and practising for the Ryder Cup team. (In the school sports context, the best athletes go on to the county, regional and then national championships.)

    In my heyday, if you chose not to take part in the school sports, you were seen as "letting the side down". The same goes for the Seve Trophy - the players are "letting their own tour down" if they don't turn up. Of course, Luke Donald, Ian Poulter, Paul Casey are members of both tours but Rory McIlroy ( ... who I am supporting to achieve the "Rory Slam" next year!!) and "Total Wimp" Kaymer opted to return to the European Tour this year so their cases are different. (G-Mac's position is less clear).

    IMHO, by not turning up at the Seve Trophy, these three major winners are basically saying that they have outgrown the event. This is not only being disrespectful to the European Tour, the sponsors and to their fellow players but also smacks of conceit and overblown self-importance!

    But and it's a BIG BUT, at the end of the day, they are professional golfers who, under the rules, are free/able to decide where and when they play .... as long as they complete the required number of tournaments per year. Ethics, morality, conscience, "doing the right thing" just don't apply anymore on the European Tour (... Monty saw that before the last Ryder Cup .... except for Luke Donald, who did the right thing!)

    The three major winners don't feel "obliged" to take part because, being major winners, they are on the "nobody-can-touch me-now pedestal"! (The same fate that befell a certain TW .. nobody took him to task over his non-communication and poor on-course behaviour etc!)

    That's why the future of the Seve Trophy is under question/threat: the top players in Europe have no enthusiasm for it and are under absolutely no obligation/pressure to take part in it!

    It's different on the PGA Tour, however, where everyone ( ...even TW is showing unusual enthusiasm!) sees it as "badge of honor" to represent the USA in the Ryder Cup and now in the Presidents Cup!!

  • Comment number 49.

    Mickeysausage- your points about Kenneth Ferrie are ABSURD. Also you said we agree on a lot of things, well in actual fact i recall that we agree on very little and there have been frequest skirmishes upon such Absurdities!

    Don- i agree and "grinding it out" is a key ingredient to winning major championships despite what others on here think that shooting 65 on Thursday or being able to hit high long irons to soft greens is what it is all about. This grinding mentality has benefited Woods, Harrington, Furyk in his US Open win. In many of Woods major victories he has had to grind out a couple of scores when not playing to the best of his ability- a round that in the hands of a Garcia or a McIlroy would have been 75, Woods managed to shoot 69.

    Bilo- you can learn from this, the ability to grind in this blog when the going gets tough (i.e. when Don247 rattles your proverbial cage) C'mon Bilo you can do it, hack out of those bushes then get it up and down for par!!

  • Comment number 50.


    Regarding "shoo in" etc., I am sometimes prone to exaggeration (i.e. cranking it up!) ... it's all (cleverly) designed to provoke a reaction from my fellow bloggers. (For example, mickyweir even thinks I'm a bit of a "Rory hater" .... which is simply not true since I instantly fell in love with Rors' new "lovesick hound-dog look" he "premiered" at last weekend's KLM Open!! Similar to Sweet Caroline, it was a case of "love at first sight!")

    Regarding the Solheim Cup, I hope that all our fellow bloggers from "Ireland" (the infamous mickyweir and jeffkenna etc) will get into their respective cars, drive down/over to Killeen Castle and support the women golfers in the Solheim Cup.

    If I had the chance, I would certainly want to see Michelle Wie (who, at one time, was said to have as much potential as a certain young Rory McIlroy!), ogle Paula Cremer and, of course, have a chest bump with Susann Pettersen (although I'm not a great lover of Norwegians)!!

    Most of these women are excellent putters (.. unfortunately Rory's thoughts will be elsewhere ... and, given that he never listens to Chubby or JP anyway, there's little or no chance he'll be out watching how the aftermentioned ladies do it on the greens!!) so they should be well worth watching/following ... from a discreet distance, of course!

  • Comment number 51.

    Don- i will indeed be driving to Killeen Castle for the Saturday. Played the course last year. Nice holes, well designed in the American sense of course design, though i felt it was overly generous and forgiving, (wide fairways, not overly long) the many water hazards should only really trouble amateurs on most occasions. It will be interesting to see how they set the course up. I can't say that my reasons for going are purely to support the ladies in their pursuit of the cup, I do intend to ogle over the glamour gals of Paula Creamer, Michelle Wie, Morgan Pressel!! Plus I must admit I have always had a bit of a thing for Christie Kerr!! She is also a wonderful putter, has been for years, one of the finest in the world, perhaps she could give McIlroy Westwood and Garcia a few lessons on how to get it done on the greens.

