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"Get On" and support new campaign

Gavin Strachan | 15:28 UK time, Thursday, 12 February 2009

Hi, hope you are all well.

I was reading the other day about a new campaign for football fans called "Get On".

For those of you who have not heard about it, the basic concept is for fans to try and create the best football chants for individual players or teams.

There is also an educational focus on the campaign for adults to try and brush up on their language skills (which strikes me as being a good reasons for yours truly to get involved!).

kop438x318getty.jpgTo me, the ability to come up with a funny or witty chant or song is quite a talent, and I welcome the "Get On" initiative to provide a platform for this talent.

It is refreshing to hear a positive spin being put on the singing of songs and chants at football games, especially after the disgraceful chanting aimed at Sol Campbell and the negative press coverage that followed it.

The ones about me have been very few and far between (and because of the language used, I think it would be best not to mention the majority of them!).

I prefer to think that this is because my name is not an easy one to include in a song, especially one which would rhyme, and not because I have never given fans any reason to show their appreciation of me in this way!

Of course, in this respect, some players have a bigger name problem than others. Take goalkeeper Dimitrious Konstantopolous, my former Hartlepool team-mate, who is currently on loan to Cardiff from Coventry.

Having said that, Celtic fans have somehow found a way to incorporate Jan Venegoor of Hesselink into a song. It just goes to show, where there's a will, there's a way!

I would be interested to find out what you consider to have been the best songs or chants about a player at your club. If you prefer you can make up new ones to tie in with the "Get On" campaign.

Most players will tell you that they are oblivious to the noise, songs, chants, comments etc, that accompany a game of football and for the most part that is true. When the game is being contested and the ball is in play your attention is solely on the job at hand.

The warm-up and long breaks in play are when you tend to notice the noise from the terraces.

At Notts County (as with most clubs) the "diehard" fans go through their repertoire of songs about each player during the warm-up.

That is the time when we all tend to have a little chuckle at each other's songs . The song that has always made me laugh when directed at a player is: "He used to be ***** but now he's alright."

From my experience, it would be reasonable to say that most of the comments you receive from the terraces, especially at away grounds, are of the more unpleasant nature.

As a rule you have to learn to ignore them or even laugh them off even though human nature dictates that no-one likes to be the target of abuse. If you cannot deal with that , then unfortunately you are in the wrong business and certainly will not last in it very long.

Personally, I take the view that I would much rather be out on that pitch receiving a little bit of stick than being sat up in the stands injured or not in the manager's plans.

One rather strange comment from a spectator that I remember occurred on my home debut for Peterborough United, when we were losing 2-0 to a decent Walsall team.

During a break in play, I heard someone in the crowd shout: "Strachan, you run like a girl!" Since then, I have resisted the temptation to try and manufacture a more masculine running style ...... not that I need one!

That shout at Peterborough caught me off guard but, far from upsetting me, it just made me smile.

It was the same earlier this season, when I made my comeback from injury - as one of the substitutes - at Dagenham and Redbridge.

At half-time, we went through our warm-up routine of jogging across the pitch, and just as we got to one end, one of the Dagenham fans shouted: "Strachan, your blog is ****."

His mates started laughing, the other substitutes started laughing and I had to laugh as well. I consoled myself with the fact that at least he had read it!.

You do tend to notice individual comments or songs a lot more in the lower leagues than you do in Premier league games.

Having experienced both I would say that in the Premier League, there is a constant level of noise, a sort of buzz which makes distinguishing actual words coming from the terraces and in some instances your own team-mates that much harder.

While I will always agree with the principle of fans who pay to watch their teams being more than entitled to voice their opinions, there is no doubt from my experience of players that actively supporting and praising your team is always liable to produce the best reaction in terms of performances and results.

I cannot agree more with one of my own heroes, Ryan Giggs. Ryan is one of the players who has given his backing to the "Get On" campaign.

As he says: "It is really great when the fans sing your name, it really encourages not just you but the whole team. The fact the fans are behind you is really important and shows the opposition what you are made of."


  • 1. At 4:14pm on 12 Feb 2009, Bamber Boozler wrote:

    Oh Strachan, Strachan,
    What ever will be, will be,
    You're not half as good as your old man could be,
    Oh Strachan, Strachan!

    Only messing.

    Good blog, keep up the hard work!

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  • 2. At 4:24pm on 12 Feb 2009, Gavin Strachan wrote:

    post 1 . cannot argue with that really!.

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  • 3. At 4:31pm on 12 Feb 2009, RedDevilsAdvocate wrote:

    Of course, if it is any consolation.....

    'Nana nana nana nana na na na
    We love Strachan's blog, Strachan's blog, we love Strachan's blog!'

    Hope to see you running like a lass at London Road again some time mate

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  • 4. At 4:47pm on 12 Feb 2009, Boshorange wrote:

    I have a couple of friends who are Spurs fans (bless them) and they recently spent an evening trying to conjure up a tune to fit Roman Pavyluchenko's name in preparation for a match. In all fairness to them they just tried to copy another song and fit his name in to it, and ended up just singing his name is a very disjointed manner. Harder than it seems apparently...10/10 for effort though.
    The songs and chants are always better in the lower leagues, as there's more scope for banter with opposition players, fans and managers because, as you said, its easier for them to hear whats being said to them. You just dont get the classics such as "whats it like to see a crowd?" and "you must have come in a taxi" in the dizzy heights of the premier league. At Sincil Bank, however, we even have songs that don't require words, such as the dambusters theme. Theres nothing quite like seeing 3500 grown men pretending to be aeroplanes on a cold, wet, tuesday night in december just to amuse a handful of travelling fans......

    Good stuff Gavin, keep it going.

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  • 5. At 5:30pm on 12 Feb 2009, futuresurreystar wrote:

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  • 6. At 5:47pm on 12 Feb 2009, mduchezeau wrote:

    The Get On campaign sounds fab!

    I remember when I was a kid going to Chelsea games and some of the songs used to make me laugh.

    While it maybe because the atmosphere has gone down the toilet at Chelsea, it seems a lot of wordsmiths have hit the wall when it comes to ideas, even when I go to away games. I wonder why that is.

    I would agree that personal songs are certainly more rife in the lower leagues, but I suppose that is more because of the personal nature of the clubs at a lower level.

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  • 7. At 5:49pm on 12 Feb 2009, hoonio wrote:

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  • 8. At 5:50pm on 12 Feb 2009, DC wrote:

    Cheltenham fans to rivals Rushden (sure you can work out the tune)

    Picture yourself in a ground made of lego,
    with plastic supporters that don't even sing.
    Suddenly Max Griggs buys Beckham and Shearer
    But still you don't win an-y-thing

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  • 9. At 5:52pm on 12 Feb 2009, smoziwo wrote:

    Great blog as ever - yours and Vickery's are the only ones worth reading...

    I always wonder about the songs we sing that are offensive to our players. They're funny, but they seem like they might be counter-productive...?

    I'm thinking of ones like the old Djimi Traore chant (to tune of Blame it on the Boogie):

    Don't blame it on Biscan
    Don't blame it on Hamman
    Don't blame it on Finnan
    Blame it on Traore!
    (He just can't... He just can't... He just can't control his feet)

    Or the one for Dirk Kuyt when he arrived:

    Dirk Kuyt, wherever you may be
    You hit every branch on the ugly tree
    With Fowler, Crouch and Bellamy
    You may be boss but you're f-----g ugly!

    Have you ever known any players who really hate the song that's sung about them? Or is it just good to hear your name?

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  • 10. At 5:54pm on 12 Feb 2009, glowkeeper wrote:

    My mate "Big Bob" made up a song that became popular at West Ham when a certain Russian 'keeper was 'between the sticks:

    My name is Miklosko,
    I come from ze Moscow,
    And now I play for west Ham.

    And when I walk down the street,
    Everybody I meet,
    Says, "Hey! Ludo! What's your name?"

    I said my name is Miklosko.....

    An absolute classic.

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  • 11. At 5:55pm on 12 Feb 2009, MexWhite wrote:

    Love your blog mate.

    As much as it pains me to recall it but when I watched your old man playing at Leeds with big Eric - 'oo, ah Cantona' was simple, effective and the whole ground joined in, which to me makes a great chant.

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  • 12. At 5:57pm on 12 Feb 2009, Daftazabrusch wrote:

    I think the most appaling one we ever tried to get going at OT was for Nicky Butt - to the Coronation Street theme:-

    Nick, Nicky Butt, Nick, Nicky Butt
    Better than Ince and from Gorton.

    The poor lyrics, the blatant sarcasm and the awful drab tune probably didn't help either.

    I seem to recall one rather unrepeatable one about your old man in respect of bananas, but the less said about the better.

    Another fantastic blog, full of honesty and humour.

    Oh and one last one, the infamous Giggs tune (thanks to the immortal backing of Joy Division's 'Love will tear us apart'):-

    Giggs, Giggs will tear you apart, again...

    closely followed by the oppositions reposte of:-

    Gigs, Gigs will tear his hamstring again.

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  • 13. At 5:58pm on 12 Feb 2009, dan_saintsfc_om wrote:

    its all about the saints fans' song to marian pahars:

    to the tune of 'Knowing Me, Knowing You'

    'knowing me, knowing you

    always made me laugh!

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  • 14. At 5:59pm on 12 Feb 2009, glowkeeper wrote:

    After posting about the Miklosko song, I was reminiscing with a friend of mine about it, and have been corrected:

    My name is Miklosko,
    I come from ze Moscow,
    And now I play for west Ham.

    And when I walk down the street,
    Everybody I meet,
    Says, "Hey! BIG BOY! What's your name?"


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  • 15. At 6:01pm on 12 Feb 2009, Epic Bale wrote:

    Great subject for a blog!

    By some distance my favourite song would have to be about Youssef Safri (sp?)

    "Here we go, here we go,
    Here weeeeeeeee go,
    Youssef's better than Juninho,
    Here we gooooooo,
    Moroccan All Over The World!"
    (to the theme of 'Rocking All Over World')

    Haven't heard any particularly original ones from my club Spurs, though I do always enjoy "Do do do, Didier Zokora!" (The conga!)

    That Traore one is brilliant as well. Even if they're criticising players, I still think there's something to be said for fans' originality!

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  • 16. At 6:01pm on 12 Feb 2009, MexWhite wrote:

    Also, "Where's your country gone, where's your country gone' to Andrei Kanchelskis the day after the break-up of the Soviet Union ...

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  • 17. At 6:06pm on 12 Feb 2009, I_H8_LEHMAN wrote:

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  • 18. At 6:07pm on 12 Feb 2009, LowFidelity wrote:

    Best one I've heard in recent years is from the Arsenal crowd. To the tune of 'Lets talk about sex by Salt n Pepa:

    Lets talk about Cesc baby,
    Lets talk about Flamini,
    Lets talk about Kolo Toure, Freddie Ljungberg and Henry,
    Lets talk about Cesc.


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  • 19. At 6:10pm on 12 Feb 2009, hattietoot wrote:

    Remeber Nicola Berti ? He briefly adorned the White Hart Lane pitch and was greeted thus:

    My name is Nicola Berti
    I'm aged about thirty
    I come from a team called MILAN!
    When I walk down the street
    All the people I meet say
    Hey Georgeous!
    What's your name!

    repeat ad nauseam

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  • 20. At 6:10pm on 12 Feb 2009, Graeme Edgar wrote:

    As a Peterborough United fan it doesnt surprise me that the fans were baiting you on debut, we are great away from home but at London Road it can be terrible! Good blog, keep it up [unlike Notts County!]

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  • 21. At 6:10pm on 12 Feb 2009, pearlbanger wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 22. At 6:11pm on 12 Feb 2009, blueJohnny-Utah wrote:

    My favourite at the Bridge was to Ray Parlour after his costly divorce: "there's only one Mrs Parlour, one Mrs Parlour, She's so ****** loaded

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  • 23. At 6:11pm on 12 Feb 2009, West_London_Willy wrote:

    Glowkeeper, I love the song..... but Ludek miklosko was from the Czech Republic, not Russia!

    Still, I'm sure he had a laugh about it, once someone had explained to him what you were singing......

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  • 24. At 6:13pm on 12 Feb 2009, Daftazabrusch wrote:

    I also recall a rather great ditty in reference to Messrs Macmanaman and Macateer (whilst playing for Liverpool) in regards to their sexual preferences, to the tune of The Macarana.

    I seem to recall it being a chant that evolved around a fountain in Oporto, spent the whole second half of the match being chanted and then the following Saturday we played at Goodison - I can safely say that it is the one and only occasion I can recall that the whole ground was singing the same song for players that weren't even present !!!

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  • 25. At 6:20pm on 12 Feb 2009, bqad1877 wrote:

    I vaguely recall an Arsenal song (please correct me if I'm wrong since I'm not a Gunner) for Emmanuel Petit.

    He's blonde. He's quick.
    His name's a porno flick.
    Emmanuel. Emmanuel


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  • 26. At 6:23pm on 12 Feb 2009, shawcrossforengland wrote:

    i think that the best chant that i have heard in along time is the one that us stoke fans sing :D

    we won it two times
    we won it two timesssssss
    the autoglass trophey
    we won it two times

    as embarassing as it is
    it is brilliant haha

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  • 27. At 6:26pm on 12 Feb 2009, ShahenshahG wrote:

    I prefer live banter - as in one side starts off and then the other responds throughout the match - some great moments have arisen from that - For example two teams whose names escape me were playing and one was in the relegation zone - the other somewhere in the top 10, the latter decided to taunt the relegation candidates with

    "Going down, Going down, Going down"

    and the reply was hilarious -

    "So are we, So are we, So are we!"

