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Goodbye...for a bit.

Greg James | 11:15 UK time, Friday, 1 April 2011

Good morning all, It's been a busy old time.  All change on the show too - having a lovely time with my all girl team.  Laura's fig rolls are now a staple diet of the team.  That isn't a euphemism.

Annnnd, don't worry, Producer Neil fans, he is alive and very well.  In fact, saw him last night for a frothy bevvy and he's on excellent form working on 'special BBC projects'. 

What other news then?  Spring has sprung, I bought some new pants yesterday and I'm off on holiday next week.  VEGAS BABY!  Anyone been?  I genuinely think it's going to be like The Hangover.  Is it?  I love that film and want to be mates with Bradley Cooper. 

Reggie will be looking after things for me next week, so please welcome him along with open arms.

As ever, thank you for reading this - otherwise I'm talking to myself - and I really do appreciate the comments on it - so polite request, KEEP IT UP.

Back on Tuesday 12th April.  Have a lovely week and a bit.

In other news, here's a picture of famous person's toilet.  Can you guess who it belongs to?



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