  • Comment number 52.


    I was a bit sad to see that my "approval rating" had dropped by a couple of points! Obviously I'll just have to try/work a bit harder to regain that much-coveted 100% status.

    Of course, when you've "reached the top and had to stop" (like TW, our once alleged "king of the swingers") there's only one way you can go, I'm afraid.

    Hopefully, you'll give me regular updates to keep me informed about whether I'm making upward or downward progress. Perhaps we could/should make up of own tables of statistics like the PGA (e.g. fairways hit .... not so good in sumo82's case!!, greens in regulation etc.).

    Maybe, during your self-imposed sabbatical, you could come up with the different categories. (It would certainly keep your mind focused, if not you're just going to slip back into that "slurry pit" of slagging people off again!)

    This friendly advice is designed to get you back on the "virtuous path" ( ... befitting a blogger of your proven stature) and prevent you from backsiding into verbal viciousness!

    (Now that's what a real BFF does for a true mate ..... even after said true mate has downgraded me by a couple of points!!)

  • Comment number 53.

    @bilo - mate,do not be silly (like me) & do a 'tina turner' as 'our leader' don 'i write longer blog posts than JK rowling does potter books' 247 always humourously alleges I do.It is all just fun, we all talk nonsense at different times and I include everyone (I don't aspire to be leader) as no-one (including Iain) has the gospel answer to any golfing question.Is kenny ferry the best english golfer? Maybe..but not IMHO Is LW a choker? Yes I guess but it is all relative.. Is the seve trophy important? Clearly not to some people... Is rors getting a bit arrogant and flash? I guess so but who wouldn't chaps / world at his feet? It is all fun & do return bilo as you talk more sense than I do!
    Don147 for champion blogger of the year 2011 , Jeff kenna for the silver medal

  • Comment number 54.

    BiloMcT ?? What a wimp................ looks like our boy Bilo has done a Westwood
    Bottled it !

  • Comment number 55.

    I vote mickeyweir to be new leader.

  • Comment number 56.

    BiloMct it seems like you are going to vanish off the face of the Golf blogging earth just like your good mate John Hawksworth vanished off the face of the golfing earth all them years ago, this proves you are a bigger bottler and choker than Lee Westwood and Padraig Harrington rolled into one! And i knew you was only here to wind people up and play with Don247's daisey chain!

  • Comment number 57.

    I agree with Sumo82 i think Mickyweir should stand for presidency!!!

  • Comment number 58.

    Don247 i think you have gone insane and your constant jibes at Rory make me sense a bit of jealousy? You constantly bang on about Darren Clarke who as been a choker and bottler for years and dropped lucky with what will be his only major win at a hurricane riddled open and Martin Kaimer you critisise when at the age of only 26 as had 17 proffessional wins 1 major win and 4 top ten major finishes?? what else can this man do? He is also the 2nd biggest star in Germany behind David Hasselhoff? your blogs are also as depressing as Jeffkenna's infactuation with the famous Gummy Bear.

  • Comment number 59.

    Don247, BiloMct and Jeffkenna for retirement.........
    Mickyweir, Sumo82 and Mickysausage for the whitehouse!!

  • Comment number 60.

    I urge you to participate in some excellent discussions on 606v2 regarding redefinition or modification of the Seve Trophy.
    The most popular suggestion seems to be making it an age-limit event, say open to golfers under a certain age, say 25, 28 or even 30. Members of the previous Ryder Cup Team could be excluded to ensure new blood participated in a sort of Ryder-Cup-with-training-wheels event, perhaps with one or two "Senior Professionals", say Howell, Hansen etc, for leadership beneath the Captaincy.
    But it would have to be understood that this would be a bottom-up initiative, not the top down shambles that we currently debate seemingly every other year.

    Can't agree with you that the Americans regard selection in RC or PC Teams as a "badge of honour", though perhaps more so now than when leading Americans such as Miller, Weiskopf etc routinely begged out of selection.
    As for Woods, perhaps the question should be asked whether or not his inclusion is merely a commercial gimmick, possibly related to a package deal also involving participation in the Aussie Open? He's certainly not on the Team on merit or even effort as he has systematically refused to play events that would contribute towards his qualification.

  • Comment number 61.

    Perhaps Bilo just needs a sabbatical from the blogs á la Garcia at the back end of last year. Certainly his outcry was reminiscent of El Nino's attempts to beat the living crap out of one of Whistling Strait's many MANY bunkers! Perhaps he too has had his heart broken ny a certain Martina Hingis. He'll return fresh-faced with a clearer mind but with an even dodgier putting method.