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  • 28. At 6:29pm on 12 Feb 2009, Speroni_Ponytail wrote:

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  • 29. At 6:31pm on 12 Feb 2009, lampardsrightpeg wrote:

    personal favourite, gets me every time...

    'Sunday, Monday, Habib Beye'


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  • 30. At 6:36pm on 12 Feb 2009, Michael Roche wrote:

    There is actually a book out about the best chants at football games...I think its called "One Ginger Pele"

    Some of the songs in there are amazing!

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  • 31. At 6:37pm on 12 Feb 2009, Damiansixsixsix wrote:

    We (Wigan) were at Colchester several years ago when our diminutive Scottish winger Brian McLaughlin was greeted to a chorus of "You're supposed to be a gnome." Another memorable one was away at Brentford in about 2000 - Roy Carroll almost lost it while being serenaded by about 200 drunken Wiganers with the delightful "Oh Carol".

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  • 32. At 6:39pm on 12 Feb 2009, charltonch123 wrote:

    "Sunday, Monday, Habib Beye
    Tuesday, Wednesday, Habib Beye
    Thursday, Friday, Habib Beye
    Saturday, Habib Beye, rocking all week with you!"

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  • 33. At 6:39pm on 12 Feb 2009, charltonch123 wrote:

    Give us a T

    give us an I

    Give us a T

    Give us an S

    What're we gonna do .................... Oldham Oldham Oldham

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  • 34. At 6:39pm on 12 Feb 2009, perky10 wrote:

    One good one i can remember from Bramall Lane was one Man U sang when Paddy Kenny had just split up with his missus.....

    She's Here
    She's there
    She's every ******* where
    Its Paddys wife
    Paddy's wife!

    Not nice but funny!

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  • 35. At 6:39pm on 12 Feb 2009, soon_to_be_champions wrote:

    to the tune of 'put your hands up for detroit'..
    'put hands up for up for dirt kuyt, he loves this city'

    im an arsenal fan and i found it so funny i had to post it, sad eh?

    good blog though gav.

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  • 36. At 6:40pm on 12 Feb 2009, Michael Roche wrote:

    "Stick a Drogba in ya pocket,
    We nicked Glen Johnson from West Ham,
    and if you want the best then don't ask questions cos Roman, he's ya man,
    Where it comes from is a mystery,
    is it from the drugs or from the oil in the sea?
    Come on Chelsea throw your celery, cos we are the famous CFC,
    na na na na.....etc.."

    Tune - Only fools and horses

    Another great one about Kalou aswell!

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  • 37. At 6:40pm on 12 Feb 2009, Speroni_Ponytail wrote:

    Re 30: Stevenage Borough's chant for the "white pele", George Boyd, was always very good!

    Palace were one of the first teams to do the "he's here, he's there... chant with Vince Hilaire"

    He's here
    he's there
    he's every ****ing where
    Vince Hilaire
    Vince Hilaire

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  • 38. At 6:42pm on 12 Feb 2009, chris mills wrote:

    the Torres one has been unusual recently in that it was quite intricate , whereas most of the popular ones are simply substitutes to previous versions. For those people who cannot make out the full words it is.

    The Armband said he was a red tara tara
    You'll never walk alone it said tara tara
    We bought the kid from sunny Spain
    Give him the ball he scores again
    Fernando Torres , Liverpools number 9

    ( He was pictured passing the captains armband on when substituted at Atletico Madrid & he had inscribed You'll never walk alone' on it - hence the 1st 2 lines )

    My favourite other fans chant was from West Ham to Spurs after they lost out on 4th place to Arsenal after the food poisoning thing.

    To the tune of 'Amore'

    When It could have been Sky
    but you're on Channel 5

    Thats Lasagne

    Its got cheese its got bits
    It gave Tottenham the sh*ts

    Thats Lasagne

    Enjoy the blog Gavin even as a premiership supporter

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  • 39. At 6:42pm on 12 Feb 2009, A_Brit_in_France wrote:

    I spent a lot of the 90's working in Holland - in Maastricht to be precise who at the time had a team in the Dutch first division so I got to see quite a few of the good Dutch teams of the time, especially Ajax in their Champions League winning period.

    A good Dutch friend of mine sometimes came with me when I returned each weekend to the UK and we were at the Coventry Liverpool game when Coventry won 5-1.

    We were sat next to an aisle with the Cov fans (my local team) but on the opposite side were Liverpool fans who all left early for some reason!! But my Dutch friend was walking up and down the aisle chanting "MVV MVV MVV" for Maastricht Footbal Club. I think he confused everyone, it was the most inappropriate football chant I have ever heard, but very amusing.

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  • 40. At 6:43pm on 12 Feb 2009, tompain100 wrote:

    One of my favorites, aimed at Bobby Zamora:

    When the ball hits the goal
    It's not Yorke, it's not Cole
    It's Zamora!

    (To the tune of 'That's Amore')

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  • 41. At 6:44pm on 12 Feb 2009, kevdaly wrote:

    How about Celtic's:

    If it goes in the net and its not jorge Caddett - it's DiCanio
    If it goes like a bomb and its not Andy Thom - Its DiCanio
    If it goes in the air and its not big Pierre
    - its DiCanio
    I said D I Canio, D I Canio

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  • 42. At 6:45pm on 12 Feb 2009, Gavin Strachan wrote:

    post 9 . The players I know tend to laugh at them partly because as you suggested we are just pleased to hear our name!.

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  • 43. At 6:47pm on 12 Feb 2009, Shaun wrote:

    any "feed the [name] and he will score" chants always amuse me, especially when the player then proceeds to score.

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  • 44. At 6:48pm on 12 Feb 2009, k4wiseboy wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 45. At 6:53pm on 12 Feb 2009, rjaggar wrote:

    To Elton John's music.....

    'And I guess that's why they call them the Blues........'

    Time on my hands when I could spend time with Stu
    Strikers both pouting, midfield like Ballacks,
    Slip ups from Terry, droppings from Petr
    So I guess that's why they call them the Blues.........

    Not sure if Michael Manciennes would be too popular singing that at Cobham, nor with French journalists who understand allegory.........

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  • 46. At 6:56pm on 12 Feb 2009, Speroni_Ponytail wrote:

    "there's only 2 kerry mayo" - sung by brighton fans is quite good

    (his wife is also kerry)


    and of course the DC5 is better than You'll never walk alone by miles

    "you say that you love me
    all of the time
    you say that you need me
    you'll always be mine
    and i'm feeling
    glad all over
    yes i'm glad all over
    i really am glad all over
    so glad you're mine

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  • 47. At 7:01pm on 12 Feb 2009, thegul wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 48. At 7:09pm on 12 Feb 2009, Lucky_C wrote:

    I always liked the Brighton song about our keeper...

    (To the tune of Yellow Submarine)

    "In the town where I was born
    Lived a man who sailed the sea
    He was big, and he was dutch
    And he doesn't let in much
    Michael Kuipers is a former dutch marine..."

    Or the one about our diminutive winger Dean Cox...

    "We've got five foot Cox!"

    #40 - I remember the version going

    "When the ball hits the net
    Like a ****ing rocket
    That's Zamora!!!"

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  • 49. At 7:26pm on 12 Feb 2009, superneutral wrote:

    Away in a manger no crib for a bed,
    The little Lord Jesus asleep on the hay,
    The stars in the bright sky looked down where HEALY! HEALY! HEALY!

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  • 50. At 7:32pm on 12 Feb 2009, Pushed out by Barthez - WILTOOOOOOOOOORD wrote:

    Isn't the Zamora song:

    'When the ball hits your head
    And you're sat in Row Z
    That's Zamora!'

    Would make more sense because he never scores!

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  • 51. At 7:39pm on 12 Feb 2009, ncfcgaz wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 52. At 7:39pm on 12 Feb 2009, knapmang wrote:

    .. here's a Villa chant from the mid/late 90's when Dwight Yorke was knocking them in each week..

    To the tune of 'New York, New York'...

    Start spreading the news
    He's playing today
    I want to see him score again
    Dwight Yorke, Dwight Yorke

    If he can . . score from there
    He'll score from . . anywhere
    It's up to you
    Dwight Yorke, Dwight Yorke
    De de, de-de-de, de de, de-de-de

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  • 53. At 7:53pm on 12 Feb 2009, Epic Bale wrote:

    Plucky effort from West Ham fans to the tune of That's Amore:

    "When the ball hits the goal,
    It's not Shearer or Cole,
    That's Zamora!"

    Rival fans soon returned fire in the same tune:

    "When the ball hits your head,
    And ends up in Row Z,
    THAT's Zamora!"

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  • 54. At 8:02pm on 12 Feb 2009, ArsenalIndian wrote:

    To the tune of 'Monster' by The Automatic:
    What's that coming out of the air?
    It's Martin Laursen, it's Martin Laursen!

    A variation on the Traore one for Arsenal fans:
    Don't blame it on Henry
    Don't blame it on the injuries
    Don't blame it on the referees
    Blame it on Eboue

    Another Newcastle classic, this time directed towards Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink:
    Fat Eddie Murphy
    You're just a fat Eddie Muuurhpy

    Arsenal fans to Man United fans:
    Do you need a
    Do you need a
    Do you need a lift home?
    Do you need a lift home?

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  • 55. At 8:04pm on 12 Feb 2009, jw2034 wrote:

    nothing can beat :

    He's cracking up...he's cracking up..he's cracking...rafa's cracking up'

    especially when the kopites start joining in!

    (although the several verses directed at stevie me involving his bar antics, driving incidents and missus are up there)

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  • 56. At 8:07pm on 12 Feb 2009, kjell_suit SOFBTRC wrote:

    ye cannae beat the classic "One Shoe" sung by Dundee United fans whenever they play celtic or rangers...
    (to the tune of pet shop boys's go west)

    One Shoe
    You've Only Got One Shoe
    One Shoe
    You've Only Got One Shoe

    repeat ad nauseum.

    there are many tales as to the origin of the song but my personal favourite is the fact that shoe shops have a display outside but usually only the left shoes...and we know how lots of glaswegians like a bit of 5 finger discount... hence "one shoe"...

    makes me laugh anyway.

    and then there's the classic "Two Any gorams" as mentioned in the some of the above posts.

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  • 57. At 8:08pm on 12 Feb 2009, kjell_suit SOFBTRC wrote:

    that last sentence should read "Two Andy Gorams"..sorry

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  • 58. At 8:16pm on 12 Feb 2009, leonwba wrote:

    One of the funniest I ever heard was for Macedonia captain Artim Sakiri. The player who famously had a spat with David beckham and beat David Seaman from a corner kick while on international duty.

    Artim Sakiri
    he scores from corner kicks
    Artim Sakiri
    He thinks that beckhams S**T
    Artim Sakiri
    Lobbing Seaman all day

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  • 59. At 8:17pm on 12 Feb 2009, Herbi J wrote:

    Posh seem to feature highly tonight. A friend who supports Huddersfield Town persuaded me to go to London Road to see Posh v the Terriers.
    There were loads of huddersfield fans and they sang the "by far the greatest team the world has ever seen.." song with no trace of irony and then that "so and so's blue and white army" song. They conceded one goal (the first of 4 to be fair) and switched to "we're shite and we know we are" and to the manager "you don't know what you're doing!"
    Hilarious! I laughed till I stopped.

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  • 60. At 8:22pm on 12 Feb 2009, largesteg wrote:

    A good one for john Hartson when he played for celtic.

    To the tune of walking in a winter wonderland.

    There's only one johnny hartson
    There's only one johnny harston
    He's got no hair, but we don't care
    Walking in a Hartson wonderland.

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  • 61. At 8:22pm on 12 Feb 2009, vidicisking wrote:

    to the tune of I will survive
    portsmouth fans to gordan strachan
    quality song

    At first I was afraid I was petrified
    Thought I'd never got a another job with a premiership side
    And I spent so many nights thinking I'd done nothing wrong
    But I grew strong
    And a new job came along...

    And so I'm back managing the Saints!
    They think I'm gonna save them but its obvious I aint
    They should have called on Howard Wilko , Harry R or Georgie G
    If they want a decent gaffer then it sure as hell aint me!

    But I will survive I will survive
    As long as I've mates on telly I know I'll stay alive
    The new saints boss job is mine and I've crap players yet to sign
    I will survive I will survive

    Go on now walk out the door
    They'll be singing at St.Marys when we're in division 4
    But it'll be nothing to do with me
    my team weren't strong mentally
    but now I got a big fat pay-off
    And my country's calling me

    So I'll survive , I will survive
    I'll take Scotland to the world cup
    with hansen by my side
    we'll get beat by cameroon
    sent home after just round one
    but i'll survive !
    I will survive !

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  • 62. At 8:23pm on 12 Feb 2009, AJFarnesbarne wrote:

    I remember being at Nottingham Forest many years ago.Peter Shilton had just been featured in the newspapers where it was alleged that he had been found in a compromising situation with a female who was not his wife.The crowd were singing "Hold your hand out,you naughty boy",and "Who were you with last night?".

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  • 63. At 8:25pm on 12 Feb 2009, anti-smug wrote:

    My ode to all you premiership fans out there..................................................

