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Pub quiz, Editors and salmon...

Greg James | 11:30 UK time, Monday, 28 March 2011

...In that order.

Good day to you all!  Lovely weekend just gone by.  Loads more training for my Men's Health 6 pack challenge.  I'm up against Reggie Yates and I saw him at the weekend.  He's pretty stacked.  I panicked, went home and ate this:

Did a spot of DJing in Oxford on Saturday night after seeing Editors at the Albert Hall beforehand.  Had a nice catch up with Edith down there as well.  That is one underrated band right there. Maaaaaan they can play.  They do have a problem though...Too many songs they could finish with.  Ended with Fingers In Factories. KEEP WITH ME.

Here's Albert's Hall:

Also, how about this guy?  Spotted him on the cricket coverage at the weekend:

And finally...

Went to a pub quiz last night - massively failed at it.  However, I seemed to be the only one in the whole pub who knew who presented old gameshow 'Fifteen to One'.  It was of course William G Stewart:


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