  • Comment number 62.


    Good on you, Jeff! Please doff that flat cap of yours every time you see a young attractive female golfer, no matter which side they're on ... Europe or the USA!


    Coming back to the Horsey, McIlroy, Dyson group on Sunday, you could see the different physical ability of the players and their respective mental approach.

    Horsey, small and muscular, was giving it all he had, but was really struggling to keep up with the other two. He holed a few good putts but was always slightly off target and on the defensive, having to chip or putt first nearly every time. Plucky, fighting display!

    McIlroy, hitting it absolutely miles off the tee, began to leak his shots to the right from the middle of the 10 - 13th fairways into greenside bunkers. He lost his momentum and had to get up and down to stay in touch with Dyson. When Rors missed his short putt to fall two behind, then three after Dyson's birdie at the next, the air went out completely out of Rory's ball (..singular!!). His shoulders went down. He tried to get back into it by giving it a little bit more but then held on to his short irons ... from way up the fairway. Consternation, forlorn looks towards JP. It was all self-defeating .... in true Andy Murray style! (Rory should have never gone to Wimbledon and had his photo taken with AM ... It's a curse I tell you! We're all doomed!!) Rory was the joint leader at the 11th and lost it (again) coming down the home stretch. IMHO, his mental approach is a toxic mixture of entitlement, disappointment, frustration and lack of fight! He was and looked defeated!

    Simon Dyson, on the other hand, had a positive, dynamic look about him; he was always way behind Rory off the tee but just got on with it. He thinned his second (a "DC special"!?) at the 11th to come up short but (.... after I shouted, "Come on Simon!") he duly got up and down. After that, he just hit one good iron after the other - at the two par threes, at the last etc. He simply looked like the winner from the 14th, showed no sign of weakness and closed the door in Rory's long and getting-longer-with-every-passing-hole face. Simon Dyson was on an upward virtuous cycle, constantly geeing himself up ... while Rory was on a vicious cycle, constantly dragging himself down. Simon Dyson won it by a unanimous decision ...... according to the (hanging) judge and jury outside the rope!!

    As you know, some of the bloggers on here say that I'm too harsh on young Rors. Yes, he's #3 in the world ( ... thank mickyweir for the reminder!) but his stablemate SD gave him a lesson on Sunday and Rory didn't like it one little bit.

    I'll repeat it (unequivocally) .... Rory McIlroy has to work on his putting and his whole mental approach before he heads off across the pond!

  • Comment number 63.

    I do genuinely think you have a mania with rors don,honestly I do.
    He is no.3 in the world,accepts he is not the finished article,admits he loves northern ireland,is gracious to all his supporters back here,finds time for his home roots and people and is only a baby in golf.You as an expert in the stats will know that what he has acheived at such an early stage in his career (I know he has won only 3 times but alot of 'there or therabouts') and at only 22 is exemplary.Name me 10 golfers (or even 5) ever who have won a major,been in a ryder cup winning team & have got to the top 3 rankings by the age of 22? That is a post that will never come! Go easy on the kid,he is after all only just about old enough to have a beer in the US.If I was you, I would go after the bloggers who say brian davis is an icon,kenny ferryman is a golfing phenomenon waiting to happen or your soft spot(I do believe it is you??!!) for els who can putt worse than me playing crazy golf.

  • Comment number 64.

    #62 Don247

    A few months ago I may have been in agreement with you, but since then McIlroy has bagged the US Open, in some style might I add. But I fail to see where you're coming from, just because he didn't get over the line in a second rate European Tour event, doesn't mean he hasn't got what it takes, he's already proved he has.

    There are a heck of a lot of more senior players to him that would give anything for a major, Westwood, Casey, Donald, Poulter, Garcia, Stricker, Scott....the list goes on, McIlroy has done that already at the age of 23. I'm not a great fan of his attitude and what he says but you can't say he hasn't got the game.

  • Comment number 65.

    Don247 i noticed you have gone quiet on the Kaymer subject that i mentioned and didnt reply, you musnt have the stats to back up your theories, also this Simon "Borris Becker" Dyson you keep talking about like he is the best thing since sliced bread is a joke!!, he as won 9 events at the age of 33 all of them being tin cup events apart from probably the Irish Open and in 48 attempts at majors he as only managed to place 7 times and the best being tied 6th at the 2007 PGA. And you can have a go at proven big time youngsters like Kaymer & Rory, don i suggest next time you go watching a propper event were propper golfer play golf!

  • Comment number 66.

