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Hills, firemen and a country house...

Greg James | 10:13 UK time, Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Hello there!  I hope you had a lovely weekend, after the madness of the Royal Wedding and all that, we went away to a pretty lovely part of the world - here:

Any locals recognise this place?  Middle of nowhere but somehow  managed to get into a minor roadrage incident.

Before that, I hung out with my little neice, Pia, and I was insanely happy to find out that she is a big fan of Fireman Sam.  Fireman Sam was my childhood.  I was shocked to learn that 'Bella Lasagne' has been axed in the newer remakes of the show.  Because of this, I hunted out copies of the original series. And we watched together.  Avec hat.

So then, wedding done - now it's full steam ahead for the Big Weekend in Carlisle!  As I speak, my lovely team are busily sorting out bits for the week as my team and Moyles' team are staying in a country house in Carlisle from THIS SUNDAY! I cannot wait.  We did it last year in Bangor - remember all this...MEMORIES



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