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My weekend...

Greg James | 03:46 UK time, Monday, 10 November 2008

Good morning!  I had an excellent weekend, fully relaxed, recharged and ready for the new week.  However, I'm suffering from Monday morning syndrome this morning! 

I went back to my hometown of Bishops Stortford, saw a few old mates and went back to the club we all used to go to when we were at school.  It hasn't changed a bit.  Obviously.  There weren't many people in there, so we had the run of the dancefloor!  I did meet this bloke though:


I'm not really sure why he was dressed like that.  He was the only one in fancy dress.

I also went for a couple of rounds at a golf driving range where you compete with everyone by hitting balls into various targets on a massive field.  It's called Top Golf and there's a few around the country I think.  Really good fun, and particularly enjoyable was the section of the afternoon where we tried to hit the balls at the ball collecting cart.


I also made an awful blunder at a cash machine.  I accidentally took out 400 quid by pressing the wrong button.  In my defence, it was a really old machine and it took ages to respond, like an old computer.  I pressed the button to say 'cash with no receipt', it didn't do anything, so I pressed it again and at that second, it changed to the 'amounts' page.  Awful. Also, how many cash machines have you ever seen that give out £400 anyway!  Nicely overdrawn therefore this morning.





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