    @Mickyweir your correct about Rory and he deserves a break because everyone is jumping on him because of his recent triumphs and we wonder why our GB&I sportsmen struggle, because of all the hype that goes on. And Ernie Els is the biggest choker on tour!

  • Comment number 67.

    I have heard that Davis and Ferrie are also now trialing the famous "Belly Putter"

  • Comment number 68.

    Daffy & Mickyweir- I have to agree with Don on this one. You acknowledge that his attitude leaves a lot to be desired, perhaps because his boyhood hero is Tiger Woods whose attitude (even though I am a huge TW fan purely because of his ability and excitement) is has been appaling at times and therefore our young curly-headed, apple-cheeked, banjaxed-wristed friend has followed this bad example. However on his game- I agree with Don, he dominated the US Open but it was typically un US Open like (soft fairways and greens target golf). But he struggles in imperfect conditions. He will have to adapt his game if we wants to win the Open and more US Opens to be successful on tougher courses, less perfect conditions. Also his putting is patently not good enough. Woods in his pomp- clutch putting sensational, par putts always went down. If McIlroy is to be compared to TW he has a long way to go to. Needs a more all round game, to improve his attitude but also learn the ability to grind out scores when not firing on all cylinders.

  • Comment number 69.

    micksausage- i think you mistook Don's comments on Simon Dyson, he was merely pointing out that Dyson's attitude, on course demeanour and grinding ability / staying positive were far superior to RMac's on the day (while acknowledging that there was no doubt who displayed the greater natural talent) and that these are the qualities that win golf tournaments, what won it for Dyson on the day. Rmac could learn from this.

  • Comment number 70.

    well mickysausage that is it- Davis and Ferrie with the belly putters- that should complete their games and they now look set to dominate the world of golf for years to come. Ferrie to win the Masters by 15.

  • Comment number 71.

    @jeffkenna, mickywier and don247.. not been on for a while, but you three are still posting utter rubbish......

    BiloMcT... it would be good for you to return, because i enjoy reading your comical/obsessive posts regarding john hawksworth.

    Mickysausage... i agree m8, Kenneth ferry, will be up there challenging for the majors next year

  • Comment number 72.

    jeffkenna, I agree Dyson's attitude is great when he's in the mix, but have you ever followed him and observed his attitude when he's not playing well? Not good.

  • Comment number 73.


    "Methuselah", the "oracle" etc. etc. are acceptable, but please do not compare me with JK Rowling (Pin! ... as her classmates used to call her). I have never read any of her "literary outpourings" (which.. allegedly.. were written on pieces of paper on a double-decker bus half-way along Prince's Street just opposite the Castle ... the "pointy, scary bit" as Bubba once described it ... while JK was on her way to work) and never will. Like the good brother that I am, I have remained true and faithful to my sister's valuable advice: "You don't want to read that stuff!" (I've thus saved myself a small fortune by not buying any of JK's books, DVDs and/or related spin-offs!!)

    Mind you, with my golfing prowess now on the wane and mickysausage suggesting that my blog writing is depressing, the only course of action left open to me now (with a view to becoming a multi-multi-millionaire like JK) is to take over Rory McIrloy's bag from the (some say) abject-looking, much-maligned and (allegedly) not-up-to-it JP Fitzgerald. I have been practising my Norn Iron accent all afternoon ... "Rory, am yir maun!" (How does that sound to your trained ears mickyweir ... Is it nearer Hollywood or Holywood??).

    We've all seen the dynamic impact "Stevie" has had on the "Stevie/Adam Team". Similarly I think that "Don247", with his in-depth knowledge of golf/golf history, on-course etiquette/psychology and experience in putting errant bloggers back on the virtuous path, would bring the much-needed secret ingredient to the "Don247/Rory Team". Rory needs a (substitute Gerry) father figure on the course, a pillar of strength ("6ft 4 and full of muscle!" should just about do the trick) when the going gets tough and "our" ball is heading towards Butler's Cabin again. I firmly believe that we, the "Don247/Rory Team" can pull off the "Rory Slam" next year ... and why not in subsequent years as well??!!.

    We've all seen how the "Joker" has turned his tennis game around to become a multi-major/grand slam winner. I am going to put Rory into a similar bubble (this time "virtual and self-contained") so that he can recover quickly from any perceived "poorly hit" iron shots and temporary set-backs, e.g. Sweet Caroline losing in yet another Grand Slam semi-final, but still retaining her world #1 ranking, just before the final round of a tournament we're playing in!!

