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A load of guff...

Greg James | 11:24 UK time, Monday, 3 October 2011

It's been a while since I gave you a little update on everything...

Hi!  It's been a busy old time and I'd have it no other way.  We're all working towards the Teen Awards this weekend - that has come around fast!  Grimmy and Mollie from the Saturdays are hosting it from Wembley Arena.  The line up is pretty decent:  One Direction, Jason Derulo, Pixie Lott, Ed Sheeran, Rizzle Kicks, Joe Jonas and Cher Lloyd.  Look here if you don't believe me.

Myself and the gorgeous Huw Stephens are hosting the radio coverage of it all so have a listen THIS Sunday from 12pm on Radio 1 for interviews, red carpet, build up and the live show. 

What else can I update you on?  Spent the weekend treating myself to stuff on Saturday (I don't do that very often and I'd highly recommend it). The rest of the weekend I was travelling all over the UK djing to freshers all over the place.  Brilliant crowds in Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield and Nottingham.  I feel very lucky that I get to do stuff like that and meet a load of brilliant people who listen to Radio 1.  Cool job.  Someone at Leeds Academy threw their knickers at me and then asked for them back.  I threw them back and then they threw them back at me.  I was confused.  They asked for them back again.  I didn't like that game too much.  Good gig though.

Got Pixie Lott and Jason Derulo on the show this week.  Plus we're looking to launch Star Caller NEXT week.  If you applied, ANSWER YOUR PHONE if it's a blocked number - it could be your favourite famous person.  All the details of how to apply for Star Caller are here.

So there.  Hope you're all enjoying the show and stuff.  Any feedback of what you've liked/not liked over the last few weeks is very much appreciated as it's all for you, baby.  Similarly, are you reading/liking the blogs still? 

Leave me some notes below if you get a minute eh? I'm feeling needy.



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