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The Big Drive Home - Day 1

Greg James | 20:30 UK time, Monday, 30 June 2008

Welcome along.
Had a lovely time covering Scott's show for the first day today, so good to be on during daylight hours. Absolutely incredible to be able to pop out for a couple of pints after the show too. Scott has the best hours ever.
Anyway, got through lots of stuff today on the show including a brand new feature which doesn't really have a name but its where I asked you to text in your favourite song in the world ever to 81199 and played a 30 second countdown clock and after that, I froze the text message screen and played the top three songs in the inbox. 
Here's a video of what happens in the studio during the show:
 And...Here's a screenshot of THAT frozen inbox!

textconsolefreeze.jpgAlso, I tried out a new game which was inspired by someone on the radio a few years ago trying it for real and with no hint of irony.  This afternoon, I debuted "hangman" on the radio.  I think it went well actually.  I bamboozled you all, including Zane.  The missing word was....XYLOPHONE!  Here's the sheet I was using to draw the man hanging:



  • Comment number 1.

    Haha, love your hangman drawing shame he was Dead by the end of it!!

    I like your *no name* game but i seriously think it should be named. you should keep it for early morning breakfast aswell.



    = ]

    Sarah in Luton



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