    Oh Man-erpool or my beloved Chels-enal

    I'll follow you till another teams starts winning well

    Then I'll love them forever or until they're really dire

    But I've never see them them live, because I live in WILTSHIRE!!!

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  • 64. At 8:26pm on 12 Feb 2009, FredbearRam wrote:

    During our (Derby County) away leg at Old Trafford they had to resort to sending on Ronaldo who had only recently wrapped up his brand new red Ferrari. Our 11,000 travelling fans gave him a warm Derby welcome as he warmed up in front of us with..."Youre cars too fast for're cars too fast for you.....over and over not sure but i wonder if he begged Sir Alex for a run out against us....and he scored a peno.....funny tho!!

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  • 65. At 8:28pm on 12 Feb 2009, vidicisking wrote:

    Carefree wherever you may be
    We are the nouveau Chelsea FC
    so please sit down
    so my wife can see
    i've been coming here sice 2003

    When the Spurs start to cry
    when the dont qualify
    blame lasagne
    when they think its a treat
    but it is really dodgy meat
    blame lasagne

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  • 66. At 8:35pm on 12 Feb 2009, ansdelltangerine wrote:

    He's big! He's fast! His first name should be last....Collins John.

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  • 67. At 8:37pm on 12 Feb 2009, xPoppySwirlx wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 68. At 8:38pm on 12 Feb 2009, LoyalRoyal wrote:

    A couple of my favourites

    "He'll shoot, he'll score, he'll eat your labrador, soel ki heon, soel ki heon" (becuase he is Korean)

    "Feed the goat and he will score" to shaun goater

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  • 69. At 8:39pm on 12 Feb 2009, el beako wrote:

    Never really took off, but we were young and thought it was quite funny at the time...

    89-90 Leeds get Chris Kamara from Stoke for the promotion push...

    (Think Culture Club - Karma Chameleon)

    Kama kama kama kamara
    He come from Stoke
    He come form Sto-ooooke

    I'll get my coat

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  • 70. At 8:39pm on 12 Feb 2009, Rasef6271 wrote:

    As a Celtic fan, i remember years ago standing in the famous jungle end of the ground. We were at home to Dundee Utd, who at this time had a great team, and up front was a certain Mr DAVIE DODDS. Now poor Davie must have been at the end of queue when good looks were being handed out...the chant at the time was .."DAVIE DODDS THE ELEPHANT , DAVIE DODDS THE ELEPHANT MAN !!!!!! ( sung to an annoying instrumental in the charts of early 80's)

    Now, i had taken with me a good friend, it was his first game at Celtic park...and he was new to all the songs.

    He was singining " DAVIE DODDS A HELLUVA MAN , DAVIE DODDS A HELLUVA MAN"....hahahahahaha


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  • 71. At 8:41pm on 12 Feb 2009, thedogsballads wrote:

    Surely the finest ever chant was directed at Steve McManaman by Liverpool supporters. It was simply, 'McManaman' to the tune of 'The Muppets'.

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  • 72. At 8:44pm on 12 Feb 2009, xDAVEYEDGEx wrote:

    HE'S S**T

    hats off to liverpool fans, the torres song is amazing

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  • 73. At 8:46pm on 12 Feb 2009, TS wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 74. At 8:46pm on 12 Feb 2009, dunnerdufc wrote:

    Sung by Dundee United fans -

    to Fabian Caballero when he played for Dundee......

    Your just a fat Michael Jackson, Fat Michael Jackson
    Your just a fat Michael Jackson!

    to a police man with ginger hair -

    Ginger hair is unaceptable, Ginger hair is unaceptable.

    to the tune of kings of leon.....

    Who-o-o your hair is on fire

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  • 75. At 8:47pm on 12 Feb 2009, xDAVEYEDGEx wrote:

    oh, and:

    capello, are you listening?
    wenger's found what englands missing
    he's just 17
    and living the dream
    walking in a wilshere wonderland

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  • 76. At 8:53pm on 12 Feb 2009, gtloiner wrote:

    I live a little village west of Leeds.

    They have a small team known as Farsley Celtic who play in the northern conference.

    I went to watch them a few times pre-season and the best part of the games were the 12/13 fans chanting...

    "Yor getting beat by a village, beat by a village, your getting beat by a village!"

    the pre season team that they were hosting and may i add beat

    Leeds United
    Sheffield United
    Bradford City

    Now you have to love that chant.

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  • 77. At 8:55pm on 12 Feb 2009, LaUrFmC wrote:

    Can't remember who Man U were playing in one of the first games of the season, but Tevez was warming up and looking like he'd had the summer off, if you know what I mean. The fans started singing to the Kaiser Chiefs tune:-

    oooohh Tevez, na na na na na
    oooohh oh Tevez na na na na na......

    I predict a diet, I predict a diet

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  • 78. At 8:59pm on 12 Feb 2009, rhyswynne wrote:

    A very Web 2.0 chant sung in the lower leagues, when the player/fan banter is a lot closer.

    "_________ is on facebook, ________ is on facebook, na na na na"

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  • 79. At 9:13pm on 12 Feb 2009, BRFC_till_i_die wrote:

    Hes got a long name!
    Hes got a long naaaame!
    Zurab Khizanishvili
    Hes got a long name!

    genious !

    love the blog its the first thing i look for on bbc now!

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  • 80. At 9:14pm on 12 Feb 2009, 4fabregas wrote:

    All things bright and beautiful,
    All creatures great and small,
    All things wise and wonderful,
    John Hartson ate them all!

    You fat b****d!

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  • 81. At 9:25pm on 12 Feb 2009, kcfc-1994-mufc wrote:

    another but i think more accurate version of the torres song

    the armband proved he was a red torres torres

    you'll never walk alone it said torres torres

    we bought tha la' from sunny spain

    he gets the ball he scrores again



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  • 82. At 9:28pm on 12 Feb 2009, singingbrightonrock wrote:

    To Colchester keeper Dean Gerken:
    You should've stayed in a burger, stayed in a buuuur-geeerr!

    Brighton fans about Posh Spice whenever loyal servant Gary Hart skins someone:
    "Victoria is from Brighton, she's got a Southern heart, and when she's sh*gging Beckham she thinks of Gary Hart!"

    Sung by most clubs to fallen 'giants' eg Leeds, Leicester, Norwich, Notts Forest-
    "You're not a big club, anymore!"

    And one that did amuse me particularly, quite confident Leeds fans in the isolated away end at the Withdean which is separated by a running track:
    "Can you tell us, can you tell us, can you tell us when we score?"

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  • 83. At 9:30pm on 12 Feb 2009, rjaggar wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 84. At 9:33pm on 12 Feb 2009, jonny wrote:

    All these are great. At Rochdale we've finally managed to get some good tunes - for years our best chant was just "daaaaayyyyyyuuuuuulllll" said in a sad monotone to really lift the players!

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  • 85. At 9:36pm on 12 Feb 2009, tonyred wrote:

    I was at Anfield in the late 60s. Manchester City at home.
    Right winger Mike Summerbee was ahving a blinder-really brillant.
    City fans
    Mike.. mike.. Summerbee

    Liverpool fans.. straight away..
    who the hell is he.

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  • 86. At 9:38pm on 12 Feb 2009, Simon12 wrote:

    I was at Birmingham Vs Grimsby and some bloke shouted out "you ate my goldfish" !

    There was the keeper with schizophrenia and everyone sang "there's only two Andy Gorams!"

    Keep right on

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  • 87. At 9:38pm on 12 Feb 2009, Notagain10mins2go wrote:

    A personal Favourite was during Boro's Uefa cup run:

    'Geordies at home watching the Bill.
    Boro's away playing Seville'

    It didn't help during the match but caused great laughter when the Bill theme was played at the next game against Newcastle..

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  • 88. At 9:40pm on 12 Feb 2009, -SAVE 606-Blueboyrob wrote:

    Their was a classic chant by Blackburn fans to Jose Mourhino when he wore his grey coat
    "You bought your coat from Matalan"

    Short but sweet

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  • 89. At 9:41pm on 12 Feb 2009, Notagain10mins2go wrote:

    Another piece of Lloyd Webberish genius:
    Brighton fans to the theme of Amore'

    'Its not Shearer or Cole when the ball hits the Goal
    Its Zamora'

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  • 90. At 9:41pm on 12 Feb 2009, Andy Loughran wrote:

    My favourite is the generic:

    "There's only one Tommy Johnson, one Tommy Johnson, there's only one Tommy Johnson"

    Was sung at a Villa versus Derby game in the mid 90s.

    Only for the Derby fans to amusingly retort:

    "There's only Wan-Chope!"

    Paulo Wanchope.. what a man.

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  • 91. At 9:45pm on 12 Feb 2009, -SAVE 606-Blueboyrob wrote:

    Another great one directed to ex Liverpool striker Voronin(Cant remember the first name)
    "Your just a fat Paris Hilton, just a fat Paris Hilton"

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  • 92. At 9:52pm on 12 Feb 2009, Haruki wrote:

    When the ball hits your head
    And you're sat in row Z
    That's Zamora

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  • 93. At 9:55pm on 12 Feb 2009, Norewan wrote:

    Robinho - She said No
    Robinho - She said No
    Robinho - She said No
    Robinho - She said No
    Robinho - She said No
    Robinho - She said No
    Robinho - She said No
    Robinho - She said No

    27000 Stoke fans trying to make a point.

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  • 94. At 10:00pm on 12 Feb 2009, cymrulad1 wrote:

    Hey heres one for Dimi:

    Dimi, Dimi,
    He's the Greek Shotstopper,
    He's 6 foot 4,
    Good and Proper,
    He's in the blue of City
    Just a little bit gritty,
    But theres only one Greek,
    We ain't up **** creek,
    With Dimi the Greek!


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  • 95. At 10:01pm on 12 Feb 2009, misher23 wrote:

    I remember the Celtic fans had a great chant for the long haired Portugese striker George Cadette.

    There's only one Geroge Cadette,
    He's got hair like spaghetti
    He's Portugese and he scores with ease
    Walking in a george cadette land

    Also in terms of good comebacks, I remember former scotland striker Darren Jackson playing for livingston against the mighty Inverness Caley Thistle. His reponse to an Inverness fan giving some stick was as follows:

    Fan to DJ- "Jackson you're a has-been!"
    DJ to fan - "Well its better than being a never been like you!"

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  • 96. At 10:03pm on 12 Feb 2009, geniusTHFC-RossG wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 97. At 10:05pm on 12 Feb 2009, Lanky-ffc wrote:

    Falkirk fans winding up Rangers before a recent game:

    "We support our local team, We support our local team!"

    Songs sung to Inverness, Ross County, any team from Highlands:

    "Home in a tractor, you're going home in a tractor!"

    Sung to rivals, Scumfermline:

    "Oh it was down in the town of Dunfermline,
    Where most of the fighting was done,
    When a loyal supporter of Falkirk,
    Was shot by a dunfermline gun,

    As he lay on the terraces dying,
    With the blood gushing out of his,

    As he lay on the terraces dying,
    He turned to the crowd and said,

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  • 98. At 10:09pm on 12 Feb 2009, 12daysofFC wrote:

    United fans have got one song which has about 500 verses! all taking the mick out of cITY.

    here are a few of my favourites:

    "they've got curly watts as a celebrity fan"
    " they've got undersoil heating on economy seven"
    "you can see old trafford from the kippax stand"

    coz city are a massive club!

    United and FC United still have some great ones:

    Viva John Terry,
    Viva John Terry,
    coulda won the cup but he
    ****** it up Viva John terry!

    Under the boardwalk sung by FC supporters is always amusing when listening to 2000 plus blokes trying hit the top note.

    one of the funniest moments though was at everton away,

    when a downpour hit and united fans turned to the scousers and began singing

    "its the first ******* wash you've ever had!!!"

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  • 99. At 10:09pm on 12 Feb 2009, ZacharyRiley wrote:

    A selection:

    (Dougie Freedman)
    How much is that Dougie in the Window!


    Who let the Doug out, Who Who Who?

    Also, the Chelsea fans response to being asked not to swear.

    He's here,
    He's there,
    We're not allowed to swear!
    Frank Lebeouf, Frank Lebeouf!


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  • 100. At 10:10pm on 12 Feb 2009, ZEUSFC wrote:

    i love the agadoo/berbatov one, which ends...

    he's spec-tac-u-lar
    and he looks like drac-u-la!

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  • 101. At 10:31pm on 12 Feb 2009, Arctic wrote:

    He's fat, he's round,
    We'll bounce him out the ground,
    Wayne Rooney, Wayne Rooney

    He's fat, he's Scouse,
    He'll probably rob your house
    and his name is Wayne Rooney..

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  • 102. At 10:33pm on 12 Feb 2009, Deano_of_the_Toon wrote:

    to post 87

    after the boro got stuffed by seville in the uefa cup, there was a reply to there ''geordies at home watchin the bill....''

    ''geordies at home watchin the bill,
    switched it over seville 4-0''

    haha classic

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  • 103. At 10:33pm on 12 Feb 2009, WeeGingerMcShortie wrote:

    Re: Post 11.
    At Coventry we had a simple one too.
    Say who needs Cantona when we've got Wegerle. Repeat ad infinitum.

    Even if Bobby Gould never managed to understand it I'm sure everyone else did!

