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Winter prep

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Production team | 15:19 UK time, Friday, 16 October 2009

Hi All

On tonight's show Toby will be continuing the winter garden preparations at Greenacre and making an underground subterranean vegetable store. He will also be forward planning and creating an ad hoc winter screen for the apricot he planted last week - this is to protect the flowers from frost when it starts to flower in February/March next year.

Joe will be providing tips on how to protect tender tropical plants over the winter and we'll be visiting Carol at Glebe Cottage where she'll be showing off the autumnal glow from the foliage of trees and shrubs.
Tonight we'll also be showing a clip of the late pumpkin growing enthusiast, Ralph Upton. Ralph had been growing pumpkins for 45 years and had perfected his gourd and squash growing skills into an art form. He was once nick-named The Pumpkin King - a title that I'm sure you'll agree he truly deserved.
We'll be visiting a couple who have transformed their Devonshire plot into a grass and restio plantation and we'll be heading to Audley End in Essex for some more traditional tips on fruit and veg storage over the winter.
If you'd like a full list of all the techniques and plants featured on tonight's show, please visit our episode guide and if you're looking to start the winter prep in your garden this weekend, here are several tasks that will help you get ahead of yourself for the fast approaching winter months:

  • Clean greenhouse glass to make sure as much light gets in as possible for all overwintering plants.
  • Shorten long growth on any shrubs which might be blasted by autumn/winter gales (shrub roses are the usual victims).
  • Give the lawn a final cut, not too short, then clean and drain the lawnmower before putting it away.
  • Buy all the materials that you are likely to need for winter protection tasks (fleece, wire, vine eyes, pegs etc.) and keep them on standby.
  • Move doubtfully hardy plants, in pots, near to a frost-free greenhouse, porch or light windowsill so that they can be brought in as soon as frost is forecast.
  • Check that all greenhouse supplementary heating is in working order before you have to use it. Invest in a max/min thermometer if you don't have one already.

That's all for now, enjoy your gardening weekend.


  • 1. At 12:30pm on 18 Oct 2009, goldwisteria wrote:

    hello, on the programme you showed a greenhouse made by a school with plastic bottles, is it possible to get more infromation about this? I cannot afford a real greenhouse and this would be a perfect cheap alternative, and recycle many of the plastic bottles that are thrown away. thank you

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  • 2. At 8:21pm on 18 Oct 2009, ravenjoy wrote:

    I thought tonight's programme was absolutely superb. I loved the clip about Ralph Upton growing pumpkins and seeing Audley End has made me want to visit there!
    I agree with all Carol said about the autumn colours this year, they are incredible and her garden is magnificent.

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  • 3. At 8:44pm on 20 Oct 2009, Regwatt wrote:

    I agree with "goldwisteria"! Unfortunately I missed the first part of last Fridays programme. I just came in as the feature on the pastic bottles finished, how frustrating! I like these practical projects and would like to learn much more. I tried to find you all on the BBC i player but you don't appear to be on it!! What a shame. Keep up the good work, will be glued to the show next Friday.

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  • 4. At 1:17pm on 26 Oct 2009, mplackett wrote:


    I watched the programme last Friday and there was talk of a fungal root enhancer called "micro riser" i think , and as i'm about to plant a tree i thought i would give it a go but have googled it i came up with a blank

    could anyone confirm the correct spelling please



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  • 5. At 7:13pm on 27 Oct 2009, Manurescot wrote:

    Hello again,

    Carol is a fun woman about the garden, she enthrals me with her energy, passion for all tasks that crop up,loves bright displays, my kind of garden artist.

    I hope that someday Carol and Monty may come together for a masterpiece for all to appreciate, excite old and new recruits to this wonderful, creative and enjoyable skill of being in a garden without modern easy options.

    Hope they can also help in telling garden centres to stock some of the varieties that are promoted on Gardeners' World. This would help us all enjoy the whole spectrum of colour and shades that is missing in many of our kind of centres. Monty has a way of holding ones attention with the daily and seasonal tasks that occur, has great time saving and pound stretching innovations.

    Badly miss old Gardeners'World programmes on cable television, maybe BBC could show these past year shows again and other garden experts like Chris Beardshaw etc.

    Hope for some feed back from other like minded or disagreeable views that I can ignore and put in my compost bin.

    Happy days in your garden to you all from Bonnie Scotland.


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  • 6. At 06:47am on 18 Nov 2009, debbielasalle wrote:

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