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The week that was...

Greg James | 03:49 UK time, Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Well, it wasn't strictly a holiday - contrary to popular belief.  It was a holiday from the big show but I was working nice and hard on some TV believe it or not.  It's a BBC Three documentary that will be on sometime in November about young Brits abroad in Magaluf.  I will of course let you know when it's on, in case you care.

Off I popped then last Monday morning to Stansted airport for a journey into the unknown  Well, I know what happens on those holidays - I mean TV - I haven't done an awful lot.

It was a really busy week, non-stop actually.  I took my trunks in the hope that I might get the odd afternoon on the beach.  Fat chance.  We were filming all day then came out at night to get footage of the naked drunks.  Let me state this right now, a night out in Magaluf is NO FUN if you're not drinking and seen as the 'squares with the cameras'. 

Now, I don't consider myself easily shocked, but I saw some things that were pretty wrong, including naked games involving men's bits.

The crew from BBC Manchester (who are making the show) were a lot of fun and many laughs were had.  When you're all collectively shattered and working hard filming people having the best holidays of their lives then you need to find ways of getting through it!

Here are a few lovely photos from the week:

Spot the rubbish mistake on the table stickers.  BBC 1 Radio. Poor effort:


I was interested to see a group of holiday makers sitting around at 9:35am drinking and watching a Peter Kay DVD - at a pub:


One of the assistant producers, Kirk, was a dreadful parker.  This was attempt 15, and this is still pretty poor:


This is the main man Colin, the producer.  He was the boss of the week - but found it hard to put the camera on the tripod:


A nice arty shot:


Simon who was working on the show won the 'stupid comment of the trip award' for thinking this little island 500 yards from the Magaluf beach was Ibiza.  We soon put him right:





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