    To tell you truth, I had a good look at Ross Fisher's caddie last Sunday (.. full of useful information, giving little reminders, handing out the bananas and high-energy drinks at just the right time to keep "his maun" properly nourished and hydrated). Comparing that with what I saw JP contribute to the losing side, maybe that long-forgotten journeyman of a golfer cum TV commentator had something! Given the opportunity, I could really up Don247/Rory's game to help us/him to fulfil our/his potential to the max!! (OK, now all I've got to do is catch up with Rory. He's not at the Seve Trophy so my best bet is to drive with Tom, Mick or Harry up his driveway; that's should get me the required face-to-face time ... if he's there at all, that is!!)

    How does that sound to your mickyweir?

    At least, my statement of intent:
    a) proves that I really do have Rory's best interests at heart.
    b) maps out a very achievable "win-win-win-win situation" for Don247 and the ubiquitous bus-shelter poster-boy from "Ireland" in next year's majors.

    By the way, who said blogging was only for a laugh and a bit of fun ... this is more serious than Bill Shankly's quotes?

    By the way #2, who is your favourite for the BMW Championship this weekend?

  • Comment number 74.

    Chumbawumba- "i agree m8, Kenneth ferry, will be up there challenging for the majors next year"

    clearly a wind up or else you are in fact Kenneth Ferrie, in which case stop wasting your time on this blog and get out there and do some practice

  • Comment number 75.

    Don247 i still have seen a reply to your comments on Martin Kaymer i stated earlier, i thought after me spending 10 mins reading through your JK Rowling's how to Caddy for Rory Mcilroy book i have just read i thought there may have been an answer in there. Stevie is not a brilliant bag man and all they hype only paid off for Adam Scott because of all the talk about Stevie and woods falling out at the time and i think it spared them on! Woods gave Stevie his "good Caddie" name by being the worlds best golfer but i dont think this was all Stevie, probably about 5% Stevie and 95% that Woods was a class act! Don i think we need some constructive critisism from you please!

  • Comment number 76.

    Jeffkenna are you BiloMct in disguise? I am sure you and Don are here to wind people up! How can Mcilroy have such a flawed game and attitude after what he as done so far at the age of 22? Who he see's and dates is surely no reflection on his golf? They are both sportsmen/woman. Get a grip guys!

  • Comment number 77.


    I am now devoting all my time and energy to realising the potentially multi-multi-major winning "Don247/Rory Team", which will ... if it comes to fruition .... eclipse the "Stevie/TW Team" and more importantly the recently formed "Stevie/Adam Team". In fact, if everything falls into place (i.e. the ball in the hole) we're going to be such a winning combination that we'll even overtake the Golden Bear's record total (... a golfer you don't rank all that highly, according to what I heard!!)

    However, learning from my well-thumbed history books, I'm not going to repeat the tactical errors of Kaymer's fellow countrymen some 60 years ago and open up a second front. The Western Front (i.e. "Ireland") is sufficient for me to be going on with at the moment, thank you very much.

    Anyway, I saw Martin Kaymer playing in the Schüco Tournament not so long ago on the Mettmann Course near Düsseldorf. This exhibition tournament was for all Schüco-sponsored golfers, i.e. Kaymer, Bubba Watson, Dustin Johnson, Eduardo Molinari, Geoff Ogilvy and Ian Poulter. Poulter won with a 67, Kaymer came last with a 74 on his home course. (Nuff said about Kaymer ... don't get me started please!)

  • Comment number 78.

    @71 - cumbawomba - Us three are posting utter rubbish?
    If kenny ferrie (33 in a fortnight - 2 euro tour wins - one the budgie open & 2 challenger wins & NOTHING for 6 years) is your tip for next year or any year, you cannot be taken seriously.I am sorry but I cannot take debate like that seriously.
    If KF wins a major, I shall swin across the mersey.The guy is useless & marginally more useless and a journeyman than bobby rock.

  • Comment number 79.

    @don247 - last post - poetic and literary genius
    @jeffkenna - last post - ditto and magical
    I think there might actually be some of the players reading or writing this garbage as I know rors is glued to my sycophantic adulation.
    Maybe we should all tweet?

  • Comment number 80.


    My "obsession" with Rory McIlroy (as some would have you believe) goes back many a "long blog" on the BBC. If you can, look up the previous blogs, e.g. Bradley winning the US PGA. You will able to:

    a) catch up with the long-running Rory McIlroy saga

    b) see that I am highly opinionated/critical but (un)usually fair, backing up my case with facts, statistics and quotes ... much to the annoyance of some bloggers, e.g. mickyweir, who suffers terminally (it is alleged) from green mist eveloping his eyes at the very mention of Rory McIlroy and the Emerald Isle.

    c) see that there is absolutely no comparison between me and JK Rowling! (Mind you, her long face ... come to mention it ... does remind me of one I saw on a "lovesick hound-dog loser" at a "second-rate" European tournament last weekend!)