    I was a member of a worldwide mailing list that wrote one for Darren Huckerby and featured your old man, Gav. To the tune of "let it be" :

    When we were once in times of trouble,
    Gordon Strachan came for me,
    Scoring goals for City

    Huckerby, Huckerby, Huckerby, Huckerby,
    Scoring Goals for City,

    Only got a few airings at Highfield Road but I love it to this day

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  • 104. At 10:33pm on 12 Feb 2009, that's why we're champions! wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 105. At 10:34pm on 12 Feb 2009, RadebeRaver88 wrote:

    i once posted this on the leeds 606 board to see if we could get the chant goin about david prutton who now has a canny resmeblance of jesus.

    song to the chorus of kanye west's jesus walks

    Jesus walks,
    God showed him the way to right our wrongs
    Jesus plays for leeds, for leeds, for leeds.

    I was ridiculed and it unsuprisingly never took off in the kop. i therefore have retired from football chant writing.

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  • 106. At 10:40pm on 12 Feb 2009, Plato wrote:

    United fans about identical brazilian twins Rafael and Fabio Da Silva,

    Viva Da Silva, Viva Da Silva,
    When they're on the pitch,
    We don't know which one's which,
    Viva Da Silva!!!!

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  • 107. At 10:50pm on 12 Feb 2009, Scott Danns Four Million wrote:

    My personal favourite (To the tune of the adams family):

    "Your father is your brother,
    Your sister is your mother,
    You like to sh*g eachother
    Its the Leicester Family!


    And i remember at Coventry we did have a chant for dimi konstantopolous, something along the lines of:

    "We can't spell our keepers name!" Repeated

    And when Kevin Pressman played in goal for us once or twice a few seasons back, despite him being our keeper, every goal kick "oooohhhhhhhhhh you fat b*st*rd. Quality.

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  • 108. At 10:51pm on 12 Feb 2009, L-M-R FC wrote:

    my mate comes back from the emirates every week singing

    da da, da da da da, da da EBOUE!

    cant remember the name of the tune, some gooners on here will know it im sure, always makes me laugh though that the gooners think he is shocking too!

    whoever posted the reply to the torres song thats absolute genius ill begrudgingly admit

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  • 109. At 10:58pm on 12 Feb 2009, Tim-Cahills-Glove wrote:

    When Johnson scored his second against Liverpool after Reina messed up, one guy stood up and started singing

    "Reina Drops Keep Falling On My Head"

    I could swear I've never laughed so hard in my life.

    We Everton fans pride ourselves on making up unrepeatable comebacks to any song ever sang by any Liverpool fan, including versions about Torres, Norway, Gerrard, Benitez etc ...

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  • 110. At 11:00pm on 12 Feb 2009, Coxy88 wrote:

    When I was on the tram to watch Man Utd v Celtic earlier in the season it was just after Obama was voted in and the Celtic fans sang...

    We love you, we love you, we love you
    And where you go we follow, we follow, we follow,
    'Cause we support Obama, Obama, Obama,
    And that's the way we like it, we like it, we like it

    *Obama instead of "the celtic"

    Dunno why I liked it but its been in my head for months!

    Enjoyed the blog and read every comment!

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  • 111. At 11:02pm on 12 Feb 2009, weloveyoucitywedo wrote:

    He's French he's s*#t
    he gets a game when no ones fit
    Pascal Cygan Pascal Cygan

    From the oh so cynical library boys !

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  • 112. At 11:03pm on 12 Feb 2009, L-M-R FC wrote:

    some horsham ones

    (yellow submarine)
    we all follow the yellow and the green, the yellow and the green, the yellow and the green

    the hardcore fans are the called the lardy army so...
    no surrender, no surrender, no surrender to the low fat spread!

    when we went up to swansea in the cup and took the lead twice:

    were not very good, were not very good, were not very were not very were not very good!

    and when we ultimately lost by 4 goals:

    6-2! you only won 6-2!

    those kinds are always my favourite

    also the standard "stand up/sit down if you hate swansea/love horsham" depending on what the home fans were doing!

    a few pre-pubescent chavs were there too, one was chanting sheep, sheep, sheep sh*gger!

    the best part was the look on his face when security took him out of the stand, almost sh*t himself!

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  • 113. At 11:04pm on 12 Feb 2009, Blandy811 wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 114. At 11:15pm on 12 Feb 2009, therealdons1983 wrote:

    A few from the far North, Aberdeen:

    When beating Dundee United 3-0 in Dundee, the Dons fans behind the United keeper Alan Combe's goal after a couple of howlers from the man himself:

    "Oh I'd rather be a brush than Alan Combe, Oh I'd rather be a brush than Alan Combe"

    (To the tune of she'll be coming round the mountain)

    To the tune of don't cry for me Argentina for argentine Fernando Pasquinelli recently signed from Livingston:

    Don't cry for me Pasquinelli, the truth is you never loved Livi.
    You dreamt of Pittodrie and the two Jimmys
    and now you play for Aberdeen!

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  • 115. At 11:18pm on 12 Feb 2009, WashingtonDCOwl wrote:

    Wise, Wise, whatever have you done?
    You've taken Leeds to Division One.
    You won't win a cup,
    You won't win a shield,
    Your biggest game will be Huddersfield.

    No offence to Huddersfield of course. Up the Owls!

    Living in the US I do miss proper football songs. I keep trying to get them going at DC United games but usually to no avail. The best I got going last season was to Rohan Ricketts of Toronto FC:

    "You need more vitamins!"

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  • 116. At 11:20pm on 12 Feb 2009, LcfcValiant wrote:

    (Kaiser Chiefs - I predict a riot)

    "I predict a riot,
    super matty fryatt"

    Sure is causing one in league one this season :)

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  • 117. At 11:21pm on 12 Feb 2009, MilanRosseneri wrote:

    He shoots he scores he'll eat your labrador Y.P.Lee, Y.P.Lee !!


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  • 118. At 11:23pm on 12 Feb 2009, StokeseyTheShot wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 119. At 11:24pm on 12 Feb 2009, peter_lpool wrote:

    "Strachan, your blog is ****."
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


    I have to admit it isn't.

    Brilliant read.

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  • 120. At 11:35pm on 12 Feb 2009, finster-two wrote:

    Some good original ones...

    I'm a Villa fan and we were greeted by Chelsea fans back in the 90's by:

    Chim chimeny chim chimeny chim chim charoo
    We hate the w****rs in Claret and Blue!

    My personal favourite was a Liverpool one a couple of years back aimed at Crouchy:

    He's big, he's red
    His feet stick out the bed
    Peter Crouch Peter Crouch!

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  • 121. At 11:39pm on 12 Feb 2009, fmttm_liam wrote:

    There were a couple of good ones kicking around when we used to have a good defence:

    (Adams Family)
    In our defensive foursome
    He's absolutely awesome
    From corners he will score some
    It's Ugo Ehiogu
    Do do do do UGO!


    Chim Chiminee Chim Chiminee
    Chim Chim Cherree
    We don't need Salgado, We've got Parnaby
    Chim Chiminee Chim Chiminee
    Chim Chim Cherroo
    We don't that Carlos, Cos We've got Queudrue

    I dont think it'll catch on with the Birmingham lads now tho......

    Up the Boro!

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  • 122. At 11:46pm on 12 Feb 2009, chris87willis87 wrote:

    You are my Solskjaer,
    My Ole Solskjaer,
    You make me happy,
    When the skies are grey,
    Oh Alan Shearer,
    Was so much dearer,
    Don't take my Solskjaer away!!

    2(0 LE)GEND!!

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  • 123. At 11:51pm on 12 Feb 2009, Giggsy_for_Life wrote:

    another great blog gavin
    dont let what other people say discourage you if they mock you
    i never used to read blogs on BBC but since reading this one i have begun to and i always look forward to reading your newest blog

    keep up the good work

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  • 124. At 00:00am on 13 Feb 2009, Admiral Glad wrote:

    One that I sang during Euro 2008, with Luka Modric the only Spurs player there, and England knocked out by Shteve Mclaren:

    Croatia 'til July!
    I'm Croatia 'til July!
    I know I am, I'm sure I am,
    Croatia 'til July!

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  • 125. At 00:11am on 13 Feb 2009, CarefreeCoors wrote:

    I don't know what's more enjoyable, this blog or the replies from users.

    It's been mentioned before, but I loved Newcastle's "Sunday, Monday, Habib Beye" to the tune of the Happy Days theme. Completely random but an absolute classic.

    The best are the songs created in retaliation to a song. For example, "Going down, going down" then the "So are we, so are we" reply is hilarious.

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  • 126. At 00:13am on 13 Feb 2009, yoyogamesguy wrote:

    Often heard at The Emirates..for both Liverpool and Everton supporters.

    "You're only here of our hubcaps, you're only here for our hubcaps".

    or to the tune of "You'll never walk alone"

    "sign on, sign on
    with your pen in your hand
    cos you'll never work again
    you'll never work again"


    "We pay your benefits, we pay your benefits"

    or to fans of Newcastle Utd (sponsor Northern Rock"

    "We pay your sponsorship, we pay your sponsorship"

    Heard in 2001 to West Ham

    "Salad for Lampard, Salad for Lampard"

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  • 127. At 00:14am on 13 Feb 2009, Andy Gardiner wrote:

    The Beaverbrook of the blogosphere

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  • 128. At 00:15am on 13 Feb 2009, Admiral Glad wrote:

    An original from me: To the tune of "Baby when you're gone" (Bryan Adams)

    Robbie when you're gone
    I feel like I'm in love
    The Kop don't know your song
    And the Lane missed you soooooo much
    But now 'Arry's got you back
    The Spurs are back on track
    Games go on and on
    Keano when you're gooooone!

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  • 129. At 00:16am on 13 Feb 2009, news_man wrote:

    When Gary and Phil were both at Man Utd. They used to sing to the tune of "rebel rebel":

    Neville Neville,
    Your futures imense,
    Neville Neville,
    You play in defence,
    Neville Neville,
    Like Jacko you're bad,
    Neville Neville's the name of your dad!


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  • 130. At 00:21am on 13 Feb 2009, Admiral Glad wrote:

    One that Newcastle fans should sing when they next play Wigan:

    (to Charles N'Zogbia):

    Do you e-ver
    Do you e-ver
    Do you ever fall asleep?
    Do you e-e-ver fall asleep?


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  • 131. At 00:34am on 13 Feb 2009, GeneralJ1K wrote:

    A classic at Easter Road, for our giant captain Rob Jones, to the tune of "Gold" by Spandau Ballet...

    We've got Jones, JONES!
    Always believe in Rob Jones
    He's got the power to score,
    He's indestructable
    Always belieeevve...

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  • 132. At 00:46am on 13 Feb 2009, MagpieSean wrote:

    I like the Delroy Facey song at Notts, and the one to the tune of Anarchy in the UK.

    However my favourite chant of the season was the Rotherham fans at Notts after we (undeservedly) went a goal down. The prices had been reduced for home fans and the Rotherham fans were singing "you want your fiver back, you want your fiver back."

    Great blog as per usual Gav, hope to see you and Butch back soon!

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  • 133. At 00:57am on 13 Feb 2009, thejohnnyenfield wrote:

    Whenever Man U played Spurs during the Ginola era

    "Posh Spice is a slapper
    she wears a wonderbra
    but when she'ds shagging Bekham
    She dreams of Ginola


    Steve Archibald once stated in an interview his finest moments in Football were when the whole of the Lane sang this song to the theme of the BA add

    "We'll take more care of you Archibald..Archibald"

    To which Gooners replied....

    Your just a scotish Jew..........

    Tina...Tina....Tina was a good chant to upset Peter Shiltern when playing away!

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  • 134. At 01:04am on 13 Feb 2009, thejohnnyenfield wrote:

    New chant for 'Arry Redknapp

    To the tune of Sham 69's Hurry up Harry

    Come on.......Come on......
    'urry up 'Arry, come on.

    We're gonna win the Cup....
    We're gonna win the Cup

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  • 135. At 01:29am on 13 Feb 2009, coolPiefan wrote:

    My memory of the Peter Shilton embarrasment, when he was caught having nookie with a woman in a car was that the following Saturday at Arsenal the whole ground singing "If youve all had Tina clap your hands......."

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  • 136. At 01:34am on 13 Feb 2009, Jalapeno_Parmo wrote:

    ManU had a real clever one about the Neville brothers sung to Bowies Rebel Rebel. I can only remember the last line

    Neville Neville....It's your dads name

    When I was a kid and Boro got George Kinnell from Sunderland, I was fond of this sung to She'll be Coming Round the Mountain.

    Oh we paid 30,000 FOR KINNELL......etc

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  • 137. At 02:03am on 13 Feb 2009, tompain100 wrote:

    Jimmy Bullard, Bullard
    He’s thinner than Frank Lampard
    He's better than Steven Gerrard
    Jimmy Bullard, Bullard


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  • 138. At 02:39am on 13 Feb 2009, martinspurs wrote:

    The Judas Low Life song was aimed at upsetting one person due to the treacherous nature of his departure. It wasn't aimed at him because of colour and quite frankly the only reason the fans sang about his sanity is because the media reported him as going la-la. Do we really need any advice on how to make up songs?? English fans have done fairly well without any overriding influences. As for teaching people to read and write it may be best to start with the PL players and teach some players how to read their contracts!!!

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  • 139. At 02:42am on 13 Feb 2009, martinspurs wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 140. At 02:59am on 13 Feb 2009, eagle_4_eva wrote:

    The one chant to really affect a player was Jason Lee at Forest years ago.

    "He's got a pineapple on his head"

    To be fair, it was fairly accurate!

