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The big tour team...

Greg James | 15:46 UK time, Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Thought I'd let you in behind the scenes of the big tour and tell you a few of the likes and dislikes of the people who are travelling the UK all in the name of radio.

Producer Neil - The brains - has a soft spot for:

- Turkish Delight
- Apple turnovers
- Crumbly mints (that nans buy)
- Camp dance music

he doesn't like:

- Water
- Breakfast
- Wales (lack of Turkish Delight)

Assistant Producer Alex Full (or 'Footdown Fullus' for short as he's doing all the driving) likes:

- Salmon and capers
- Hand sanitiser (he has mild OCD)
- Everything to do with Cornwall.  His hometown.  I slag it off at every available opportunity.
- Driving like a Grandma including cutting people up.
- Wearing board shorts and flip flops whatever the weather

Me - The star

- Egg custard tarts
- Plain cheeseburgers
- Bottles of milk to drink that get left in the footwells and go rancid
- Inflatable head pillow
- Farting as loudly as possible so as to disrupt the journey.  All put under the umbrella of 'attention seeking'.  Forcing all 4 windows to be opened is the goal.
- Trying to call travel hotlines to report comedy incidents on made up roads.



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