  • Comment number 81.


    You inspire me to the giddy heights I aspire to achieve with the "Don247/Rory Team". With Don247 on his bag, keeping on the straight and narrow (fairways that is), Rory McIlroy will surpass the achievements of his mentor and fellow Norn Irishman .. the beloved DC .... if/when he gets that second major to his name!!

    Come to think of it, you being such a "Rors sycophant", I should have "acquired" a poster of your home-grown favourite from one of the bus shelters I drove past on Sunday. I'm sure the posters have all been taken down by now, recycled and serving a much better purpose than last time!!

  • Comment number 82.


    I see that you've been having a go at "my" Ernie! I'm going to have to sleep on it, but it could be a case of "feather dusters at dawn" ... if I decide to chuck all my history books in the bin.

    Who pays attention to history these days anyway?

  • Comment number 83.

    Don247 - somewhere earlier in the blog (i think) you asked for predictions on the BMW championship?
    I know you'll disagree but i'm going for Luuuke Donald to win
    and as a bit of an outsider, Gary Woodland.

  • Comment number 84.

    don247 did you say Schüco Tournament ? or Sumo82 tournament? are you for real? do you really think Kaymer is bothered about tin cup tournaments like that? who do you know who as achieved what he as at his age? get with the times don. I cant believe that people who have won multiple tournaments in there twenties are getting bombed out by chokers and bottlers like westwood, dyson, poulter, fisher, casey and scott etc etc and the biggest bottler of all i have seen praise for on here "Rickie the bottler Fowler"!!

  • Comment number 85.

    don247 Fancy Jason day to do well alog with Adam Scott. But watch out for Bo van Pelt, Jerry Kelly and Sergio Garcia, top ten for these guys!

  • Comment number 86.

    Adam Scott isn't playing, he couldn't get his 12 foot putter through customs

  • Comment number 87.


    Regarding Martin Kaymer, he was more than a bit embarrassed in front of his home crowd on his home course. He wasn't even the leading German at the end..... beaten by a young professional even I had never heard of ....oops, not the kind of form a major winner should be showing when he's the lead man (supposedly) helping to promote Schüco (the trade name on his golfing cap!) So let's leave it at that .... no, just remember his performance in the Ryder Cup Match ... not a very brave showing from a major winner (... a major handed to him by default, some people have said ... similar to the Padraig and Sergio debacle!) Enough of MK, I now have to get back to planning "world domination" with my newly adopted "wire-haired puppy from Norn Iron"!

    mickysausage and sumo82:

    Regarding the BMW Championship, Cog Hill is a very long course. On, the abovementioned Adam Scott says he will have to reach for the "top level" in his bag ... sumo82, he is referring to his driver not his putter, I think! Anyway, it seems that the long hitters will really have a great advantage this week - Dustin Johnson is very confident after his recent win (also a former winner in Chicago) and Gary Woodland (a player I have tipped for greatness and "major" glory!) has been showing good form of late ... he will be on the first page of the leaderboard. Jason Day is another one ... very highly rated by everyone these days and going to win soon, very soon.

    Despite what Kwiniaskagolfer says there is an all-mighty battle going on for the remaining places in the Presidents Cup Team, as well as the top 30 spots. Bo van Pelt (a seriously under-rated player) is hanging around in the background .... again due for a very good week. David Toms, Jim Furyk are all nearly in the Team/top 30 so there's a lot to play for. This is one of the biggest weekends of golf ever for a whole lot of players. Chez Revie could have won exemption to all the majors plus his tourcard for two years and more etc. etc. if he hadn't cocked up/choked on the 72nd hole and let Webb Simpson in (... can he/his wife/baby feature this week again??) in Boston. Win the BMW and you're set up for years to come on the tour moneywise and jobwise!

    Luuuke is in his adopted home town, he knows the course well, is playing well but can he get over the finishing line this time! Rickie Fowler and Nick Watney as I said (along with jeffkenna, "self-confessed ogler of pretty women golfers") are undergoing a serious "stones investigation" .... they both now have "previous" on last-round collapses. Imagine, Nick Watney with a 10 on his card (an even worst meltdown than Rors near/around Butler's Cabin) and rivalling that of Kevin Na in the undergrowth last year! Bubba's got the length but his head and putting are becoming increasing suspect when the heat is on! Third-round leader at the Deutsche Bank, where did he finish? Off the front page of the leaderboard if I remember well. Not good!!!