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  • 141. At 03:13am on 13 Feb 2009, eagle_4_eva wrote:

    My favourite was a response by Ipswich fans to inbred/farmer chants by Liverpool fans years ago:

    "I'd rather be a famer than a thief!"

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  • 142. At 03:29am on 13 Feb 2009, LooseLoseBreakBrakeThereIsADifference wrote:

    Hang the game, we are paying for the banter!

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  • 143. At 03:45am on 13 Feb 2009, henners_1988 wrote:

    Best chant i ever heard about david healy:

    Away in a manger no crib for a bed,
    the little lord jesus lay down his sweet head.
    The stars in the bright sky looked down where HE LAY HE LAY HEALY HEALY

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  • 144. At 03:58am on 13 Feb 2009, thejohnnyenfield wrote:

    The singing at the Emirates was unfortunately from the away end as they chanted

    "Don't even sing when your winning"

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  • 145. At 04:09am on 13 Feb 2009, AotearoaVillan wrote:

    Two spring to my mind; a few years ago when David Unsworth signed for the Villa then changed his mind a week later and joined Everton cos his missus moaned, this irked the Holte Enders a bit. So on his return with the Bitter Blues later in the year he was greeted with

    "David Unsworth, David Unsworth,
    does your missus know you're here?
    Does your missus know you're here?"

    The second was earlier this year at the World Club Championship when Adelaide United supporters serenaded the opposition (an unpronounceable Japanese club side) with:

    "You only sing when you're whaling, sing when you're whaling" etc..

    Other than that I agree that the more thought that goes in to chants then the funnier they are. For any one in doubt I suggest checking out as much as Half Man Half Biscuit's back catalogue as possible to gauge the style and talent necessary for a good chant .

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  • 146. At 04:14am on 13 Feb 2009, thejohnnyenfield wrote:

    There was a great Ipswich song which copied the Arse's Viera but but I cant remember the player?


    Whoever)... woooahh

    He comes from Afrika
    He drives a big tractor

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  • 147. At 04:39am on 13 Feb 2009, ojohnnyboy wrote:

    heres a cracking ji sung park song we like to sing at old trafford.

    park park wherever you may be,
    you eat dogs in your home country,
    could be worse,
    you could be scouse,
    eating rats in your council house.


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  • 148. At 04:58am on 13 Feb 2009, alexrobb wrote:

    I remember seeing Newcastle playing Southampton at the Dell during the late 90s when the Saints had Bruce Grobbelaar during his match fixing scandal. There was a great chant of
    'give us a goal, give us a goal,
    Brucie, Brucie give us a goal' from the Newcastle fans. There were a few more as well that i really can't remember at the moment
    Great blog Gavin

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  • 149. At 05:29am on 13 Feb 2009, ReformationPostTLC wrote:

    In the good old days of Highbury in the late 80s we used to sing a song about Nigel Winterburn to the tune of

    "Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep" by Middle of the Road.

    "Ni-gel Win-ter-burn" (Where's your Mama gone?)

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  • 150. At 06:24am on 13 Feb 2009, Deano_of_the_Toon wrote:

    The chants that take the p#ss out of your own players seem to be the most comical, us newcastle fans have a one for shola ameobi to the tune of the 'hoacky coacky'

    you put your left foot in, yout left foot out,
    lin out, in out, shake it all about,
    you do the ameobi and fall over,
    thats wat is all about.

    poor shola hahaha

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  • 151. At 06:53am on 13 Feb 2009, Bloody Marvellous wrote:

    Referring to the county boundary changes, visitors to Hull City used to sing (to the tune of Cwm Rhondda):

    "You're not Yorkshire anymore, (anymore)!

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  • 152. At 07:35am on 13 Feb 2009, Jerzy Dudeks Big Bent Nose wrote:

    Can't remember who started singing this one when they came top Anfield last season at Anfield, but even we started joining in.

    To Andrei Voronin:

    "You're just a fat Paris Hilton,
    A fat Parius Hilton
    You're just a fat Paris Hilton"


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  • 153. At 07:49am on 13 Feb 2009, Thistledhub wrote:

    Pre- season friendly, Preston V Hearts, the Hearts fans were singing about Craig Gordon being injured all the time.

    to the tune of Jilted John

    1 week in and 3 weeks out, Gordon is a tampon.

    The Boro - Newcastle Bill/Seville originated in the Celtic Rangers games prior to the Celtic UEFA cup final. Celtic fans turned up with beach balls etc and chanted

    "While we are out in Seville,pleae will you tape us the Bill" Whilst wearing Sombreros

    After the final and Celtic's defeat, the Rangers fans were wearing Police helmets and singing "What was the score in Seville, because we were watching the Bill!"

    Brilliant stuff.

    Great blog Gavin and good subject, most fans have a good laugh with songs at games. The big problem today is too many fans are now "offended" and the pc brigade wade in. Why dont they understand, it is only banter?

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  • 154. At 07:55am on 13 Feb 2009, Lohengrin wrote:

    No 27, I recall that exchange occurring at Elland Road when Leeds United (then in the top-flight) played Swindon Town.

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  • 155. At 08:07am on 13 Feb 2009, ThePaniniBandit wrote:

    In reply to number 27 - I like the "in game" live chants too.

    My personal favourite was August 2007 when West Brom were playing in Cardiff - and John Hartson was warming up (this was when we thought BFJ was going to be a good signing for us!):

    Albion Fans (to the tune of The Automatic song):

    What's that coming over the hill?
    Is it John Hartson??

    To which the Cardiff fans immediately replied with:

    What's that looking over the hill?
    Is it John Hartson?
    Is it John Hartson??

    I was in the away end but thought that was brilliant!


    Incidentally, I live in Cardiff so watch majority of matches with the Cardiff fans.

    Not long after the above game, Cardiff were beating the Dingles (W*lves) when the away fans decided to aid Cardiff's ground improvements by making it an "all seater pitch" (if you get my meaning).

    No sooner had it started the quick-thinking Cardiff fans in unison began with:

    "Sit down, and behave yourselves"
    to the tune of "you're s**t and you know you are"


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  • 156. At 08:44am on 13 Feb 2009, Lohengrin wrote:

    After Leeds United were promoted to the First Division in 1989/90, we played Genoa in a friendly at Elland Road. Gav, your old man, Gordon, was struck by the ball in his nether regions which was met with, "Never having children, you're never having children, you're... " well, you get the idea. It was my chant but it never really made it big....obviously unlike Gordon's "old man" as you're living proof. I'll fetch me coat.

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  • 157. At 08:44am on 13 Feb 2009, WhatKatieDid - Wanderers No 65 wrote:

    (To the tune of Yellow Submarine)

    Number 1 is Gary Breen
    Number 2 is Gary Breen
    Number 3 is Gary Breen
    Number 4 is Gary Breen
    Number 5 is Gary Breen
    Number 6 is Gary Breen
    Number 7 is Gary Breen
    Number 8 is Gary Breen
    Number 9 is Stevie Bull
    Number 10 is Gary Breen
    Number 11 is Gary Breen
    Number 12 is Gary Breen

    We all dream of a team of Gary Breens...

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  • 158. At 08:44am on 13 Feb 2009, AdamBeGood wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 159. At 08:54am on 13 Feb 2009, The Black Cadejo wrote:

    My favourite chant at Swansea is to the tune of the Lion Sleeps Tonight. The words are simply "Swim away, a-swim away..." complete with breast stroke actions. It comes from a story of a group of Cardiff fans being chased into Swansea Bay.

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  • 160. At 08:59am on 13 Feb 2009, GordonAUFC wrote:

    I remember a good few seasons ago my team Ayr Utd were sittting bottom of the league, and we got this chant..

    Division one, is upside down,
    division one is upside down,
    we'ew going up, with the 'Bankies,
    And the Saints are going down!

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  • 161. At 09:01am on 13 Feb 2009, goodwill_the_blue wrote:

    Hi Gavin

    Good blog, one question i've always wondered is about players reactions when hearing spectators.
    When you are playing away, and you hear opposition fans giving you an earfull or the obligatory 'hand gestures' whenever there's a throw in, corner or free kick near the sidelines, how does this affect you in the main.
    Do you, become imune to it, or just switch off, when going near the sidelines?

    Being an Oldham fan, we use the 'He used to be s***e, but now he's allright' on Mark Allott, always gets a laugh

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  • 162. At 09:03am on 13 Feb 2009, Badger wrote:

    My two favourites:

    Pongolle, Pongolle
    Sinama Pongolle
    He's got no song 'cos his name's too long
    Sinama Pongolle

    and one for Tourette's suffer Tim Howard (to the tune of Chim Chimmeny)

    Tim, Timminy, Tim, Timminy, Tim Tim Teroo
    We've got Tim Howard and he says **** you!


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  • 163. At 09:09am on 13 Feb 2009, Lohengrin wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 164. At 09:18am on 13 Feb 2009, mape_ventura wrote:

    Good blog Strachan.

    You're on your way to the Moss Rose on Tuesday night, so i'll get to work on a chant for you. Though if it involves my saying your blog is sh*te, at least you know i think otherwise above ---^

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  • 165. At 09:26am on 13 Feb 2009, PeterH wrote:

    Gavin Strachan Song (to the tune of "the ants go marching"(or the Torres song))

    He warms the bench for Notts County
    Gavin Gavin
    He writes a blog on the BBC
    Gavin Gavin
    This Journeyman player of 13 years
    Has scored less times than Hazel Blears
    He's Gavin Strachan, He's Scotlands favourite son!

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  • 166. At 09:27am on 13 Feb 2009, beckettitfc wrote:

    Recent ipswich one doing the rounds.....

    'there were 10 german bombers in the air, there were 10 german bombers in the air,
    annnnnnd the RAF from Ipswich shot them down, annnnnd the RAF from Ipswich shot them down, and the RAF from Ipswich, RAF from Ipswich, RAF from Ipswich shot them down!

    there were 9 German Bombers......

    All the way to it!!!

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  • 167. At 09:33am on 13 Feb 2009, JacksAway wrote:

    One I remember from the liberty when we had Kevin Amankwah playing for us:

    "Who's Amankwah in the white....'

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  • 168. At 09:37am on 13 Feb 2009, fruitypro wrote:

    A good one at Spurs which now we can sing again, when we are playing Liverpool or Everton...

    "We've got Jermain Defoe, you nick car stereos"!!

    And I can't believe no-one's put the Park Ji Sung one on here either...

    "Park, Park, wherever you may be,
    You all eat dogs in your home country,
    But it could be worse,
    You could be scouse,
    Eating rats in your council house"!

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  • 169. At 09:37am on 13 Feb 2009, Lohengrin wrote:

    To the traditional, "We are Leeds, we are Leeds, we are Leeds...." I have heard, "We are Stoke, we are Stoke, we are Stoke." - that cracked me up or no reason other than it's assumption of some past glory.

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  • 170. At 09:51am on 13 Feb 2009, Pete wrote:

    We've had a couple of good 'uns at Stevenage in our time. One that springs to mind:

    "Then I saw his face,
    His name was Eldinho
    Not a trace
    Left his marker behind
    I'm in love (woooooh)
    His name is Eldinho
    He couldn't leave us if he tried."

    But he did leave us.

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  • 171. At 09:53am on 13 Feb 2009, Westdrop wrote:

    As an Evertonian my favourite at the moment is definitely the song used to serenade Steven Pienaar to the tune of "the musicman"

    "My name is Pienaar
    I come from far away
    And I can play
    What can you play?
    I play the Pienaar
    Pi-e, Pi-e, Pi-e-naar, Pi-e-naar, Pie-naar
    Pi-e, Pi-e, Pi-e-naar, Pi-e-naar, Pie-naar".

    Also, a classic to sing to any 'keeper who drops a lot of crosses (to the tune of "Any dream will do" from Joseph)

    "I close my eyes, when I come for corners (aah-aah)"..................

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  • 172. At 09:59am on 13 Feb 2009, martinspurs wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 173. At 10:07am on 13 Feb 2009, reno28 wrote:

    Similar to post 155 the first time I heard a chant to the tune of 'The Automatic' was during a Spurs game...

    What's that coming over the hill?
    Is it Chimbonda?
    Is it Chimbonda?

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  • 174. At 10:11am on 13 Feb 2009, bazza_w wrote:

    There's plenty of good chants and songs in the lower leagues in Scotland...

    The Queen of the South fans sing the following about Steven Dobbie:

    Steve Dobbie, Dobbie,
    We don't care if you're overweight,
    You're finishing's f....g great,
    Steve Dobbie, Dobbie

    Or Berwick Rangers, to the tune of Gold by Spandau Ballet:

    Black and Gold!
    Always believe in your soul...

    Queen's Park fans to Stuart McGrady (Franki Valli - Can't take my eyes off you):

    Oh Stuart McGrady,
    And if it's quite alright,
    Oh Stuart McGrady,
    You are the love of my life
    Oh Stuart McGrady,
    I want ginger hair too

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  • 175. At 10:11am on 13 Feb 2009, GD wrote:

    #172 - because it's libellous, and not funny?

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  • 176. At 10:24am on 13 Feb 2009, lufcforever1986 wrote:

    A few years ago we signed Teddy Lucic and the song we sang was:

    "Last Christmas we dropped Ian Harte
    But the very next day we said he could play
    This year to save us from tears
    We're gonna play Teddy Lucic"

    Still one of my favourites to this day.

