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Greg James | 10:54 UK time, Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Finally got a chance to go and see the band 'Fenech-Soler' last night and I'm flipping pleased that I did. 

I have been harping on about their album for a few months now.  A lovely slice of electro/dance/indie/pop, but that description doesn't really do them justice.  Have a look here for a more insightful...er...insight (don't worry, I've finally worked out how to make the links open in a new window.  I know, I'm practiaclly Bill Gates.

The gig last night was superb.  Musically they are very strong, they sound like a band who have been working well together for a while and the sound the create is big.  Very big.  Ben, as a frontman is brilliantly enthusiastic.  As our very own Tulip Mazumdar has said of him before - 'he's like a shaken bottle of fizzy pop'. 

They have all the components that make a great band and I'm sure they'll only get bigger and bigger this year as they embark on a sizable UK tour later this month.  I would recommend you pop along to see them if you have heard a bit of them and like it.  A highlight for me, apart from the singles we've played on Radio 1, was a track called 'Golden Sun'.

I would like to make one small complaint though.  The venue was very dark and their set was lit with minimal lighting.  Apart from the brightest rack of lights I think I've ever seen.  Imagine you are in the dark and all of a,  suddenyou realise that a car has crept up on you and it suddenly puts its full beams on in your face.  That's what it was like.  I don't know about anyone else in the crowd but I was cowering away from the beacons!  My eyes started watering.  Ended up dancing around with my eyes shut for a bit.  What a grandad.  Great night though.

Here are the lights:



  • Comment number 1.

    The lights are amazing!
    I have seen this band a few times and one of the best things about the gigs is defiantly the lighting. Its not like any other band where they have just lights on sticks pointing at the band. This lighting set-up has a really well thought out design that seems to be trailered to every single lyric in every song. I'm not going to give anything away but its lighting every music lover has to go and see.
    The lights fill the room with so much energy, its stunning the way that they have made something so amazing out of something that is normally just there out of necessity. I work in the music industry and I can see this band are going to go far, I share the thoughts of some industry top dogs that I spoke to last weekend and we hope that the lighting design gets bigger and bigger. The over all look as it something the band, management and fans can be extremely proud about.

    Great work Fenech-Soler and your amazing lighting people!


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