    Final word to you mickysausage:
    "My Ernie" (multi-major winner and hall of famer) has had his back to the wall at the last three tournaments and come through ... birdie at the 72nd to make it to Cog Hill. Even I have said his putting is "lamentable" ... 4 putts from 9ft in the last tournament, but he's made it to the BMW. You couldn't meet a nicer guy than Ernie ... but we all know he needs a massive result this week to make it to Atlanta. So mickysausage, don't put more weight on his shoulders (with your negative vibes), he already has enough to be going on with!!

    Enjoy the golf, boys ... it's going to be outstanding!!

  • Comment number 88.


    My "constructive criticism" on caddies is as follows. Having seen the different caddies at work (really close up) at the "second-rate" KLM Open ( ... I wonder what Daffy considers as a "first-rate" tournament??), i.e. Ross Fisher's guy (sorry I don't know his name .. looked a bit like Christian Donald but he's with your boy MK!!), who IMHO was doing a really great job compared to the (alledgedly) "just-tagging-along-carrying-the-bag JP Fitzgerald (mickyweir has never sprung to JP's defence, I wonder why not? His "now famous" green mist perhaps doesn't extend as far as to envelop JP, I suppose!), who was just standing there basically. (e.g. Rory had even to take his already-melted chewy chocolate biscuit out of the bag himself on the 18th tee. I ask you, what kind of caddy is that?! In sharp contrast, RF's boy was handing out the bananas and drinks J.I.T. delivery style ... leaving RF to keep his eyes focused firmly on the next shot. IF ONLY RF COULD PUTT!!!)

    Deny it if you want, but "Stevie" has had a marked effect on Adam Scott's game ... which has literally soared (... higher than Rors' Titleist golf ball in full flight towards the blue heaven ... in Florida ... hurricanes permitting ... next year!) after "Stevie" took up his bag and walked alongside him. He has made AS look at the weaknesses in his game and made him do something about them ... something I'm sure he did with TW ( .... by the way I'm not going to start commenting on/about TW as well as MK ... my main "maun"/moan is Rors!!). Basically Stevie's made AS do some intensive work on his game, which has always shown great potential but never quite achieved the expected results .. until now! Broom-handle putter aside (... just a quick mention to keep sumo82 happy) ... which has also had a telling effect on his game! He must been nearing Steve Stricker and Matt Kuuuchar is putts holed!!

    Everyone is saying that Joe LaCava (who has worked for Fred Couples among others) has brought an added dimension to Dustin Johnson's game, highlighted by DJ's win at the Barclays and other really good performances of late. Experience, know-how, been-there-done-that-got-the-tee-shirt-to-prove-it, whatever it is, a caddie is important to success .... more and more because the depth and width of competition is just getting stronger all the time.

    If you have a bone to pick with "Stevie" that's your own personal affair; I'm sure "Stevie" is big enough and hard enough to stand up for himself in the face of any challenge. Indeed, that's what "Stevie" brings to AS's bag - strength of character, combativenees, the over-our-dead- bodies spirit ... plus a wealth of experience and knowledge about getting-the-job done in major after major with TW. Write off "Stevie's contribution" at your peril!!

    Was that "constructive" enough for you? Do you think this will help me regain my "100% status" with a certain you know who?

  • Comment number 89.


    I hate to mention this but Kenneth Ferrie (70, 67, 73, i.e. level par) was out in the 6th group, teeing off at the 10th hole with Joel Sjöholm (from Sweden, as I'm sure you can guess from his name) and Lorenzo Gagli (of great repute in Italy, I understand) at the "second-rate" KLM Open on Sunday.

    There were 25 groups in alll. Horsey -6, McIlroy-7 and Dyson -8 were playing in Group 23, the third last group. Groups 13-25 (i.e. the top half) teed off from the 1st hole.

    Surely this must tell you (and all our fellow bloggers) something about Kenneth Ferrie and his realistic ambitions/chances of winning a major title in his golfing career/lifetime. (I know it's hard to take/accept but somebody had to break it to you gently!!)

    But, on a more upbeat note, at least KF qualified for the final 36 holes (.... unlike a certain former major championship winner from a neighbouring country situated immediately to the east, who "wimped out" and "limped off" because of .. allegedly .. a heavy dose of man ... or in his case, "girl's blouse flu"!!)

  • Comment number 90.