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  • 177. At 10:25am on 13 Feb 2009, willmajor_ctfc wrote:

    As much as it pains me to say it, my team (Cheltenham) , has produced some really strange chants, worryingly concerning the size of their players arses!

    one such example,

    We love you Cainsey,
    You are our Number 5,
    We love Cainsey,
    Your arse is supersize,
    We love you Cainsey,
    Your nickname should be J-Loooooo,

    Was particularly rubbish but entertaining!

    Another classic i enjoy is jast simply chanting 'JUDY,JUDY,JUDY,JUDY' and John Finnigan our skipper,

    and 'Your Welsh and you know you are' at local rivals Hereford.

    but the ones I enjoyed the most came away at Elland Road last year, with the Robins leading 1-0 the Whaddon Road faithful began a deafening chorus of

    ' Your not famous anymore '

    To which Leeds replied,

    'Sh*t ground no fans, Sh*t ground no fans'

    not to be outdone, we returned fire with

    ' My Garden shed, '
    (My Garden shed)
    'Is bigger than this,
    (Is bigger than this)
    My Garden shed is bigger than this,
    Its got a door and a window,
    My Garden shed is bigger than this.

    they didnt look happy!it was a classic!

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  • 178. At 10:27am on 13 Feb 2009, Sticks wrote:

    Another top class blog Gav.

    One I thought was pretty good about Rooney.

    'I spoke to my friend the other day,
    He said to me I've found the white Pele,
    I said to him who could it be,
    He said to me his name is Wayne Rooney,
    Wayne Rooney, Wayne Rooney,
    He goes by the name of Wayne Rooney.'

    Of course the one that you could sing about any Liverpool player if you found something to rhyme with red.

    'He's small, he's red,
    He sounds like Father Ted,
    Robbie Keane, Robbie Keane.'

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  • 179. At 10:27am on 13 Feb 2009, boomshakalak wrote:

    On a football song front...I love a great origional song... however, i hate it when fans simply steal other songs from other clubs... i hate it ... i shouldn't let it get to me but it does every time... of maximum hatred...

    The Thierry Henry song - stolen by everyone

    "Keep the blue flag flying high" (Chelasea) - blatantly robbed by Man Utd and Blue replaced with red

    Vieira...woh-oh.... was brilliant by the arsenal fans - stolen by everyone

    The Chriatiano Ronlado song - theft!

    and don't even get me started on when one end is singing "blue army" and the retort is "red army" over the top... i need to lie down now...

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  • 180. At 10:27am on 13 Feb 2009, PeterH wrote:

    #172 - because it's libellous, and not funny?


    Plus The Emirates, which is the national airmline of the UAE, is so far removed from Al-Qaeda that it doesn't make any sense in the first place.

    It would be like making a joke about the Welsh being part of the IRA.

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  • 181. At 10:28am on 13 Feb 2009, James Anderson wrote:

    On of my favourites has always been...

    You are a scouser,
    An ugly scouser,
    Only happy on Giro day.
    While Mum's out dealing,
    Your dad's out stealing,
    Please don't take my hubcaps away!

    (To the tune of You are my sunshine)

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  • 182. At 10:30am on 13 Feb 2009, allejo wrote:

    Aaaand if you toletare Rix, then your children will be next

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  • 183. At 10:30am on 13 Feb 2009, Sticks wrote:

    And of course the two about Eduardo, that I found amusing being a Spurs fan.

    To the tune of Monster.

    'Whats that hanging out of your leg?,
    Is it your ankle?, Is it your ankle?'


    'Eduardo. ooo oo oo, Eduardo ooo oo oo,
    He had some silky skills,
    Now he walks like Heather Mills.'

    Funny at the time, but glad to see he made a full recovery.

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  • 184. At 10:33am on 13 Feb 2009, djs_298 wrote:

    When Lee Howey played for Sunderland, and the same time as his brother Steve played for Newcastle, we had a simple but effective song for him:

    "Lee Howey, Lee Howey, Lee Howey, your brother is a ****!

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  • 185. At 10:35am on 13 Feb 2009, ell_raiser wrote:

    #68 I remember that one been used at Elland Road when we signed scouser Dominic Matteo:

    We've got Dom Matteo
    He nicks car stereos!
    We've got Dom Matteo
    He nicks car stereos!

    Promptly followed by shouts of "Go on Dom, nick his watch"

    And when we lost to Watford in the play off final in Cardiff:

    "We're off to Colchester, you're off to Manchester..."

    I heard a few Man U fans in a pub chanting:

    "He's quick, he's fast, he's gay but we don't ask, Ronaldo, Ronaldooo"

    But as a student living in Liverpool, my favourite chants come from the Liverpool and Everton fans who are always fantastically witty!

    (tune of yellow submarine)
    "We all dream of a team of Carraghers, a team of Carraghers, a team of Carraghers
    We all dream of a team of Carraghers, a team of Carraghers, a team of Carraghers,
    And number one is Carragher,
    and number two is Carragher,
    Number three is Carragher,
    Number four is Carragher,
    We all dream of a team of...."

    There are some delightful posts on here; keep them coming.

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  • 186. At 10:38am on 13 Feb 2009, Block9 wrote:

    Back in the days when St Andrews had an atmosphere - a long time ago and I am a season ticket holder- we had some good songs- I think a lot have heard our 'sizzle sizzle' song anyway I digress When we where beating the 'mighty' Albion 3-0 lovely chant 'Would rather have a dinghy then a Kanu' then changed for each Blues player - aah memories of good days

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  • 187. At 10:42am on 13 Feb 2009, V2Gunner (or Emma to those who know me) wrote:

    To the tune of rewind

    Van Per-sie
    When a girl says no
    Mol-est her

    Piss3d myself laughing when i heard that one

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  • 188. At 10:44am on 13 Feb 2009, NelsonRFC82 wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 189. At 10:45am on 13 Feb 2009, If I go down Im taking you all with me wrote:

    When the fans from the north come down to Plymouth they always like to sing the "I can't read and I can't write (Tractor song).
    To which the Argyle fans reply (To the same tune but in a cr*p attempt at a Northern accent)

    Get Giro
    Off down Pub
    Lets get really plastered
    Go back home
    Beat up Wife
    Dirty Northern Ba****d!!

    Sweet as nut!!

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  • 190. At 10:46am on 13 Feb 2009, ArgieWizard wrote:

    Couple of Saints ones:
    "nana nana nana nana na na na, Gregorz Rasiak, Rasiak, Gregorz Rasiaaaaak!"

    "choo choo choo, Marek Saganowski!"

    although the best one of those is:
    "Choo choo choo, Nigel Reo-Coker"

    United's great:
    "City going down with a billion in the bank, billion in the bank, a billion in the bank"
    was the most catchy - we were singing it after our 3rd round game!

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  • 191. At 10:46am on 13 Feb 2009, RobRoy73 wrote:

    Celtic had a winger called Bobby Petta who was awful. Then Martin O'Neill took over and Petta's performances improved. The Celtic fans song was something like this:

    There's only one Bobby Petta
    We thought he was s**** but now he's better
    We love him because he can deliver a cross
    Walking in a Petta wonderland

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  • 192. At 10:47am on 13 Feb 2009, beckettitfc wrote:

    sung by ipswich fans in a pub before a southend game....

    and its gaaary, gary roberts,
    everywhere hes goes all baby,
    he used to play for stanley (accrington)
    but now he is a blue,
    and its obvious

    another one song to norwich fans about delia smith:

    were having a party when delia dies,
    were having a party when delia dies,
    tea and biscuits when delia dies,
    tea and biscuits when delia dies!

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  • 193. At 10:52am on 13 Feb 2009, ell_raiser wrote:

    I think I recall a Bolton-Grimsby match when Mark Fish played for Bolton.

    "There's only one Fish in Grimsby, one Fish in Grimsby"

    - Back to Elland Road, when we played Preston in the play-off semi in the Championship, we had a crowd that was about 12000 above the season's average. The Kop end sang to the rest of the ground:

    "Where were you when we were sh-t, where were you when we were sh-t"

    And I still love the ironic chants of "We Are the Champions, Champions of Europe" (repeat until dead) - Last season at Northampton, a group of about 40 lads kept this going tfor a solid 15 minutes!

    I remember hearing #25 chant about Petit - hilarious!

    But one of my all time favourites aimed at Liverpool and Everton:

    In your Liverpool slums, in your Liverpool slums,
    You drink from the gutter
    You sh-t in the bath
    You p-ss on your Grandmas
    You think it's a laugh
    In your Liverpool slums.

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  • 194. At 10:54am on 13 Feb 2009, reallybiggrant wrote:

    The best chant I ever heard was at the Roy Keane testimonial. Man Utd went 1-0 up, the crowd starts cheering. we hear a low rumble building from the Celtic stand. Then we hear what they're singing. "Its easy, easy" Completely silenced the Man U fans. Good times

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  • 195. At 10:57am on 13 Feb 2009, rockintommo wrote:

    "I had a wheelbarrow, the wheel fell off,
    I had a wheelbarrow, the wheel fell off,
    I had a wheelbarrow, the wheel fell off,
    I had a wheelbarrow, the wheel fell off...
    County! County! County! County!"

    I had to get the most random chant ever created in here!

    Gavin, as a Notts player, do you have any views on this legendary song?

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  • 196. At 10:58am on 13 Feb 2009, ell_raiser wrote:

    Danny Mills is f-cking brilliant!
    *clap clap clap clap clap clap-clap clap-clap*
    Danny Mills is f-cking brilliant!
    *clap clap clap clap clap clap-clap clap-clap*

    Apparently the Duchess of York (an Elland Rd the time) asked what the fans were singing about Danny Mills. "Danny Mills is looking brilliant" came the fast thinking response.

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  • 197. At 11:01am on 13 Feb 2009, cornelius_khrist wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 198. At 11:08am on 13 Feb 2009, Liverpoolabroad wrote:

    A new one that appeared at Anfield over the last six months...

    'He's quick
    He's Red
    He talks like Father Ted
    Robbie Keane
    Robbie Keane'

    Always made me laugh!

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  • 199. At 11:09am on 13 Feb 2009, ell_raiser wrote:

    When Celtic breifly had Rafael Scheidt

    "You're Rafael, and you know you are!" - Not sure whether that came from the Celts or their opponents.

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  • 200. At 11:10am on 13 Feb 2009, Torresmeric wrote:

    The full Torres song is in fact:

    His armband proved he was a Red, Torres, Torres
    You'll never walk alone it said, Torres, Torres
    We bought the lad from sunny Spain
    He gets the ball, he scores again



    La la la la la la la la, la la, la la
    La la la la la la la la, la la, la la
    La la la la la la la la
    La la la la la la la la


    I'm also surprised nobody has mentioned the Nevilles' song that gets sung whenever Man Utd or Everton pay a visit:

    Gary Neville s**gs his ma', s**gs his ma', s**gs his ma'
    Gary Neville s**gs his ma', cos he is inbred!

    Phillip Neville s**gs his da', s**gs his da', s**gs his da'
    Phillip Neville s**gs his da', cos he is inbred!

    All the Nevilles s**g each other, s**g each other, s**g each other
    All the Nevilles s**g each other cos they are inbred!

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  • 201. At 11:11am on 13 Feb 2009, Vidinator wrote:

    Steve Gerrard, Gerrard
    He Kisses the badge on his chest
    Then hands in a transfer request
    Steve Gerrard

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  • 202. At 11:13am on 13 Feb 2009, Genghisridesagain wrote:

    I still remember watching a cup game in Scotland, must be over 30 years ago, when a wee hairy dog that had somehow gotten into the ground got loose, ran onto the pitch trotted to the centre circle and proceeded to take a dump. The Rangers fans then all started singing ‘Danny, Danny, Danny McGrain, Danny, Danny McGrain! Priceless.

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  • 203. At 11:14am on 13 Feb 2009, ell_raiser wrote:

    #200 - reminded me of

    "If the Nevilles play for England so can I,
    If the Nevilles play for England so can I,
    If the Nevilles play for England, the Nevilles play for England, if the Nevilles play for England so can I"

    I've been sat here for about an hour reading these chants and yelling them out of the window to my mate who's cleaning his car! haha!

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  • 204. At 11:16am on 13 Feb 2009, feartheturtle wrote:

    I think my all time favourite is from a few years ago now. Sheffield derby, Wednesday are flirting with relegation again and United are only too happy to remind them
    "Wednesday wherever you may be, you're going down to Division 3.
    You can take your trumpet, you can take your drum.
    You can go and play with the Dingle (Barnsley reference) scum!"
    The trumpet and drum section referring to Wednesday pathetic 'band' that play at their games in the stands.

    "Feed the Scousers, let them know it's Christmas time" to Live Aid is always enjoyable.

    Another great is the scousers song for Torres to the tune of, inevitably, 'Fernando' by Abba, "He was magic in the air tonight, his hair looked nice. Fernando."

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  • 205. At 11:16am on 13 Feb 2009, Gunner_91 wrote:

    they bought a lad from sunny france Itandje, Itandje,
    he's 20 years old,
    he's black and he's bald,
    Charles Itandje Liverpool's number 30

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  • 206. At 11:16am on 13 Feb 2009, jack5136 wrote:

    How about Celtic's song during old firm games to Charlie Adams (started by supporters bus in which one of the guys had slept with his sister and stole her pants)....

    Charlie Adams Sisters Pants are the best
    u can smell them from the east and the west
    their better when the're moist and they're wet

    a tad harsh but hilarious none the less!

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  • 207. At 11:20am on 13 Feb 2009, Smog Over Zurich wrote:

    My 2 favourite Boro chants

    For Joseph Desire Job when he played:

    "There's only one Job on Teesside, one job on Teesside!"

    For George Boateng (to the tune of Gold by Spandau Ballet):

    "You are BOATENG! Always believe in your..."

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  • 208. At 11:20am on 13 Feb 2009, TopOthemorning wrote:

    After the story of Anderson and Ronaldo with a couple of 'brasses',

    An der son, son, son
    He's better than kleberson.
    An der son, son, son
    He's our midfield magician.
    to the left
    to the right
    dance the samba beat tonight.
    With the brass he is class
    and he sh*** on Fabregas.

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  • 209. At 11:23am on 13 Feb 2009, macbeth9 wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 210. At 11:25am on 13 Feb 2009, Haythnasr wrote:

    Not a chant but still brilliant.... an advert runnig in the paper today for Virgin Trains.

    A Liverpool London return faster than Robbie Keane.

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  • 211. At 11:28am on 13 Feb 2009, AdamBeGood wrote:

    'There's only Wan...Chope!'

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  • 212. At 11:32am on 13 Feb 2009, Wayne Rooney - The missing link - save 606 wrote:

    My all time favourite was when Mourinihos dog went missing and for a few weeks at Old Trafford we sang..

    "Mouriniho, are you listening,
    your little dog, it went missing,
    it started to bark,
    so we fed it to Park,
    Walking in a fergie wonderland"

    We paid for their home in refernce to Citeh's ground was always pretty good too.

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  • 213. At 11:36am on 13 Feb 2009, YourNanIsFat wrote:

    The amount of anti-scouse chants is awful. Stuck up divvies.

    Best chant: Liverpool fans.

    "We're gonna bounce in a minute, we're gonna bounce in a miiiinute, we're gonna bounce in a minute!".......................................

    Shout: (BOUNCE!)

    " La la la la la la la la, la la, la la
    La la la la la la la la, la la, la la
    La la la la la la la la
    La la la la la la la la"

    "His arm-band proved he was a red, Torres, torres

    You'll never walk alone it said, Torres, Torres

    We bought the lad from sunny Spain, he gats the ball he scores again


    Or to the Evertonians : "Your captain's a Manc, your captain's a Maaaaaaanc, you stupid b****ds, your captain's a Manc"

    To the Mancs: "Once a blue, always a Manc, once a blue, always a Manc" Alluding to the fact that Everton and Man U fans love eachother. Or "We won it FIVe times, we won it FIVE times, in Istanbul, we won it FIVE times".

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  • 214. At 11:36am on 13 Feb 2009, anironhammer wrote:

    Ooooh Christian Dailly, you're the love of my life,
    Oh Christian Dailly, I'd let you shg my wife,
    Oh Christian Dailly, I love youre curly hair too.


    He comes from Africa
    He's better than Kaka
    John Paintsil, Woooaahhohhh, John Paintsil, Woooaahhohhh,

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  • 215. At 11:39am on 13 Feb 2009, Wayne Rooney - The missing link - save 606 wrote:

    And to #179 who thinks that Manchester United fans stole Red Flag Flying High...

    I always thought that this song was about the tragedy of the Munich disaster, hence the words "Man United will never die"

    I could be wrong but I doubt we stole it from Chelsea.

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  • 216. At 11:42am on 13 Feb 2009, Admiral Glad wrote:

    Another original from me (a Spurs fan):

    Palacios, oh-oh-oh
    Palacios, oh-oh-oh
    He comes from Honduras,
    He's better than Jenas!

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  • 217. At 11:44am on 13 Feb 2009, PaulTheVillan wrote:

    If Vassell can play for England so can i...
    If Downing can play for England so can i...

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  • 218. At 11:48am on 13 Feb 2009, Fergie wrote:

    A personal favourite of mine was by some Scotland fans, directed to the Norwegians on the way to the recent World Cup qualifier at Hampden Park:

    "We're gonna deep-fry your Puffins!
    We're gonna deep-fry your puffins,
    Deep-Fry your Puuuuffins!!"

    The Norwegians seemed to enjoy it as much as the Scots!

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  • 219. At 11:50am on 13 Feb 2009, davekopforever wrote:

    my personal favourite was when dirk kuyt scored you could always hear

    " Rafa's got his dirk out! Rafas got his dirk out! nah nah nah nah heeeeey! nah nah nah nah heeey!" and repeat...classic

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  • 220. At 11:51am on 13 Feb 2009, ycfc1976 wrote:

    Being a York City fan there's been rather little to celebrate in the last decade, however casting my mind back to the Carling cup in September 1995 at Old Trafford....

    'Are you Scarborough in disguise'

    right up there!

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  • 221. At 11:53am on 13 Feb 2009, Fergie wrote:

    He gets the ball, he beats them all, O-BAA, O-BAA

    He shoots the ball, he scores a goal, O-BAA, O-BAA

    He gets the ball, he scores a goal, he does a flip, he does a roll,

    O-Baaa Mar-tins, Newcastle's Number 9!!

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  • 222. At 11:53am on 13 Feb 2009, Admiral Glad wrote:

    One for Djibril Cisse:

    Does your barber know you're here?

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  • 223. At 11:56am on 13 Feb 2009, Fergie wrote:

    Shall we sing Ba

    Shall we sing Ba

    Shall we sing Bassong for you!!

    Shall we sing Bassong for you!

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  • 224. At 11:59am on 13 Feb 2009, Fergie wrote:

    A brilliant one by the Blackburn fans, sung to Djibril Cisse when he broke his leg, playing for Liverpool...

    "You'll NEVER walk again... again"

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  • 225. At 11:59am on 13 Feb 2009, Admiral Glad wrote:

    One for Wenger (to the tune of drunken sailor):

    What do you do with Carlos Vela
    What do you do with Carlos Vela
    What do you do with Carlos Vela
    Early in the morning?

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  • 226. At 12:02pm on 13 Feb 2009, scott04shark wrote:

    This was sang on the way to the Eastlands Stadium for the Uefa Cup Final

    He's 6ft 4, with curly hair
    He's got f*cked up teeth but we dont care
    Coz he's Carlos Cuellar and he's our centre half!

    Made me laugh a lot

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  • 227. At 12:06pm on 13 Feb 2009, Admiral Glad wrote:

    When someone's out of a game with a broken arm:

    Give us a wave!

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  • 228. At 12:12pm on 13 Feb 2009, SportsSportsSportsBS wrote:

    To the tune of Yellow Submarine:

    'Michael Kuipers is a former Dutch Marine, a former Dutch Marine, a former Dutch Marine'.

    This was actually true I believe.

    Samassi Abou left West Ham because when he got the ball the fans shouted, 'Abooooooooooooou', and he thought they were booing him.

    'Park, Park wherever you may be, you eat dogs in your own country, it could be worse, you could be scouse, eating rats in your council house'.

    'Jim Bullard, Bullard, he's better than Steve Gerrard, he's thinner than Frank Lampard, Jim Bullard, Bullard'.

    Bullards retort, 'i'm not sure i'm better than Steven but i'm definitely thinner than Frank'.

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  • 229. At 12:13pm on 13 Feb 2009, nottscountyfc1862 wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 230. At 12:13pm on 13 Feb 2009, tommyboay wrote:

    Hi Gavin

    Not in the habit of making posts on any forum ( bit of a voyuer I suspect)

    However, I have been reading your blogs since inception and, being a cynical Scot who supports Dundee, was waiting for you to run out of steam and the quality to drop....Glad to say no sign of that yet ..well done, keep it up


    PS After your response to #1 looks like you may be sutied to politics..can't say that about yer POP though

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  • 231. At 12:25pm on 13 Feb 2009, conorbhoy wrote:

    Well as a celtic fan, i have quite a few..

    He plays on the left,
    He plays on the right,
    Aiden McGeady,
    Makes the H*ns look S**te!

    Just like us he is a Tim, Boruc, Boruc
    He knows all the words to every hyme, Boruc, Boruc
    Just like us he is a tim, Yes its true we do love him


    Hey, Hey rangers, OO AAHH i wanna knowooo who the **** is flo!!

    Nak, nak, nak, nak, NAKAMURA!!

    Oh Crosas Crosas,
    Hes better than Fabergas,
    All he eats is tupas tupas,
    Marc Crosas, Crosas

    Have you ever seen a Handsom h*n? NOO NOO

    Theres only one, Neil Lennon,
    Theres only one, Neil Lennon,
    Just like me and you,
    Hes a Rebel Too,
    Walking in a lennon wonderland

    Henrik Larrson, HENRIK larsson, HENRIK LARRSON is the king of Kings!

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  • 232. At 12:26pm on 13 Feb 2009, jameswood1985 wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 233. At 12:27pm on 13 Feb 2009, harrygolightly wrote:

    Being a gooner, my favourite chant that used to ring out across Highbury was for Emmanuel Petit our French intenational who used to play in midfield with Patrick Vieira:-

    He's blond,
    he's quick,
    and his names a porno flick,
    Emmanuel,Emmanuel !

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  • 234. At 12:31pm on 13 Feb 2009, SirRamsalot wrote:

    He dives to left
    He dives to the r-igh-t
    Allan McGregor, S**gs 10 burds a night

    Sang at ibrox every time hes in front of the copland


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  • 235. At 12:32pm on 13 Feb 2009, ell_raiser wrote:

    (yellow submarine) -

    When the game gets a bit heated,

    "You're going home in a Yorkshire ambulance, aYorkshire ambulance, a Yorkshire ambulance"

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  • 236. At 12:35pm on 13 Feb 2009, shnu09 wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 237. At 12:37pm on 13 Feb 2009, yellowAmberArmy wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 238. At 12:37pm on 13 Feb 2009, Addisons_a_monster wrote:

    We had a good one for Darryl Powell albeit slightly ironic:

    Daryll Powells a football genius

    repeat ad nauseum

    and my favouritest because im that old and have no idea why

    OOO Mark Wright
    OOO Mark Wright

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  • 239. At 12:43pm on 13 Feb 2009, nwallace wrote:

    If the pronounciation of Strachan used by the majority bearing that name is difficult, how about the other pronunciation used for the name of the Aberdeenshire village they all ultimately originate.


    Having no lyrical abilities, i'm still stuffed for getting anything interesting.

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  • 240. At 12:56pm on 13 Feb 2009, yellowmarlin wrote:

    In the last round of the Irish Cup, Institute (my team) were drawn away to Islandmagee but, because of the IFA regulations regarding ground standards, the match was switched to Institute's Riverside Stadium.

    During the first half, while Islandmagee were enjoying a brief purple patch, their fans started singing:

    You're supposed to,
    You're supposed to,
    You're supposed to be at home,
    You're suppo-o-osed to-o be at home.

    So, naturally, the Institute fans sang it back at them.

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  • 241. At 1:04pm on 13 Feb 2009, cosmic hamete stevislipperi wrote:

    away in a manger no crib for a bed,
    the little lord jesus looked up and he said....


    classic. the mock hushed reverence of the hymn followed by the raucous we hate derby!

    also like generalisations (however crass) about opposition fans.

    'you eat prawn sandwiches!' sung to chelsea

    'we can see you holding hands!' at the withdean a year or two ago.

    banter at derbies are the best though. at the recent forest derby match (i won't mention the result), when derby were chanting 'nigel clough is a derby fan', we responded with 'one decent cloughie, there's only one decent cloughie!' fantastic.

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  • 242. At 1:11pm on 13 Feb 2009, geldiniho wrote:

    Diego Forlan chant,

    Di-eh-go wo oh oh oh
    Di-eh-go wo oh oh oh
    He came from Uruguay
    He made the Scousers cry
    Di-eh-go wo oh oh oh

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  • 243. At 1:23pm on 13 Feb 2009, jamieohuddlestone wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 244. At 1:25pm on 13 Feb 2009, The Black Cadejo wrote:

    When we had a player called Marc Goodfellow he got the obvious chant of "For he's a jolly Goodfellow"

    We have a bizzare one for our dutch keeper that goes "Supa keepa, supa keepa. ya. ya."

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  • 245. At 1:26pm on 13 Feb 2009, Daniel Craig David James wrote:

    I and some friends made an atrocious 'Crank Dat Pompey Boy' chant, to the same tune as Soulja Boy's, which somehow made it onto the BBC website without ever being sung:

    Noé Richard Huuuuuuughes,

    Kran-jcar Sol Campbell,

    And Superman Jamo!

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  • 246. At 1:32pm on 13 Feb 2009, davidaclifford wrote:

    In honour of a trialist we had at Wycombe, and the only bright spot of a 4-0 drubbing away to Torquay:

    "Barnes-Holmer, woah-oh-oh
    Barnes-Holmer, woah-oh-oh
    Your name's too ****ing long,
    We haven't got a song"

    Followed by:
    "One Homer Simpson... there's only one Homer Simpson"

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  • 247. At 1:38pm on 13 Feb 2009, cmillerfan wrote:

    Early 1980's old second division.
    Keegan's (possibly) 1st game for Newcastle.
    Millmoor 3/4 full of Newastle fans-never seen so many away supporters.
    McDermot,Keegan and co 5-0 up-Kev scored 4 - they murdered us.
    Late second half Rotherham somehow managed a consolation goal.
    Rotherham fans chant began 1-5,1-5,1-5 1-5 etc etc .
    I don't know how these spontaneous chants begin - but very funny - even though we got thrashed!