    Don247 mayne Kaymers bad luck and form that you say is down to a certain Fanny Sunesson being his mental coach?? I know and agree what your saying Don and having a good Caddy is the key too success, this may be Luke Donalds stumbling block, didnt he have his brother? And now a guy called John Mclaren? Steve obviously helped woods but i think a lot was Woods's greatness, and i think Steve would have give AS a lot of tips that he learned off Woods. What about Damon Green who caddies for Z Johnson, isnt he still on the Senior tour lol?

  • Comment number 91.

    Don247- further to your bit on caddies and experience- would a more experienced caddy such as a Joe La Cava or the iconic player/caddy that is Stevie Williams have stepped in to offer words of wisdom (in other words what the hell are you doing, slow down and cop yourself on) when mcilroy attempted to chop down a tree from the roots up at the PGA or when he went into nuclear meltdown in the vicinity of Butlers cabin (perhaps he was overly eager to see Billy Payne (you gotta miss Hootie Johnson) and his "good friend" Jim Nantz)? Would a stronger caddy have slowed him down around Amen corner, just cooled him off and thereby at least kept him in contention? Would a stronger caddy have told him just to chip out at the pga and take his bogey? Ultimately the player takes responsibility for the shot choices however I think in these situations a good caddy can play a critical role and help the player to make clearer better decisions.

  • Comment number 92.

    When the KLM Open started, there were a total of 13 players from inside the OWGR. Kaymer, McIlroy and Westwood, not the field of a top tour event.

    Majors and WGC's asside, the top tour events are: BMW PGA, Open De France, Scottish Open, European Open, Dubai World Championship. This is a fact the European Tour acknowledge by the exemptions awarded for winning such competitions. The rest are second rate or lower.

    There you are, you can now say you've learned something today.

  • Comment number 93.

    "When the KLM Open started, there were a total of 13 players from inside the TOP 100 OWGR"

  • Comment number 94.

    * Top 100 OWGR

  • Comment number 95.

    Don247 - Are you going to give a prediction for the BMW or what?
    You can't just name everyone in essay form !

  • Comment number 96.

    Kwini completely misses my point. I do not criticise Donald and Garcia for not coming to the Seve Trophy, I said that much would be made of their absence and sure enough that was the main preview story in today's newspapers. My point was that by not coming they were not dishonouring the memory of Seve - and that they actually honour it by dominating the world rankings.

  • Comment number 97.

    @Iain Carter i sort of agree with Kwini here, this is what you wrote:

    "Much will be made of the absence of big names like Rory McIlroy, Martin Kaymer and Sergio Garcia from this week's match but the fact that players skip the Seve Trophy tells you all you need to know about its true significance.

    Should the stay-aways have made more effort to play in the year of the death of the man after whom the trophy is named? Perhaps, but it could be argued this match is a rather artificial memorial to Seve Ballesteros"

    It is like you are saying they should have made an effort with it being the year of Seve's death, and you sort of agree with the statement by saying perhaps?

    This tournament would mean more to the players if it was played in a free period and i think all the top pros would play with open arms, but surely anybody whos anybody wouldnt miss the chance of playing in the BMW etc etc to play in this "nothing event"

  • Comment number 98.

    @Don247 would it be better if we all asked Martin Kaymer to emigrate to Abu Dhabi?? Because in fact he could possibly make a living just being there since he as won the Abu Dhabi golf championship in 2008,2010 & 2011 and was runner up in 2009. These events you are relating too and i agree with @Daffy are not even propper tour events and mean absolute nothing to these men, they are like practise rounds!

  • Comment number 99.

    Iain, with respect, I also got the impression you were criticising the 'stay-aways'.

  • Comment number 100.


    You have just sounded the death knell of the European Tour!

    I don't know where you live but, unless it's St Andrews/Gleneagles, Dubai or Singapore/Indonesia/China, you'll have to drive/fly a long way to actually see the top players in live action in the future.

    What I have learned is that there is nothing to beat actually being there at an event. Standing right next to Ross Fisher as he sipped his energy drink, hearing the conversation between him and his caddy, then seeing him rip one off right where his caddy told him. "Strongish wind coming off the top right!" (Imagine here a tree-lined fairway with a strengthening wind!) Whack ... and away it went like an arrow! Absolutely brilliant!

    You see nothing of the play on television. Unfortunately that's all we'll be able to get (... if we subscribe to the appropriate TV channel, that is) as the World Tour(.... initially proposed by Greg Norman many years ago!) gets nearer and nearer with the top golfers following the "petrol money" and the top purses!!


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