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  • 248. At 1:40pm on 13 Feb 2009, MagpieSean wrote:

    To the tune tune of Amore...

    "He eats Chow Mein
    He votes Sinn Fein


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  • 249. At 1:45pm on 13 Feb 2009, patjowl wrote:

    I used to go for Hillsborough when we had a song for most of our players and sang them all during the warm up. They've died away as we slid down the leagues and I've moved away from Shffield so don't get to as many matches any more :-(

    The best chant I ever heard was from Man City fans, Terry Phelan was coming off injured and being replace by Vonk and the crowd sang:

    "We've lost the Terry Phelan, we've lost the Terry Phelan, we've lost the Terry Phelan but there's Vonk, Vonk, Vonk."

    which I thought was brilliantly inventive for something happening live!

    I enjoy reading your blogs Gavin, keep them coming and get well soon.

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  • 250. At 2:10pm on 13 Feb 2009, DB2002 wrote:

    Talking of Hillsborough ... the classic which was sung throughout his time at SWFC was

    "We've got Carlton Palmer ....He Smokes Marijuana..... na,nar,mar,nar"

    But I like the adaptation on this theme

    "We've got Nigel Jemson ... He smokes 20 Bensons..... na,nar,mar,nar"

    Jemson himself did not seem to like it.

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  • 251. At 2:46pm on 13 Feb 2009, Teiam - problem solved wrote:

    Hahahaha couldn't stop laughing at "Strachen, your blog is ****" made me wee a little! It's not though, it's a quality blog, keep it up!

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  • 252. At 5:33pm on 13 Feb 2009, Armchair Dave wrote:

    I remember when Northern Ireland played Wales in a qualifier a few years back at Windsor Park, NI fans sang....

    "You're just a small town in England, small town in England..."

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  • 253. At 6:33pm on 13 Feb 2009, hatter83 wrote:

    I'm not a Cardiff supporter but always I always liked the song they had for Michael Chopra the first time he was there and banging goals in.

    It went to the tune of 'Monster' by The Automatic and something like this:

    Whats that coming over the's Michael Chopra, it's Michael Chopra!!

    Great blog as always Gav!

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  • 254. At 9:18pm on 13 Feb 2009, nottscountyfc1862 wrote:

    Gavin - How do you like the wheelbarrow song?

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  • 255. At 11:07pm on 13 Feb 2009, MERSEYADDICK wrote:

    Brilliant blog as usual Gavin.

    I remember being in the away end with a couple of thousand other Charlton fans the season Liverpool thrashed Palace 9-0.

    Grobelaar was in goal and not doing very much when we started singing

    1 goal went past Perry
    Went past Perry Suckling
    One goald and his dog s**t
    Went past Perry Suckling

    We got to about goal 4 when Grobelaar turned round and started conducting! Priceless!!

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  • 256. At 1:18pm on 14 Feb 2009, GeneralJ1K wrote:

    #182, on the same thing, sung at Hibs back in those days...

    Cheer up Graham Rix,
    Oh what can it mean,
    When your bird says she's 20
    But she's only 15...

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  • 257. At 2:09pm on 14 Feb 2009, Bucksgill wrote:

    I liked it at Gillinghan(who i supprt) v Aldershot, in Aldershot. We sang 'Whats it like to see a crowd?' and when they kept singing 'Aldershot' we replied 'Alders***!'

    Also went to a Wycombe game the other week and the Accrington keeper was called Arthur or Artur and we just kept repeating his name in a low moany tone. 'Arrrrttthhur...'


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  • 258. At 6:05pm on 14 Feb 2009, filippo_lippi wrote:

    Oh Gavin Strachan, tamponic is he,
    In for one week and, then out for three.

    To the tune of "On Top of Old Smokey." If that bloke from Barnsley isn't knocking on my door with the prize within the hour I will want to know why!

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  • 259. At 6:59pm on 14 Feb 2009, leeds27bb wrote:

    At half time this afternoon at Huddersfield Town, a gent came on the pitch and proposed to his missus, to which the Leeds fans started chanting "You doooont know what yer doiiiiiiiing!!"

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  • 260. At 7:29pm on 14 Feb 2009, nottscountyfc1862 wrote:

    "I had a wheelbarrow, the wheel fell off,
    I had a wheelbarrow, the wheel fell off,
    I had a wheelbarrow, the wheel fell off,
    I had a wheelbarrow, the wheel fell off...
    County! County! County! County!"

    Agreed - The best chant in footy.

    What are your views regarding this legendary chant Gavin.

    What do the rest of the players think about it?

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  • 261. At 10:39pm on 14 Feb 2009, astottie wrote:

    He's big
    he's blue
    He's harder than Kung Fu
    Sean Gregan, Sean Gregan!

    The best Automatic chant has to be Walsall's

    Who's that coming over the hill?
    Ishmael Demontgnac
    Ishmael Demontgnac

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  • 262. At 7:59pm on 15 Feb 2009, Reidy76 wrote:

    Legendary non league chant that should raise a smile: -

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  • 263. At 10:56pm on 15 Feb 2009, steely2600 wrote:

    Rangers version of post 95

    Theres only 1 George Cadetti
    He's got hair like spaghetti
    He's Portugese and one of these (everyone does the ketchup stuck in bottle gesture)
    Walking in a Laudrup wonderland.

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  • 264. At 00:36am on 16 Feb 2009, ReformationPostTLC wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 265. At 00:38am on 16 Feb 2009, ReformationPostTLC wrote:

    "You're just a small town in Poland!"
    Southend fans at Walsall (Warsaw).


    Surely this is the funniest one.....

    "Boom, boom, boom, let me hear you say Yeo, Yeooo!"
    Chester fans after Simon Yeo scored against Hereford

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  • 266. At 11:29am on 16 Feb 2009, EighteenSixtyTwo wrote:


    If it makes you feel any better, you do actually have a song with the Notts fans!

    It's similar to anironhammer's chant (post 214)

    It goes.

    Oh Ga-vin Stra-chan... You are the love of my life, oh Gavin Strachan, you can sh*g my wife, oh Gavin Strachan, I want messy hair tooooo!

    Nice to see you've made a speedy recovery from injury and glad to see you back in the squad Saturday. All the best.

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  • 267. At 1:22pm on 16 Feb 2009, mulletproof_punk wrote:

    One of my Rochdale favourites is still

    "He's big, he's bad, he's older than me dad, Tony Ford, Tony Ford!"

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  • 268. At 05:08am on 17 Feb 2009, Walduck wrote:

    Can't believe I had to wade through 267 posts before I saw the Tony Ford one!

    It's not a song, but I also remember that when Liverpool signed Bruce Grobbelaar John Peel had a competition on his radio programme to see who could come up with the best limerick for him. I vaguely remember that the winning entry had the last line:

    "The fans came from Grobbel-near and Grobbel-far"

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  • 269. At 2:27pm on 17 Feb 2009, Mokujin wrote:

    I always remember a story I read in a magazine about a couple who were lifelong Sheff Utd fans and had got married at half time in a ceromony on the pitch.

    When asked how it went the woman described the amazing feeling of being in the middle of their spiritual home soaking up the atmosphere of 30,000 people.

    However it all turned a little sour when all 30,000 joined in a chorus of
    "Does she take it up the a***"

    Genius, although I'm assuming she had a good sense of humour.

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  • 270. At 3:11pm on 17 Feb 2009, Blogcabin wrote:

    Hi Gavin,

    Great to see such a response to the blog.

    The strangest chant I have ever heard was from a supporter of Northwich Victoria:

    "Zigger zagger, zigger zagger, Northwich Vicks"

    And my favourite at the North Stand at the Goldstone, to the tune of 2Unlimited's, "No Limits", was

    no no, no no no no, no no no no, no no, no Kurt Nogan!

    Class - Whatever happened to him?

    Looking forward to the next blog...

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  • 271. At 3:14pm on 17 Feb 2009, Walduck wrote:

    I just remembered another one (this goes back to the 1960s so I wasn't actually there).

    At a match at Anfield on a foggy day, Liverpool scored a goal at the Anfield Road end. The visibility was so poor that the Kop only knew about it because of the cheers from the far end of the ground, so they started a song of "Who scored the goal?". The fans in the Anfield Road end (who were also home fans back then) replied with the chant of the scorer's name.

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  • 272. At 5:04pm on 17 Feb 2009, King-Dion wrote:

    You say that footballers have to develop thick skins because they will be insulted at times, if not at home, at away grounds. By my reckoning many footballers, especially those at the top, are rather thin skinned now. They take "offence" at criticism and seem mentally too weak to take being mocked. I guess they have become so rich and pampered they think they are above criticism. Perhaps preparing them for being mocked should be part of their youth training, along with ball skills and the like. What do you think?

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  • 273. At 00:36am on 18 Feb 2009, ogsowl wrote:

    Great Blog, Gavin!

    There's always the classic that Coventry fans used to sing to their striker :-

    He's Fat
    He's Round
    He Bounces Down the Ground
    Mickey Quinn, Mickey Quinn......

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  • 274. At 01:19am on 18 Feb 2009, Born_Again wrote:

    Sang to Jermaine Easter:

    "You're not as good as Christmas!"

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  • 275. At 11:46am on 18 Feb 2009, Golligosh wrote:

    Good to have you back fit.........for now.

    Your surging run that produced the goal against Exeter was a joy to watch.

    Why oh why do you not do that more often?

    For years now we (Notts) have lacked a decent midfielder who can take the ball forward through the middle of the pitch. I am not saying this role can be filled by yourself as the old legs, are well, old.

    However, against Chesterfield, why wasn'y within the wit of any of your team mates to run at the opposition as sending the ball out wide was not working.

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  • 276. At 1:57pm on 18 Feb 2009, 12daysofFC wrote:

    #179 i suggest you check your facts before saying people nicked the "henry song" that "tune" was used for many years before he came to the premier league, by all kinds of different clubs!

    have to say "footballs coming home" in euro 96, has been used time and again by numerous different clubs too!

    another one of my favourite memories was at home to west ham about 8/9 years or so ago. They went 1-0 (kanoute i think) up at old trafford after about 5 minutes. began singning "1-0 to the cockney boys" it became 7-1 near the end of the game, and the united suuporters kindly sung it right back at them.

    Cue a few rye smiles from the hammers!

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  • 277. At 4:20pm on 18 Feb 2009, Albertaforestfan wrote:

    My persoanl favourite was when Forest travelled to Stockport County. A certain Carlton Palmer was player-manager of County at this time.

    Whoooooa Carlton Palmer
    He smokes Marajuana
    He's 8ft tall and he's head's to small
    Walking in a Carlton Wonderland.

    As for yourself Gavin, how about

    Ohh Gavin Strachan, you are the love of my life
    Ohh Gavin Strachan, I'd let you sh*g my Wife.
    Ohhh Gavin Strachan, touching me when I sayyyyy.

    We reds have a similiar chant for Aaron Davies.

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  • 278. At 11:58pm on 18 Feb 2009, MARTIN ALLEN'S RED ARMY wrote:

    My favourite at Cheltenham has been our chant for our player Andy Lindegaard ... to the tune of que sera sera, similar to the Steve Gerrard and Jimmy Bullard songs:

    Andy Lindergaard
    He's thinner than Frank Lampard
    His penis is big and hard
    Andy Lindergaard

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  • 279. At 11:20pm on 22 Feb 2009, Golligosh wrote:

    Clearly young Gavin cannot be botherd to reply when requested. tutt tutt.

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  • 280. At 11:18pm on 25 May 2009, Horace_Zontal wrote:

    Some of the best chants are totally spontaneous. In the early 90s John Fashanu was combining a career as a presenter of Gladiators with playing up front for Wimbledon. He got crocked at Old Trafford and carried off on a stretcher, I think never actually to play again. The chant which very quickly picked up around the whole ground was 'Duh, Duh, Duh, Another One Bites the Dust'.

    As for the Red/Blue Flag song thing. The Red Flag is originally of course an anthem of the labour movement, and sung I think at the Labour Party conference. As a football song it therefore needed little reworking as a United original and is one of our most touching Munich tributes:

    United's Flag is deepest red,
    It shrouded all our Munich dead,
    Before their limbs grew stiff and cold,
    Their heart's blood dyed its ev'ry fold.

    Then raise United's banner high,
    Beneath its shade we'll live and die,
    So keep the faith and never fear,
    We'll keep the Red Flag flying here.

    We'll never die, we'll never die
    We'll never die, we'll never die
    We'll keep the Red Flag flying high
    'Cos Man United will never die.

    We don't sing it that often, and usually only the chorus. Generally gets aired as riposte to Munich jibes from other teams, when we're losing or around the Feb 6th anniversary. Chelsea may sing their (nicked) version more which is why they probably think we got it off them.

    The Torres 'bounce' song is another United original as well of course. Back in 2003 when John O'Shea was playing like a future global football superstar (if only we'd knew . . .) this song was probably song more than any other that season, and rang out around the whole of Goodison as we lifted the Premier League trophy:

    'When Jonny goes marching down the wing O'Shea, O'Shea,
    when Jonny goes marching down the wing O'Shea, O'Shea,
    when Jonny goes marching down the wing,
    the Stretford End will F_ing sing,
    we all know that Jonny's going to score'

    Na na na na na na na na na na na na etc

    Finally the original 'Sloop John B' football song was United's dig at city which started the season before they moved into their new (council owned) ground in 2003.

    We paid for their home,
    we paid for their ho-o-ome,
    what a waste of council tax,
    we paid for their home.

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